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Product Description:

Voltage:AC100-240V 50HZ/60HZ

Light sources: 8pcs of 10W white LED or 4in1,CREE RGBW LED

Power consumption:120W Beam angle: 4.5°

Control DMX channel: 18 Channel

Control modes: dmx512,master-slave,auto movement, sound control

Tilt movement:145°

Dimmer: 0~100% smooth dimming

Strobe: Variable strobe speeds

Inner package size: 47*31*21.5cm


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Q:DMX512 how can you shake the head light?
Shake head light bulb is not bright, the following problems:1 trigger damage.2, light bulb circuit, power cord folding section.3, the relay does not attract or the contact is not good.4 ballast coil short circuit, etc..If the new light bulb is not on, you should send it back to the manufacturer for maintenance.
Q:Is the 18 channel shake head light controlled by a 16 channel console? What is the address code for the lamp?
As long as you find the settings --DMX---, you can add and subtract to the address code you want.
Q:What do you mean by "ESC" on the head lamp?
The ESC function works automatically when your vehicle is in a very unstable situation. Under normal driving conditions, the ESC system does not work.When the ignition is switched on, the ESC is activated, the warning light is on, the ESC is switched off, the indicator lights on, and about 4 seconds later.
Q:Now looking at the wedding, and want to know when the layout of the venue,
Say it directly, to good effect, will not have the effect of less head light and par light, the wedding would of course like that light up upstairs that can not be ignored, is the most important, but only the lantern light is very monotonous, dull atmosphere will lose, therefore, need to have head light and PA lights and other lights to set off, can add something else if the conditions you can Oh, such as bubble machine etc.
Q:How to program the computer shake head lamp?
First: you must understand the characteristics of the light, such as several channels, each channel features such as color, pattern, horizontal, vertical, in the first few channels!Second: you have to calculate how many lamps you have, the total number of channels for all lights, and how many channels you can use to control the number of channels!Third: you must know how to dial the address code. In order to facilitate the control, you must combine the number of channels of the controller and the light to dial the address code!
Q:What does the beam lamp and the shake head lamp have?
the beam angle is relatively large, the requirements of different applications, the effects are not the same, is not a kind of light, light the recommended distance is twelve meters away, if too close so bright as uncomfortable.
Q:Only two shaking heads should be placed on the stage
It depends on how high your stage is and how well you need it. Also depends on the size, model and range of the head light you purchased. The general stage must also cooperate with other stage lighting to create the effect. Can refer to see the SKYSTAR brand stage light to see
Q:240 console, how can I get it, PA lamp, shake head lamp, run simultaneously
Different channels of light can not be operated at the same time.
Q:Can the LED PA lamp and the shake head lamp be used at the same time with a 512 console?
If the computer light is 20 units, then the LED PA lamp can only use 24 units at most
Q:What is the difference between computer shake head and computer dyeing lamp?
They all belong to the shake head lamp, divided into patterns, beams, dyes.

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