Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Specification of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector


Network Type

Wired heat detector

OPerating Voltage

DC 9~35V

Standby Current


Alarm Indication



-10 °C  ~ +50 °C , Humidity ≤ 95%RH  

Temp. Trip Point

57°C (135°F)

Alarm Output

Remote LED



Usage of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector

Work with fire alarm system,suitable for install hospital,office,school.

Low standby current.              
Anti-EMI and Anti-RFI.             
Adopt SMT


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Carton Box,Gift Box

Delivery Details: 3 days







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Q:Fire control room personnel on duty once found fire automatic alarm system alarm, what is the processing flow?
In case of false positives, personnel should be sent to observe whether there is a large amount of dust or water fog in the site; whether the air flow rate is too large; whether there is high frequency electromagnetic interference or not. If environmental interference is normal, it should be documented and consider changing the detector type. If there is a large amount of dust, the smoke detector shall be changed into a temperature sensitive detector. If the interference is accidental, such as hotel rooms, guests smoking too much kitchen fumes cause false positives, should be excluded from the field of interference factors, and reset the fire alarm controller, silencing can do the recording.
Q:What is the difference between a zone alarm and a floor display?
The floor monitor powered by the automatic fire alarm controller can receive the fire alarm signal from the fire alarm controller, and send out sound and light alarm signals to indicate the place of fire and maintain it;
Q:Which of the following civil buildings need fire alarm and fire linkage control system?
Underground civil building:1) railway, station, garage (I, II);2) theatre, auditorium;3) shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, exhibition halls, song and dance entertainment, entertainment venues;4) important laboratories, libraries, databases, archives.The above contents are arranged according to the problems encountered in the actual work of the trainees. For reference, please contact them in time.
Q:What is the difference between fire alarm system, alarm controller, linkage controller and alarm linkage machine?
The alarm controller is mainly fire alarm, equipped with smoke detector, temperature detector, manual alarm button, fire hydrant alarm button, etc. for fire detection and alarm equipment.
Q:Wiring principle of all kinds of fire fighting linkage control equipment
When the fire is confirmed, the automatic control system should be able to close the air conditioner, the system module through the fresh air machine, blower, and close the layer control fire valve, automatic alarm system in engineering design in the fire, fire valve 70 ~ C temperature control is closed, can be directly linked to close the air-conditioning machine or the fresh air machine system, blower. In the high-rise building set mechanical exhaust basement and garage without direct access to the fire exits, when set the mechanical exhaust system should be set at the same time, ventilation system, power supply and the blower power supply should be according to the requirements of fire power.
Q:The fire control cabinet shows the main electrical fault. What's the matter?
1, the main power failure2, the main power and fire control cabinet connection may be a problem, resulting in power failure
Q:Why is the fire pump, the control box to the pump through 4 wires, each of which is what role?
Fire pump control box to pump the 4 wires, of which there are three lines, and one is the ground wire.
Q:What is the difference between automatic fire alarm system, alarm controller and system linkage controller and system detector?
The automatic fire alarm system is composed of a trigger device, the fire alarm device, an output device and a linkage device is composed of other auxiliary functions, it is in the initial stage of a fire, burning smoke, heat, fire and other physical quantities, through the fire detectors into electrical signals transmitted to the fire alarm controller, and at the same time in the form of notification sound light or fire floor and the upper and lower layer adjacent to the fire evacuation controller records the location and time, so that people can discover the fire, and promptly take effective measures to extinguish the fire at the initial stage, the maximum decrease due to fires caused by the loss of life and property, is a powerful tool for people to fight against fire.
Q:Principle of manual disk of fire engine
An intelligent photoelectric smoke detector, an intelligent electronic temperature sensitive detector, an encoded manual alarm button and an acoustooptic newspaper are arranged on each floor
Q:What is the difference between a regional fire alarm controller and a zone display in building electrical fire control?
The two are different. Generally speaking, the regional fire alarm controller can be installed with automatic fire sprinkler system, regional smoke detection system, fire control channel, switch alarm system (common supermarket) and so on.
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