4x15w high power rotation 4 IN 1 MOVING HEAD

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800 kg/month

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Product Description:

Product specification
.Rate voltage:
.Rate power: 80W
.LED qty:4x15W high power SUNVIEW 4 in 1LEDs
.LED drive current:1000mA
.Beam agle:
. IP Class: IP20
.DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.Packaging size:193x136x295.9mm
.Net weight:4.0kg
.Gross weight:4.6kg

Product feature
.XLR sockets input/output 3pin
.3 kinds of control model:DMX512,Sound active. Master/slave
.LED display screen
.Display screen can be turned upside down with 180° to fit the installation in different place
.indoor operation temperature: -20℃~+ 40℃
.2 DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.dimmer:0-100%linear dimmer
Pan:540° Tilt:220°
Default function in Pan/tilt
Lens on 4 LEDs can infinitely rotate
.Single or beam effect(beam effect can be showed by rotating Lens)
.Static color setup’、Pan/Tilt range setup 、 total brightness setup
. 0- 20HZ strobe, pulse strobe 、asynchronus pulse strobe
. Perfect mixing color and rainbow effect
.Total dimmer
.Each LED can be controlled separately, rich colour





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Q:Shake head lamp software
When in touch one machine software "the light touch control button, the corresponding model lights on, when... In order to highlight the sand table demonstration effect, with the head lamp, lamp, lamp and other staining scanning, rendering and highlight model
Q:LED dyeing lamp 54, bead 4, light beam 230 watts 2, shake head lamp 1200 Watt 2 units, plus 3000 pieces, is it expensive?
This depends on the degree of depreciation of the lamp body, the general domestic new lights, you say these market prices in about 8000......
Q:How many kinds of head lamp?
Shake head lamp has 4 kinds of power model: 250, shake head lamp 575, shake head lamp 1200, shake head lamp 1500, shake head lamp. According to the manufacturers to change the chassis styles differ as there is a need to consult a Guangzhou special lighting audio equipment Co. Ltd.
Q:How does the max384 console control both the hall light and the shake head lamp?
That mouth is too clear to say! It's useful to hold the console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps! Saying is also unclear
Q:How to use a shake head lamp without a console?
You can use the shake head, built-in walk program, set the master-slave mode, all shake head lights will go at the same time, it is best to buy a light control table, lights less, buy a few hundred can be
Q:I would like to ask about the wedding lights, wedding shake head lamp, urgent urgent
If 6 shaking heads can be connected to the first console for operation, they can work in concert with each other.. But it is possible that the hotel lights and wedding companies provide different models of light, the effect will certainly be discounted, of course, also need professional light control division in order to operate
Q:What is the 1200W lighting lamp computer size? Thank you
Computer lighting brand, Chaiyi, Pearl River, Ya Gang, Martin, Fairfield, Austria Di, ROBE and so on, and the south side of Guangzhou some mixed lighting factory, is estimated to have hundreds, basically are not the same size.
Q:Stage DMX512 LED shake head lamp, whether through self writing program and computer playback program synchronization,
Yes, but to get a memory card controller program, you can write it yourself
Q:Now looking at the wedding, and want to know when the layout of the venue,
Say it directly, to good effect, will not have the effect of less head light and par light, the wedding would of course like that light up upstairs that can not be ignored, is the most important, but only the lantern light is very monotonous, dull atmosphere will lose, therefore, need to have head light and PA lights and other lights to set off, can add something else if the conditions you can Oh, such as bubble machine etc.
Q:16 channel and 20 channel shake head lamp how to control together,
Different lights cannot be used with the same address code. Different address codes are used. The setting depends on the address code used

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