3.2m Fiberglass FRP gel coat flat panel special for truck body making machine

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Item specifice:

Processing Type: continous forming Raw material: fiberglass+resin Temperature controller: PID temperature controll system
Usage: Refrigerated truck bodies,caravans Sheet width: 3200mm Color: Customised
Thickness: 0.4-4 mm After Warranty Service: Video technical support Operation staff: 4-10
Output: 2-5m/h

Product Description:

Product Description

This production line can produce lighting sheet, color sheet, common flat sheet, gel coat sheet.

Product Name

polyester fiber sheet / fiberglass panel truck body production line

Operation staff

4-10 people

production speed


Sheet width

maximum effective width of flat sheet is 3200mm

Wave height

maximum 140mm

Sheet thickness


 gel coat thickness


Machine main dimension


Power requirement


Power consumption

actual power consumption is about 50kw/h


produce lighting sheet, color sheet, common flat sheet, gel coat sheet.

Products Show

Process production

Machine character

1、 Apply high precision import forging doctor blade, smaller error, Thin & even gel coat coating.

2、 Gel coat curing area apply clip flatten roller designed by Dnuo technology company, easy operation & good tensioning effect.

3、 The impregnation table can control temperature independently & accurately. It can adapt to the outside temperature fast, impregnation fast and improve the production speed effectively.

4、 Pulse free metering system, accurate metering, and wide flow rate adjustment range. It can add powder filler.

5、 Easy operation based on PLC intellectual control system. Operate by two computers, the production task and equipment operating data is faster and intuitional. Only short-term training can make operators complete production independently.

6、 Three separate ovens for temperature control, Unique temperature control arithmetic makes oven heating fast, temperature control precise. Which improve quality of products, reduce energy consumption and shorten the preparing time effectively. This way makes sheets curing better.

7、 Metering control system and Roving chopper speed can be synchronous with the production line.

8、 Special cross cutting machine and good synchronization performance make cutting accurately..

9、 All the machine parts adopt international standard steel make machine with high stability.

10、System failure can be automatically alarmed and show fault point. Make maintenance easily.

11、Particular parts adopt special purpose wire, durable in use.

12、Size and layout of machine can be made according to customer requirements

13、Electric system adopt siemens brand.

Our Factory

We are professional manufacturer of FRP sheet production line. We are the first domestic production of FRP sheet making machine and biggest-selling company. We can provide many types of FRP sheet forming production lines, like FRP lighting sheet production line, FRP gel coat sheet production line, FRP embossed sheet production line and FRP decorative sheet production line etc. Dnuo has occupied more than 60%-70% domestic market with obvious advantage. The product has been exported to the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Azerbaijan etc.
Over the years we have been focusing on the FRP sheet continuous forming techniques. We have successfully provided the professional FRP sheet continuous shape forming equipment to several well-known enterprises domestic and abroad. We provide a perfect solution to enterprises who aim at high efficiency production of high quality FRP sheet.


After sale service


  1. For the large-sized parts, we take some measures to fix them. 

  2. For the other parts,we pack them with polywood.

  3. we declare that we will try our best to pack

  4. our goods well make them arrive in destination safely.

Guarantee and After-sale Service

1. Guarantee for 1 year excluding wear and electrical parts. Extra fee is paid if out of date.  Any damage to the machine caused by improper use will be charged.
2.  The equipment is fully test before delivery
3.  Free installation, training and commissioning on site to help the operators operate as soon as possible
4.  We will provide wear and electrical parts at an agency price when you need replacement.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory. Certainly if you need other special product, we will do our bestto help you, so we can build a long-term business relationship.

Q:  Can I order the product with special size?

A: Of course you can, also we will produce the products according to your detail requests.

Q: Why we are your best choice?

A: We have direct factory and many years of export experience, and offer the best price withhigh quality product, timely delivery, also have good after-sales service, therefore with goodreputation on boards and with many clients have good long-term business relationship.

Q: How many years experience do you have in this industry ?

A: Our factory was established in 1999, thanks for 17 years old development, our  design and production team  became stronger and stronger.By now we have became the fist large scale enterprise on this field.

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