aluminum glass door and widow

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Product Description:

  • aluminum glass door and widow

  • Main materialaluminium alloy +glass +hardware

    1  Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break,Automatic or Manual

    2   Thickness: 1.2-2.5mm, usually 1.2-2.0mm thick for windows,1.6-2.5mm thick for doors


    1  Type:Tempered glazing, Laminated Glass LOW-E Glass Hollow Glass  etc.

    2  Thickness:Single 6mm, Double 5/6/6F+6A/9A+5 etc

    HardwareHigh quantity made in China/ Germany/our standard hardware use Germany Siegenia and Noto brand . Customers' stipulated brands are available.
    Frame thickness
    Applicable placeSchools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings,Family,sunroom bathroom,ETC.

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Q:Glue for convertible plastic back window?
Either have it sewn in or get rid of the car. It will look like crap if you attempt to glue it in place.
Q:Aluminum alloy window frame is installed after all around to play foaming agent?
Yes. This is the building energy efficiency regulations, and hidden acceptance also have video data.
Q:What are the advantages of mining grid than metal mesh
The mining grid is flame retardant and antistatic, which is smaller than the metal mesh, which has the advantages of large effective shielding area, high safety and good control effect, and is beneficial to the management of coal quality, and greatly improves the safety factor.
Q:Every time the plane flew from the roof of my house, doors and windows a little small vibration, which is because of what?
This is to tell you that the plane is coming
Q:Automatic Doggie Door---any experiences/advice?
I had a hybrid once that decided she could eat her own dog door inside one day. It meant the cat also got out. I decided to try the dog door with the magnet, but the cat quickly learned she can paw at it hard enough and open it. Then I tried the one with the key. It worked pretty well until she decided it didn't unlock fast enough (sometimes her fur would hide the key, I guess, and it frustrated her). You can also get locking dog doors so that your dogs can use it only when you're watching or during times that the cats are up, if you'd like.
Q:Automatic door if the power supply, then the electric lock will open it?
Automatic door lock and magnetic control lock mechanical lock two, magnetic lock is generated by the electromagnetic coil magnetic force, sucking on the door of the iron. If the power outage to lose the natural force on the lock. There are two types of mechanical control locks: one can automatically unlock the power, but the same as the magnetic lock and long-term power to maintain the lock door, once the power to unlock. One is the need for electronic control lock and unlock the bistable electric lock, this lock just instantly through the electricity can keep the lock door, and then pass the electricity to unlock, lock and unlock after no electricity can also be maintained , So more energy efficient, not fever. This lock has a manual unlock device, need to manually unlock after power failure.
Q:Black E door task where ah?
A copy of the black on the right side of the door there is a strange call what the military officer, kill him out of the letter, the letter to trigger the task. Find someone to help you
Q:I would like to know if the electric curtain track is the same as the ordinary curtain track
Electric rail ` needs a retractable motor connected with a power supply plate there is a ` ` ` ` ` `
Q:Electric lock plus what oil is the motorcycle door lock switch is not smooth, add some lubrication good?
The key on the drop of the oil can be a clean, back and forth to open a few times, then clean the key can be a key.
Q:What is the remote control switch used by the automatic door?
220-volt two-way wireless remote control receiver controller, can control the equipment to reach the motor is positive and negative; or switch on and off conversion and a variety of special control procedures. Mainly used in electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, gates, lifts, industrial control and security industries and other fields. Technical Parameters Working voltage: AC220V Operating frequency: 315MHz 433MHz Maximum load: 10A Receiver sensitivity: -100dB Encoding Type: Fixed Code Work: Jog, interlock, self-locking Size: 50 * 70 * 18mm Output mode: two groups of 220 volts / two sets of switching signals Features: 1. The remote control switch with IC seat, easy to replace the function. Such as in exchange for the interlock function to be replaced by a temporary function, just replace the original L4 chip M4 chip can be. 2. Reserved data bits to adjust the solder joints, can be easily equipped with different manufacturers of remote control, to avoid changing the remote control circuit trouble 3. With a buzzer instructions to facilitate the determination of the switch working status. On the Puda good. I recently went to them to buy several times, many varieties, good service. The price is not expensive. You can ask the next reference

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