12X Metal Telephoto Lens For Galaxy S3/S4/Note Ii

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Product Description:

Model No.:SR1220MS4T

12X Metal telephoto Lens for Galaxy S3, Glaxy Note II, Galaxy S4

Aluminum Barrel

Magnification: 12X

Angle of View: 90 degree

Size: 31 x 78 mm

Weight:100 g



12x Metal telephoto Lens

One protecting case : Galaxy S III special protecting case, OR  Galaxy Note II case, OR  Galaxy S4 case

Black bracket

Mini tripod

Carrying pouch

Cleaning cloth

Instruction manual


Packing information:

10pcs/inner carton; 30pcs /outer carton

G.W:  13.5  kgs/ 15.5 kgs( for Galaxy Note II)

Dimension: 48X34X33cm / 55x38x35cm(for Galaxy Note II)


MOQ: 100pcs

Leadtime: 10 days


Anodise black color  available


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Q:How to remove the SLR camera lens
There is a button on the fuselage, hold down, and then a rotating lens, the lens took down Really strange, why should you know this? Bought after the natural will be
Q:Can a SLR camera be placed on a micro single camera?
For example, GF series with 4/3-M4 / 3 ring adapter transfer Olympus SLR lens, Sony NEX series of micro-single use LA-EA2 original ring adapter Sony Alpha SLR lens, Canon EOS-M micro single use The original ring adapter Canon EF lens, you can use auto focus, anti-shake, electronic aperture and other functions.
Q:Camera lens how to do oil?
In the purchase of lens paper, be sure to go to the regular professional photography store to buy, do not seek cheap and buy low-quality lens paper, this lens paper often contains a certain amount of wood pulp, will seriously damage the digital camera lens Coating, at that time you may be "regret"
Q:Why are SLR cameras so expensive? Are you there?
Is said to be high precision, advanced production equipment and so on. The The The The In fact, SLR lens price is high because the SLR camera operation is complex, and now people are lazy, most people choose to use a fool camera. Believe that if I SLA popular, the market demand, we can definitely produce a small workshop, what "high precision, advanced production equipment, high technology content" are clouds, I do not believe it is not a big price.
Q:SLR camera lens Cha Cha's ring is how the matter
It is in focus, no problem.
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
I am a studio photographer, you generally want to use the camera in the studio, in fact, the most important thing is to consider the cost and effect of choice! That studio is generally used machine, not the best! It will not be the cheapest! Of course, digital SLR constantly updated quickly, so it is impossible to a machine to the old! That is now the market Well, the studio generally use D300 D700 or 5D 5D2 four machines more! As for the 3D are too expensive, the studio portrait does not need to use such a machine!
Q:Can I replace the lens of the camera called micro single?
You can think of this machine as a reverse product between cards and SLR! But this product has a huge congenital defects, 1 is the price, much higher than the consumer product, enough to match the price of low-end SLR, 2 is almost no lens can be changed, there are two or three performance is not ye ye, that this thing than the price and portable far less than the card, more than the optical performance and the low-end SLR with a dog head to a tie There are expensive optical lens, superior performance of professional SLR view, those images better than the card, but not inflow
Q:What is the camera lens accessories?
Filter: the protection of the role of UV, protective mirror; gradient mirror - for the light than the sunrise sunset shooting; dimmer - used to shoot streams, waterfalls, make silky smooth; - for the macro photography; polarizer - used to reduce the reflective, but also can make the blue sky more profound, more prominent white clouds: color mirror - film age correction color temperature; star light mirror - let point light source star; Mirror - make the screen soften a sense of hazy
Q:Plus what lens can protect the digital camera lens?
In addition, if only to protect the camera lens from harm, you can also buy a special lens protection mirror instead of UV mirror. As the lens protection mirror with multi-layer coating technology, light transmission rate is much better than most of the UV mirror, which can completely retain the original lens characteristics.
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
If you need a large depth of field, give priority to select a smaller aperture, with a slower shutter to ensure that exposure to moderate. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the theme of small depth of field, with a large aperture, fast. In the static state of the object, the speed can be set too slow, select a smaller aperture; shooting moving objects, in order to avoid shooting images made virtual, should choose fast, large aperture.

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