300KVA / 250KW Industrial Cumins Diesel Generator Set

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Diesel Generator Set

Generator set adopts Y&C Engine high-quality engine as power, selects name brand alternator .It has advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, etc. Mainly parts were made from high strength Vermicular cast iron, this make 15% weight lighter than traditional engine.Emission standard reach national standard third class,higher than the national non-roadway standard.The engine was finished 50000 hours reliability testing, more than 90% mass production engine life over 125000 hours .Within 2,500 hours don't need to adjust valve clearance.

2.Main Features of Diesel Generator Set

European brand Engine 
Low Fuel consumption 
OEM, Good Price 
Global Warranty 
CE, ISO, Son cap Certificate

3. Diesel Generator Set  Images 


300KVA / 250KW Industrial Cumins Diesel Generator Set

300KVA / 250KW Industrial Cumins Diesel Generator Set

4. Diesel Generator Set Specification   


Cummins Advantages: economical and easy maintenance, low fuel consumption, long continuous running hours and high durability

313KVA / 250KW Cummins electricity generator set



300KVA / 250KW Industrial Cumins diesel generator set


Basic Specification

Structure availableOpen type, Silent type, Waterpoof type ect.
Voltage available400V, 480V, 380V, 220V etc.
ControllerDeepsea, ComAp, Woodward, Deif etc.
AlternatorLeroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon etc.
EngineCCEC Cummins


Generator set main parameters: 
Genset model: CCW-313T5
Cummins Engine: NTA855-G1B     
Stamford Alternator:HCI444ES
(400V, 50Hz, 3 phase)

Generator Features 

Engine Data

Number of Cylinders6
Borexstrokemm 140x152
Rated RPMRpm1500
Base Output PowerKW284
Compression ratio

Fuel System
Standby powerg/kwh80.7
prime powerg/kwh71.4
75% prime powerg/kwh54.3
50% prime powerg/kwh38.2

Stamford Alternator Data 

DesignBrushless,Single bearing, 
Revolving Field
Stator2/3  pinch
Winding Conections (standard)Star
Insulation SystemClass H
Enclosure (according IEC-34-5)IP23
Exciter SystemSelf-excited, Brushless
Voltage RegulatorAVR (Electronic)
CouplingFlexible Disc
Coating TypeStandard (Vacuum Impregnation)
Alternator Cooling Direct drive centrifugal blower fan
WAC   aveform Total Harmonic Distortion No load < 1.5%. Non distorting balanced linear load < 5%
Telephone Influence   Factor (TIF) <50 per NEMA MG1-22.43
Telephone Harmonic   Factor (THF)  <2%< td="">




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Mainly heat insulation, prevent engine temperature is too high, spread to engine compartment cover, cause paint aging rapidly. It's mainly soundproof. All name should be sound insulation cotton
Q:Does the car change natural gas to the engine?
In the nature of fuel, gasoline is a liquid fuel, while natural gas is a gaseous fuel. The use of gasoline, and the volume of the air intake volume of liquid gasoline compared to almost negligible, but the use of natural gas as fuel, fuel volume occupies a large proportion in the whole intake, resulting in the amount of air entering the cylinder is reduced, air coefficient decreased, resulting in reduction of engine power.
Q:The car's engine trouble light is on. What should I do about it?
2, fuel quality is not good, many found that the engine fault lights on the car has a feeling: that is added to a tank of oil, engine fault light suddenly lit. Because the engine for oil quality indicators are required, especially with the increasing demand for engine specifications everywhere, then the quality of the oil index is also demanding higher and higher. In real life, after all, there are some gas stations can not fully meet the specifications to meet the high performance engine fuel, which led to the engine fault lights occur.
Q:What are the models of oil? What type of engine oil is used with turbocharged engines?
Goldware Mobil 1 0W-40 is more suitable for turbocharged engine, and Mobil 1 is the main high-speed protection.
Q:Car engines: what does V12 mean?
Generally speaking, the displacement of 1 liters following the 3 cylinder engine used, such as 0.8 liters and Folel Alto car. Displacement of 1 liters to 2.5 liters, usually 4 cylinder engines, the common economy car and mid-range car engines are basically 4 cylinder. 3 liter engine is 6 cylinder, such as the displacement of 3 liters and the new Regal sedan.
Q:How does the engine fail to check?
3, gasoline octane number is too low lead to no ignition when the mixture naturally appear more serious knock
Q:What is the four stroke engine?
The gasoline engine mixes the gasoline with the air into a combustible mixture, then enters the cylinder and ignites with an electric spark. Each cycle of the four stroke gasoline engine runs through the following four strokes, as shown in Figure 1 - 3.
Q:CFM international engine company profiles
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Q:What is the meaning of the rear of the car engine?
Exhaust turbocharging system: This is what we usually the most common turbocharger, supercharger and engine without any mechanical contact, in fact, is an air compressor, compressed air to increase the intake air.
Q:When the coolant of the automobile engine is insufficient, can I just add water?
When you add water after freezing, in this case you should check the coolant in the freezing point. According to your environment temperature and, in Beijing, at least 25 below freezing point, if not timely replacement of the plant is. The specific models are different, according to your manual as the basis for the operation.

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