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Voltage:AC110-245V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:120W
Lamp:LED12W*7pcs Cree led
Function: Sound control,Automatic,DMX512
DMX Channels: 9/12/16CH three channels mode
XY Axis: X Axis:630 Y Axis:240
Beam Angel::8 degree
Feature : Extremely small ,High efficiency, Light
Weight, little noise
Smooth electronic Dimming:0-100%
Package Size:360*306*206MM

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Q:Computer shake head light 250, address code and console is consistent, but not controlled, please expert advice
There is one more caseJust after receiving the console signal, the lamp doesn't run in a regular way, and the signal line can be removedGeneral signal line pull back (signal line 3 small lines), and some behind the switch, turn around to work properly9. do the flowing performance should pay attention to the Kalong seat, inside the connection is broken, the short circuit will cause the lamp is not controlled or abnormal operation, interference, such as: if the ground three signals in the lamp is easy to pull off the interference10. sometimes connected lighting lamps in the last one can be out of the seat with a qalun output signal amplifier. Production method is in the Kalong 2-3 plug is connected with a 100 foot European resistance, sometimes because the signal line is too long without a signal amplifier will cause the lamp in the operation from interference or synchronization. Some although the signal line is not long, but due to excessive bending will cause interference.
Q:Sunshine 512 how to program. Control head lamp. Find a master
General sunshine 512, no built-in procedures, poor preparation
Q:What is the difference between computer shake head and computer dyeing lamp?
They all belong to the shake head lamp, divided into patterns, beams, dyes.
Q:Can computer shake head lamp be controlled by computer?
Yes, that is, the console is made analog interface, so that it is not good operation, how to point the mouse, and now touch the tiger is almost the same as the computer
Q:How many kinds of head lamp?
Shake head light according to the bulb can be divided into LED and not LED, as well as according to the power points, there are 575W, 1200W, etc. several kinds. In addition, you can also according to the light beam and so on.
Q:LED computer shake head lamp how to produce pattern rotation effect, specific should be how to set?
The Yellow River stage lighting is mainly do shake head lights, service attitude is very good, in many large and medium-sized cities in China have offices and agents, you can understand
Q:Why can't shake head lamp sync? What's the problem?
The problem is to check the line, but what should be no problem.
Q:575 computer shake head light address code is how to programming can be divided into the first, second, third, is the LED display 5575
Set the light to N, there are: m=001+16n.., this should be very clear?
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
3. is it normal to change a light bulb?,4., if you change the bulb is not normal, check the trigger.The problems are the bulb and the trigger
Q:How to use the computer shake head lamp? Fifteen
The minimum distance from a target object;When installing the lamp, the minimum distance between any point on the luminaire surface and any easy material shall be0.5 meters. Maximum environmental temperature; ensure that the lamp is in a normal and stable environment; the maximum temperature is not more than 40. C; the minimum is not more than 15. C.Anti motor and electrostatic protection;This lamp is designed according to the type of motor protection. The luminaire shall be connected to the fully grounded power supply system, and the ground wire of the luminaire must be connected to the ground wire of the power supply system, and the ground wire mark port of the metal housing of the luminaire shall be securely connected to the mounting lamp holder

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