Aluminium Foilstock For The Production Of Light Gauge Foil Production

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Product Description:

1. Description of Aluminium Foilstock For The Production Of Light Gauge Foil Production

*Free samples
*Waterproof and acid attacks
*Surface: With or without gloss/mat effect
*Printed: clear, fastness, non-fade in high-temperature heat seal process


2.Why you want to choose us?

We've been specialized in aluminium foil for more than ten years, we know this product very well, we know what is good, what is the market price.

3.Specification and Application of Aluminium Foilstock For The Production Of Light Gauge Foil Production

Alloy: 1235 / 8011 / 8079

Temper: H14 / H16 / H24 / H26

Thickness: 0.28 - 0.3 mm (+/- 0.01 mm)

Width: 1000 - 2020 mm (+/1 mm) 

ID: 405 / 505 / 508 mm

Profile: -0/+1%

Flatness: Mill flatness coil having slight edge waviness rather than center buckles shall be acceptable.

Rolling Performance: Re-rollable to the final desired gauges

Standard: GB/T 3198 / ASTM-B209 





1) What is your delivery time?

Our regular production time is over 30 days, It depends on the order quantity also.

2) What is your payment term?

We accept T/T, LC at sight, Usance LC 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 DAYS.


3) What is your price structure?

Our foil price is based on Shanghai Metal Price(SMM), not LME, but we could offer LME+ Conversion for your reference.


4) What is your Delivery term?

We do FOB, CFR, CIF, we don't do DDP.


5) Could you offer sample?

We could offer sample as your requirement. A4 Size sample is free for you, for bigger roll sample, it depends on the coil weight.

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