Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

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Product Description:

1. Description of Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

Yogurt maker is a kind of machine to make yogurt. It ensures milk fermented with a constant temperature device, temperature between 35 and 45 degrees, in this environment, probiotics multiplied, lactose into lactic acid in milk, milk into yoghurt.

Yogurt Maker can be divided into three categories:

First, a fully automated, directly heated by electricity, no control circuit, adopt appropriate power heating component to control the temperature.

Second, electronic control type, join a variety of control circuit in the machine, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. The main difference between the above two type is whether have a control circuit.

Third, is cooling yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic storage at low temperature.

2. Features of Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance


2).Capacity:1.0-1.5L,for 2-8 people.

3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance

4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus

5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable

6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving

7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking

3. Specification of Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

Item size196*196*135mm
Capacity1-1.5 L
ColorOrange/Green/Pink/Purple, color is optional.
Container Stainless steel  bowl,PP, Cups
Normal packing standard

Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz

4. Image of Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

Yogurt Maker with 6 PP Jar Kitchen Appliance

5. FAQ

1) Could I got a sample to test before I place my order?

   Sure, we can provide the sample for your test.

2) Do I need to pay for the sample?

  Yes,we'll charge you for the samples,the amount is depend on the items you want,and will

refound you after the first order.

3) How long will I got the sample?

  It need less than 4-7 days.

4) How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered.

  25-35 days after order and packaging file confirmed .

5) Can you OEM for me?

   Sure,OEM order is acceptable.

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Q:How to choose a suitable fried yogurt machine?
Two: the machine on the surface is a pot or a pot of two, when the use of the time you will find that your next business a minute out of a cup of the finished product, and you have five minutes or even 10 minutes before a cup final. Customers braved the hot sun, etc., you five minutes out of a cup of ice, I am afraid that other traders have gone there, why the appearance of the same machine cooling rate is so different? The reason is the different configurations inside the machine. Fried yogurt machine is used for air-conditioning compressor, we all know that air-conditioning 1P, 1.25P, 1.5P, 2P and so on, and the number of different P air-conditioning prices are not very different? So you can't look at the appearance blindly, and know the internal configuration of the machine you purchased. But some businesses or individuals are in luck with the heart, to the customer reported configuration, thinking about customers can not understand the size of compressors and condensers, because accessories are above some professional terminology.
Q:Yogurt machine of various models and performance
Color: random (Orange), green.1. exquisite design, fashionable appearance.2 unique temperature structure design, consistent temperature throughout the container, to prevent local heat killed lactobacillus, ensure that the activity of lactic acid bacteria.3. the transparent top cover and the container cover can directly observe the fermentation state of the yogurt in the container.
Q:How to use yogurt machine brewing brewing machine how to use yogurt
Need to pay attention to: 1, before making, should use boiling water hot yogurt machine sterilization. 2, can put some more, in order to reduce the fermentation time. In 3, Steamed Rice must add boiling water, not with water. 4, fermentation time flexible grasp, feel wine precision is not enough, more fermentation for a few days. My friend is so lucky, I just tasted my big rice wine made with yogurt machine today. I fermented it for a few days. I don't remember it. Anyway, I drank a small bowl, and I felt a little dizzy. It felt like half a bottle of beer.
Q:With yogurt machine yogurt, with yeast or yogurt good?
Tools and raw materials:1, a bottle of yogurt seeds (you can use Jiabao's original taste, although relatively expensive, but it is said that the strains are better; others have not tried. No matter what yogurt is used as seed, be sure to have plain taste. Pure milk 750 - 1000ml, according to the size of the container you prepared, at will (a bottle of 125ml 10000 Jiabao yogurt, you can do 2kg at most once).2, wide mouth bottle one (disinfection)3, stir a stick (disinfection)4 bucket5, insulation material (a sponge pillow, or something else, no, use two bath towels can also)6, fill a piece of material (bath towel a piece)7. A plastic wrap or a plastic wrap8. One hot water bag
Q:Buy yogurt confidential, pay attention to what?
Homemade yogurt is used in constant temperature fermentation, so the yogurt machine is the most basic heating and constant temperature, constant temperature heating and can be as long as you can in the appropriate temperature, this machine can make yogurt yogurt; besides temperature, another major factor is the homemade yogurt yogurt fermentation time, and time is not immutable and frozen. The quality of the milk, yogurt, fermented milk quality, environmental temperature, initial temperature and the constant temperature yogurt machine will affect the duration of the fermentation, so even with the timing control function, but also be empty, need to adjust after practice, every change of factors can change time; and yogurt is good, even if the automatic power-off yogurt machine, also cannot be ignored, must be quickly placed in the refrigerator, so as to avoid the invasion of harmful bacteria, This kind of yogurt is safe.
Q:How to use yogurt machine?
2, if you do not want to buy yogurt fermentation agent, because online shopping is more troublesome, while yogurt fermentation agent should also be low temperature refrigeration. Can go to the supermarket to buy a box of favorite yogurt, do not drink all, and the remaining 20% do yogurt starter. Pour 20% yogurt into the box of yogurt machine, then pour 80% fresh milk, mix well, plug in for 6 to 8 hours. Ditto。
Q:What's the ratio of yogurt to yogurt, milk and baking powder?
Pit yogurt starter specifications: 10 small bag / bag, 1 small bag 1g, you can make 1000ml yogurt, landlord can put 1g bacteria powder into it.The nutritional value of yogurt is far more than that of fresh cow (goat) milk. It contains a variety of lactic acid, lactose, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and so on. Have a stomach who drank it, can promote the secretion of gastric acid, not only do not eat after flatulence, diarrhea, but ventilation digestion.
Q:How long is it best to make yogurt with a yogurt machine?
[step] yogurt yogurt machine to do the first step: boiling water disinfection, is often easy to ignore this issue or that is not important, but if this step did not do so easily affect the effect of yogurt, boiling water disinfection to other bacteria in yogurt machine all clear, it will not affect the yogurt fermentation the best, with boiling water soak for 1 minutes
Q:Yogurt machine inside the liner is missing, how to do?
If it is not available, the emergency use can be covered with plastic wrap, in order to keep good insulation, it is best to use multi-layer plastic film coverage.
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt as long as possible?
First, the fermentation process should not frequent open, a lot of people doing yogurt is open to see love making, or stirring, in fact this is not correct, yogurt fermentation in the open too much, it will affect its effect.Second, yogurt machine can only use boiling water disinfection, a lot of people when it comes to disinfection, immediately went to get some chemical disinfectants for disinfection, but yogurt machine is not disinfection with chemical disinfectants, or will cause great influence on yogurt, only with boiling water.Third, the milk is not yogurt containing antibiotics as raw material, so when choosing milk, must pay attention to what is antibiotic.Fourth, fermentation success identification, usually, fermented yogurt is semi solidified, the surface is white and smooth, and there is milk flavor.

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