YT-1411A 7X10W HIGH POWER and master/slave LEDs

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China main port
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10 kg
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800 kg/month

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Product Description:

Product specification
.Rate voltage:
.Rate power: 80W
.LED Q’TY:7x10W high power LEDs
.Beam agle:25°( 15°,50°optional)
.DMX modes:6CH/9CH
.Net weight:4.0kg

Product feature
.DMX input/output 3Pin
.Power input/output 3Pin
.2kinds of control model:DMX512,Master/slave
.LED display screen
.indoor operation temperature:-20℃~+ 40℃
.2DMX modes:6CH/9CH
.dimmer:0-100%linear dimmer
.static color setup
.hopping color, shading color, macor color


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Q:Sunshine 512 console how to control head shaking lamp?
1 computer lights function is realized through the channel, such as the computer lights your home channel is 14 channels that you will set the address code first is 1 second 15 three 29 is anyway, plus 142 your table itself is only 512 channels, then I suggest you use pearl console your bar should not be great, in order to save money can buy domestic pearl console prices in the thousands of dollars to several thousand dollars, if it is a bar with several thousand should it be.
Q:Computer shake head light 250, address code and console is consistent, but not controlled, please expert advice
Is there a problem with self check and reset?. First look at the console is a problem, in the signal line, in the light, lights problems, first to see if there is no signal into the lamp, no, it is estimated that the circuit board problems. Loss of pace is an estimate of positioning. Can contact manufacturers to send parts maintenance.
Q:You can set the light lighting program
In the programming condition can be used when light up
Q:Overview of head light
To sum up, shaking the computer light is made up of three major systems: optics, mechanical, electrical, and program control. The three systems are interrelated and organically combined to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, heat dissipation, noise, positioning, and so on.
Q:What is the difference between computer shake head and computer dyeing lamp?
The common patterns and beam lights are used in different scenes, and the effects of the pattern lights are patterns of patterns, patterns and flowers.Beam light, as its name suggests, is a combination of beams and beams, the more the number, the more atmospheric, brilliant.
Q:What does the beam lamp and the shake head lamp have?
the beam angle is relatively large, the requirements of different applications, the effects are not the same, is not a kind of light, light the recommended distance is twelve meters away, if too close so bright as uncomfortable.
Q:Shake the head light bulb is good, drop the light is not bright what is the reason?,
General domestic head light bulb in the latter part of the lamp body, the screw can disassemble rear spare bulb, direct plug can be replaced, but must remember to cut off the power supply!!
Q:Now looking at the wedding, and want to know when the layout of the venue,
Head light and par light in order to increase the effect and the atmosphere of the scene, I suggest using it, if there is light and light up, photo taken out of the wedding film does not look good, the lack of observability.
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
Could you tell me more about the problem? How long is your lamp and what brand of light do you use?. In fact, there are still many reasons. I can help myself by describing the problem clearly.
Q:How to use the computer shake head lamp? Fifteen
The shake head computer light is the original idea of the origin of the computer light.1, the lamp body rotates to drive the beam movement, the rotation scope is big, may achieve 360 degrees rotation. This kind of movement effect can produce the full flavor visual sensation in the stage.2, small size, light weight, very convenient to use.3, fully functional, from the simple color effect, to the development of a very rich artistic effects of computer light.

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