2019 Lasted PPR Pipe for Hot or Cold Water Conveyance

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Product Description:

Product Overview

The comprehensive technical performance and economic indicator of PP-R are much better than galvanized pipe, UPVC pipe, polyethylene-aluminum compound pipe, PE-X (cross-linked polyethylene) and polybutylene pipe etc. For this reason PP-R is the leading products and widely used for feed-water piping in developed countries in Europe and America.

Nowadays PPR pipes win more attention and have been used all over the whole world more widely with its excellent sanitization performance, high heat resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, pliability and seismic performance which make PP-R the real environmental friendly pipe

Product Application

1.Potable water for cold and warm water installations 

2.For rainwater utilization systems 

3.For compressed air plants 

4.For swimming pool facilities 

5.For solar plants 

6.For agriculture and horticulture 

7.Heating pipes for residential housing 

8.For industry.

Product Description

1.Material   :



White,   Gray, Green, or as you required.




CMAX   or Customized



6.Samples   Time:

(1)   4-5days-If you want to customize your logo.

(2)   1day-For our existing samples for reference.

7.OEM   Accepted


8.Certification   available:


9.Packing   Details:

Weaving   Bag

10.Production   Capacity:

5,000,000pcs   Per month.

11.Payment   Term:

(1)   L/C,T/T,D/P

Product Show

2019 Lasted PPR Pipe for Hot or Cold Water Conveyance

2019 Lasted PPR Pipe for Hot or Cold Water Conveyance


Q:  If the products have some quality problem ,how will you deal with it?

A:  If the quality problem caused by us, we will provide a replacement service,and we must keep in mind. Take measures to control quality strictly,we adhere to the principle: “ quality first”.

 Q.How can I get a sample?

 A: FREE SAMPLE can be sent to you .Freight will be collect 

Q. Is free design assistance available for clients?

A: If you have problems in designing or beautifying the customized product, we will offer you the best design assistance.Pictures 

Q:, Which factors can be customized?

A: Material, Color, Size, Packing ,Brand, delivery 

Q; Advantages of your products?

A:Company products, good quality, high reputation guarantee.

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Q:I need to glue vinyl tubing and plastic. What type of glue should I use?
I'd use a silicone sealant, it has lots of strength and flexibility.
Q:The cast iron pipe is broken. Replace it with PVC. How do I change it?
Cast iron down pipe connection with PVC pipe:1, at the interface congestion, leakage, seal, (building materials stores have sold)2, with a PVC big head, variable diameter, iron pipe inserted inside the variable diameter;
Q:Do black ghosts *need* a tube of some sort for shelter?
He probably will change locations once in a while. As long as you give him some secure hiding places you don't need the pipe. But make sure he can fit in them when he's bigger, this fish can top 20 easily. The fish is extremely shy though, you might want to add in some plants and such to help him overcome his shyness.
Q:Campfires with copper pipe or plastic tubing?
The fine soot that the pvc gives off will enter your lungs and deposit HCL there. If you get too big a snoot full, you end up with a pneumonia like sickness and you can imitate people who have been in house fires where the furnature burns. They come out with black snot and are really sick the next day. Copper pipe shouldn't get you too bad but locally a woman whose husband burned wires to get copper scrap almost lost a leg to an infection that was a reaction site to copper poisoning. Stay upwind!
Q:Is the diameter of the plastic tube 20mm in diameter 18mm?
20mm diameter plastic pipes, aperture, 18mm market there are manyFirst of all, look at what material is plastic tubeIf it is PC plastic pipe outer diameter of 20 mm, diameter 18 mm, 1 mm is so kind, this kind of plastic pipe will generally have a spot, also can achieve the customized specifications, can also die if not die
Q:can u make a filter/gravel vac out of plastic cups,cotton balls and air tubing?for a 10 gallon tank?
air line tubing is probobly to thin to make an effective vacuum hose, but no it wouldnt hurt them to try, you could fuse it with a lighter, sound like a lot of work though. what are the cotton balls for? mollies can eat, algea wafer, shrimp pellets, pellet food, granules, flake food, live frozen or freeze dreid= daphnia, shrimp, worms, fruitflies... sliced raw or blanched veggies like cucmber squash, zucini, spinich
Q:What are the properties of acrylic plastic tubes?
Cast Acrylic Tubes are used in many applications in place of extruded or molded acrylic because of better machining properties, greater clarity, better resistance to heat distortion and higher tensile strength. In short: yes, cast is stronger than extruded yes, it is easy to drill holes, just take it slow It is not cut and dry which one is stronger, they are actually quite similar in certain properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and compressive strength. I would recommend getting a small piece of each and trying them out in your application. Just so you know, PVC is going to be cheaper than Cast acrylic at these sizes.
Q:Owner of Toyota Corolla 95 4AFE: What do you call the tube connecting the air filter to the engine?
Q:the teacher in item 5 needs to order plastic tubing.if each of the 60 students needs 750mm of tubing?
What about the cutting allowance?
Q:can irrigation plastic tubing be used for electrical conduit in concret or cement new home construccion?
it would do the same job but...2 problems. 1: the inspector is going to fail it!!!!!!!! 2 the plastic conduit for electrical, and the tube for irrigation are two different kinds of plastic. you wont be able to glue any additional electrical fittings to the irrigation pipe. do not put the cable in the concrete itself!!!!!!!! if you ever have to replace it you will be screwed. plus dont forget uncured concrete is very caustic. the lye in it can cause copper in the wire to fail prematurely.

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