Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil Double Zero Foil

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5000 m.t./month
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Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil, which retains the characteristic aroma peculiar to each blend and brand, and also gives the packaging a distinctive appearance and quality appeal. An aluminum foil/paper laminate provides certain characteristics, such as dead fold and emboss ability, which other bundling materials cannot offer. Tobacco benefits from aluminum foil’s unequalled barrier properties in the same way as other sensitive natural products.


2.Why you want to choose us?

We've been specialized in aluminium foil for more than ten years, we know this product very well, we know what is good, what is the market price.

3.Specification and Application

Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil Double Zero Foil




Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil Double Zero Foil

Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil Double Zero Foil




1) What is your delivery time?

Our regular production time is over 30 days, It depends on the order quantity also.

2) What is your payment term?

We accept T/T, LC at sight, Usance LC 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 DAYS.


3) What is your price structure?

Our foil price is based on Shanghai Metal Price(SMM), not LME, but we could offer LME+ Conversion for your reference.


4) What is your Delivery term?

We do FOB, CFR, CIF, we don't do DDP.


5) Could you offer sample?

We could offer sample as your requirement. A4 Size sample is free for you, for bigger roll sample, it depends on the coil weight.

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Q:Does aluminum gain or lose electrons? How many electrons are gained or lost?
Aluminum is a metal, and metals only lose electrons to form ionsBut keep in mind that aluminum ONLY actually loses any electrons when a compound of aluminum dissociates in waterAnd when it does, it usually loses three electrons to form the +3 charge, although the +1 oxidation state is also a possibilityFinally, aluminum actually shares electrons within an compound.
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