23000mAh Portable Notebook Solar Charger Notebook Solar Power Bank

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500000 unit/month

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Product Description

23000mah waterproof solar charger recharge battery emergency charger.waterproof new style solar power bank for iphone,ipad,samsung,nokia phone.it can suilt for all kinds of phone,Waterproof mobile power bank new design solar power bank.23000mah portable notebook solar charger notebook solar power bank
portable 23000mah big capacity solar power bank for notebook laptop mobile.

23000mah portable laptop solar charger laptop solar power bank

solar charger bank     


This sport solar charger is constructed with integrated Li-Polymer 5000mAH battery, Waterproof / Dustproof, Dual USB ports and LED Torch Light. 



Battery Capacity: 23000mAH Li-Polymer Battery

Solar Panel: 5.5V, 1.2w

Input: DC 15V / 150ma

Output: DC 12V / 2 x 3A

Product Size: 222*126*21mm

Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 40 Degrees


Main Features

1. Three Way Charging Method: DC, USB, Solar

2. 5000mAH Li-Polymer Battery

3. Battery Indication

4. Led Torch Light

5. Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Under Current Protection Circuit

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