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ISO 4427 hdpe pipe
2.Application:water supply





 PE pipe material nontoxic, tasteless,it belongs to green building materials, never scaling, 

 which can effectively improve the water quality. 

2.Corrosion resistance: 

 High resistance to attack from various types of chemicals. No electrochemical corrosion.
3.No Leakage:

 PE pipe is connected in the ways of butt fusion, socket fusion and electrofusion and the

 strength of joint point is higher than tube itself .

4.higher flow capacity:

The Smooth inner wall is easy for pipeline transportation .Under the same condition

delivery capacity can be increased by 30%.

5.Convenient for construction and installation:

PE pipe could be installed in a variety of trenchless ways, so it is very convenient for 

construction and installation.

6.Lower system and maintenance costs:

PE pipe is not only convenient to transport and install, but also  reduce the worker’s 

labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

 50 years under pressure use.

8. Recycled and Environment-friendly


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Q:Can I clean a refrigerator water tube with white vinegar?
Vinegar will not harm the system, the defect is blocked pipe line, this need to be rectified, the best and simple solution will be to get a handy man familiar with fridge, this will solve You a lot of frustration. although saving is important but guess in this it cannot be avoided, best of luck
Q:Plastic Tube stuck in Parrot's throat?
Go to your reg vet they can help you other wise the birds little throat may get to dry from having the mouth open all the time.
Q:how long does it take for a gerbil to claw through a plastic cage with tubes and why do they?
You're right, plastic is not good for them. I recommend getting an aquarium (I have a 55 gallon myself). For two gerbils a 20 gallon would be okay, but the bigger the better. Fill the aquarium with wood toys and cardboard (hideouts, playground, etc). Trixie Pet products are nice for gerbils. I know the CritterTrail habbitats look nice but they are not worth it. The gerbils can get sick/hurt from the plastic and there isn't adequate space. Good luck.
Q:Problem with tube type wild bird feeder?
Yeah, get seed mix, not 100% sunflowers. And my cousin did this. It has a hole for the seeds to come out, not a little slit, right? The feeders with the slits are for thistle seed, not normal seeds.
Q:There's this girl from my highschool who wears this neck wrap around thing with a plastic tube that...?
That tube Is so she can breath she has had a tracheotomy.
Q:How do I cat-proof my grandmother's oxygen tube?
I've heard cayenne pepper works good too
Q:where can i find empty plastic candy tubes for sand candy?
candy shop bin maybe?
Q:wrapped pennies vs. 50 pennies in a tube?
it depends if the paper wrapper is a special mint one or just a bank one. if a special wrapper it is best to keep it in it. The mint is selling the rolls with a special wrapper. However paper is not good for coins for most wrappers are cheaply made and have acids in the paper. A hard plastic coin tube is the best for it is archival to an extent, for air still can get in there. A pair of white cotton coin gloves stops the finger prints on the coins problem. A soft clean handkerchief that has no fabric softener on it works well also, but one needs to be more careful. hope this helps.
Q:Leaving plastic tube off of violin E string?
Does the bridge have a protective cover glued to it under the string - it's called a parchment? Or does the bridge have an insert in it, usually made from Ebony? If either of these is a yes, you don't need the tube. If the answer was no to both, the tube should probably be there to protect the bridge from the string cutting in. Here is a pic of the two possibilities I've mentioned.
Q:Please read i was in the er and while i had the lil tube thinggy in my vein it was left in me?
yes, it is fine that they took your blood pressure in the same arm as an IV. many anti anxiety medications cause dizziness/drowsiness so that was most likely the problem.

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