100% PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China

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Product Description:

 High Quality PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China


Item name:PVA yarn                            


Strength: Customized

Raw white ,bleach white,red,blue,green,black, pink,grey,yellow,coffee,etc and can do custom color

Count:From 5s-32s
Pattern:Raw and colored is available
Feature:Eco-friendly and recycled yarn, high or low tenacity as customized

Knitting, Weaving,Rope, Towel,Jean,Pet's toy,Mop ,Socks and other textile products


Standard export packing, Each core in one PE bag, 6-12cores per PPwoven bag with strip,printing shipping mark outside, 25kg/bag

Depature port: Ningbo,Shanghai
Terms of payment: 30% in advanced ,70% before deliver
Price terms:EXW,FOB,CNF,CIF
Delivery time7-30days
Sample offerFree sample

100% PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China

 2.About PVA yarn 

 1  This is a kind of environment friendly products which can be used for making socks,towels,etc.

 2  Advantage: high elastic, skillful manufacture.

 3  we can manufacture as your requirement.

 4  We have our own factory, the quality of the yarn we offered is high.the price is competitive.

 5  If you can place a large order, we can give you a special discount.

3.company information:

                       China National Building Materials Group is a statedowned enterprise in charge of administrative affairs in China buiding materials industry.Established in 1984 CNBM is a large group corporation of building materials with total assets of 25 billion and a total stuff of 30000 CNBM now owns 200 subordinating firms of solely owned and joint-venture companies.

100% PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China

100% PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China

100% PVA Water Soluble Yarn Made in China

We can supply water soluble yarn, 20 degree to 90 degree, yarn counts are from 20s to 100s.

This is a new kind of environmental friendly product. It can be mainly used for making towels,socks, the top-grade gloves, etc.

It can  be used to make the untwist yarn with the cotton yarn.

We are the manufacture, we export the pva yarns to India, Turkey, Pakistan,etc. Have a large market, If you have any requirment, please feel free to contact us.

PVA yarn: 20/40/70/80/90 degree

Ne 20s/1 40s/1 50s/1 60s/1 80s/1 100s/1

hot water soluble yarn use the China Sinopec pva fiber .

Cold water soluble yarn use the Japan pva fiber 

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Q:What is the yarn inside the textile industry is what kind of yarn?
For example, like a piece of cloth, first with the experience of the general estimate of the possible combination of latitude and longitude, and then open to take the yarn to do the test, if the dispersion of dye can be colored, that is synthetic fiber
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
Cloth yarn in the knitted fabrics and sweaters appear above the more, usually different ingredients, different colors of the short yarn flew to the loom and then woven into the fabric. So there is a kind of yarn is called called "flying hair".
Q:Cotton yarn downstream enterprises have what kind of
In particular, combed yarn can be used to produce high quality textile products, such as high-grade T-shirt, fine poplin, cotton yarn can also produce special industrial electric wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery line.
Q:There are several yarns of textile mills
Usually, according to the yarn used in raw materials, yarn thickness, spinning method, spinning system, yarn structure and yarn use classification. According to the yarn raw material points 1. Pure spinning Pure spinning is a yarn made of a fiber material such as cotton yarn, wool yarn, hemp yarn and silk spinning. This type of yarn is suitable for making pure textile.
Q:Textile yarn 75d ppt memory silk how much money meal?
Memory is the shape of memory fibers. Fabric gloss soft and bright, anti-crepe shrinkage performance is good, there are wicking perspiration and anti-ultraviolet function
Q:What is yarn support?
Metric count (Nm) - At a given moisture regain, 1 gram of yarn length is a meter multiple, that is, 1 gram of heavy yarn is just 1 meter long, 1 (g) yarn, 1 gram heavy yarn Length of 200 meters long, the fineness of the yarn 200
Q:Textile waste silk (abandoned side yarn) what purpose ah?
Textile waste silk (discarded yarn) is a non-woven textile raw materials, usually re-opened, non-woven non-woven equipment production, should be 90% of the product is the production of non-woven fabrics. The reason for this is as follows
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
Roving twist factor is too small, easy to produce accidental drawing, increase the broken, so that the product is not uniform.Therefore, the roving twist coefficient is the same as the drafting factor, roller pressure, roller gauge, etc. The roving twist factor is mainly based on The length of the fiber, the spinning varieties, the thickness of the roving, the post-spinning process and the temperature and humidity factors to choose to control:
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
(2) combed yarn: cotton yarn is combed by the spinning system spinning yarn. Combing yarn selection of high-quality raw materials, yarn in the fiber straight parallel, knot less, good gloss, dry, high strength, this type of cotton yarn used for weaving high-grade fabric
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
(Also known as S twist) yarn, used to weave the weft of the weft yarn (2) according to twist to the point: ① backhand twist (also known as Z twist) yarn, in a variety of fabrics in the most widely used;

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