1x30W Lumiengin White moving head LED

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10 kg
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800 kg/month

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 Using a 1x30W white LED, unique appearance, light. Is a MINI type head LED, uses a unique light source. PAN:540 degrees, TILT:220 degrees, digital display interface. With 8\4 channel switching, very suitable for the bar, KTV, family and so on, are currently on the market more popular LED head lamp






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Q:The head lamp open in less than half an hour lights automatically extinguish what reason
Automatic protection, look at the radiator cooling fan, wind enough?
Q:Sunshine 512 console how to control head shaking lamp?
This table of yours controls one or two table lamp is very good use, but many have really failed!
Q:Shake head lamp software
When in touch one machine software "the light touch control button, the corresponding model lights on, when... In order to highlight the sand table demonstration effect, with the head lamp, lamp, lamp and other staining scanning, rendering and highlight model
Q:Etiquette prawns, about 10 tables, wedding occasions,
There is only one kind of shake head lamp, the difference is the model.Both the pattern and the beam can be adjusted at any time - by the dimming table, by the dimmer (complicated and programmed).
Q:About the consistency of stage lighting (computer shake head light) 100
The light channel made by different manufacturers are not the same, but can make a lamp base to solve the problem! Then you say the brightness is not a problem, the general good point lights are in control of the process for a single adjustment! Like the brightness of the focus. Can ~ ~ so you dont have to worry about this problem!!
Q:How can the bulb of the bar shake head light be exchanged?
General domestic head light bulb in the latter part of the lamp body, the screw can disassemble rear spare bulb, direct plug can be replaced, but must remember to cut off the power supply!
Q:Chengdu, where is there a place for professional acoustics, stage lighting, wireless microphones, and head shaking lamps?
LED display screen, color screen, projection, plasma TV, signal distributor, signal switching station, special equipment; silent snow machine, ice machine, ordinary hood, hood, the effect of bubbles, cold fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, wheel track rainbow machine, carbon dioxide gas column, LEYA stage, stage equipment; aluminum structure stage glass, stage, stage, background and special wooden photo printing plate, aluminum truss structure background equipment; specification of 300x400 TRUSS, 520x760 aluminum frame size TRUSS aluminum frame, galvanized iron control LEYA frame, H frame, excellent equipment, professional team, to provide comprehensive and professional services to the community. To undertake all types of art show, award ceremonies, exhibitions, business meetings, tours, celebrations, conferences and other public entertainment products, full stage production, stage design, lighting, stage; provide audio, video, special equipment and supporting system of leasing, responsible for the installation of the construction; to provide on-site technical service.
Q:Now looking at the wedding, and want to know when the layout of the venue,
Computer shake head light and fear light, not to be necessary.A wedding, the most important of course is light up. Yes, here it isComputer shake head lights and fear lights, of course, if there is a budget, or can add oh.When my friend got married this year, he added the computer shake head lamp and the fear lamp, and the effect was really good. But if the budget is up, it doesn't matter if you don't add it.My friend added lights T platform, also less than ten thousand dollars, the effect is really good.
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
Could you tell me more about the problem? How long is your lamp and what brand of light do you use?. In fact, there are still many reasons. I can help myself by describing the problem clearly.
Q:How to use the 240 console to control four shaking head lamps in different directions at the same time?
4 lamp with different address codes, the key is that you should use 240 console - a light MINT

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