840MVA/550kV three phase water cooling main transformer for the hydro power station

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YNd11 Dyn11 YNyn0d11


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1. CESI certificate
2. High short-circuit withstand
3. Low loss, PD and noise
4. CTQC certificate
5. No leakage




The application of the 840MVA/550kV three phase water cooling main transformer for the hydro power station.can significantly improve the economy of the OLTC substation, and matches well with the transmission capacity of OLTC lines, which has wide prospect of application. Because of its large capacity and large volume, the whole transportation weight with nitrogen is about 470-490 tons, and due to the restricted transport conditions, the transportation becomes the critical issue for the 840MVA/550kV three phase water cooling main transformer for the hydro power station. In order to make the products applicable to any OLTC substation in our country, the state grid of corporation of China set the "A study of easy-transport large capacity OLTC Transformer” as a key scientific research projects, and entrusted BTW to carry out the research.

During the process of research and development, BTW adopted the advanced design technology and modular design, the transformer can be transported disassembly and with advantages of compact core and winding body, less transportation weight and low transportation cost, effectively solves the need of OLTC construction in the transportation restricted areas. By using the most advanced 3D magnetic field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation for the magnetic flux leakage and eddy current loss of the transformer coil, iron core and oil tank steel structures. Besides, by using of the advanced electric field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation of main longitudinal insulation, and mastered the arrangement of the main longitudinal insulation of large capacity OLTCtransformer and the control of distribution of winding magnetic flux leakage. All of which make the products with low loss, low noise, small volume, strong anti short circuit ability, no local overheating and other significant advantages, and guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation.

The world's first on-site assembled large capacity OLTC Transformer’s right at the first time once again filled the gap in the field of OLTC transformer research after Chinese transformer industry overcame the difficulty of integral transport of the 840MVA/550kV three phase water cooling main transformer for the hydro power station, which marks BTW has fully occupied the world transformer industry technical peak. The successful development of the product filled the gaps in the domestic technology and met the urgent need of OLTCconstruction application in our country, greatly improved the technical level and manufacturing ability of BTW in terms of OLTC Transformer products.


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Q:how do i wind a transformer on a 8 inch ferrite rod?
ferrite rods are not customarily used for transformers. at RF they are sometimes used as a core for a loop antenna. your application sounds like an ignition coil as you need an interrupter on the DC input (like points on a car ignition). the primary wire (14 gauge) would just be a few turns and not likely to run the full length top to bottom, the secondary (28 gauge) would be a lot of turns like 10 or 20 times as many. direction of winding would not matter in this application as capacitive coupling between the windings should be insignificant. all wire has to be insulated as a shorted turn spoils the transformer effect. wire used for transformers is customarily insulated with lacquer as plastic adds too much bulk to make tight windings. if you already have bare wire, then you made have some success by dipping the wire in lacquer paint first. it sounds like you are duplicating a project you have seen elsewhere. without knowing the source, it is hard for us to guess what the circuit parameters need to be for the transformer. but as i pointed out initially, i am skeptical that you will get this to function in the manner you are expecting. AC power transformers of the kind that use these wire gauges always use a torroidal core ferrite, never a rod. static DC cannot be transformed at all.
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Q:Can you measure current straight from a transformer?
from what you said i understand that to the two ends of the secondary you connected the two ends of the resistor and the two terminals of the ammeter(i assume you use an AC ammeter not a DC a DC ammeter cannot be used) ie you connected the resistor and ammeter in parallel with the transformer secondary ammeters must be connected in series only you were actually shorting the output of the transformer this may permanently damage the windings connect it in series with the load resistor like this one end of transformer secondary to one end of resistor, other end of resistor to one end of AC ammeter , other end of AC ammeter to other end of the transformer secondary your resistor wattage rating is less(about one fourth of what is required) you may still use it but make sure you dont connect it for more than a few seconds ( it will become very hot and may burn) you said your reading was fluctuating make sure to use an AC ammeter not a DC one if you dont have the AC ammeter but have an AC voltmeter , make the connections in parallel , using the AC voltmeter this will give voltage across resistor using ohms law VI*R calculate the current
Q:what is the difference between transformer and transistor?
Transistor Transformer
Q:About Transformer ?
Keep in mind that every hertz reverses the flow of the electrons. The more hertz, the more reverses. Each reverse involves friction, which generates heat.
Q:Can you connect two transformers?
I would not recommend it.
Q:When hot wiring two 12 volt transformers does the voltage become 24 or 12 volts?
There is actually a phasing to the transformer windings. If you connect them in series with the phases adding (both hit + 12 at the same instant) you get 24 volts out. If you connect with the phasing wrong (one hits +12 while the other hits -12) and put them in series the output will be zero volts (and they might overheat). If you connect them in parallel with the right phasing you will get 12 volts and the amperage will add to give you the sum of their amperage. If you connect in parallel with the phasing wrong you will get zero output voltage (and the danger of overheating). If the transformers do not make their phasing clear put a voltmeter on the output and briefly turn on the primary while seeing if you get zero or the voltage you want. If the phasing is wring swap the wires of one transformer around and check with the meter again.
Q:EET transformer question?
a) the turns ratio of the transformer is 20 to1 so to refer an HV side impedance to the LV side you divide it by the square of the turns ratio which in this case is 400 which gives: 0.001+j0.00025 ohms. b) There's a certain amount of freedom in doing this for you may define the per-unit impedance base however you want. It is however rather usual to define it as VA / I^2. Here I 5000/2400 2.083 amps So base impedance HV side 5000/2.83² 624 ohms making the given impedance (0.4+j0.1)/624 p.u. This p.u. value should be the same on either side of the transformer. Nice to see you around again but do I notice you haven't improved at saying please when you want someone to do something for you for nothing. If you can't learn that there's not much use in learning all these technical skills. You're going to remain a clumsy oaf!
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