Mini stainless steel yogurt maker

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green/color is optional

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Packaging:color box ,1PCS per 1color box, 16PCS per 1carton
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New design
Stainless steel bowl
Exact temperature 42 degree control
Clear lid allows for viewing
Removable plug


2).Capacity:1.0L,for 2-4 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking


Yoghurt Maker SNJ-534
Item size 200*200*145mm
Capacity 1L
Color Orange/ Green/ Pinkcolor is optional.
Lid removable
Container Stainless steel  bowl
Material Plastic
Power15W, 220-240V~50HZ
Featuredisconnect - plug
easy operating and cleaning

Normal packing standard

Carton Size:780*320*550mm

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Q:Yogurt machine yogurt can be opened halfway mixing?
Yogurt machines do not need to be stirred halfway. You made it out of the way. It must have been your milk, or your yogurt machine is not clean. Before you do it, wash the small box and scald it with boiling water. The milk must be fresh, too. I have been using it for over four years. The yogurt has never been broken.
Q:Can you tell me how to use the yogurt machine? Does anybody know that?
C). With cold and hot water mixed to 38 DEG --40 DEG, the scale line added to the corresponding infrared temperature class: making a liter of yogurt to add water to the tank under constant temperature infrared scale line; production of two liters of yogurt to the constant temperature water tank infrared scale line at first;D). Put the sealed reaction cylinder containing mixture into the infrared thermostatic cabin, and cover the inner and outer coversE). Plug in the power and switch, the LCD screen shows 0:00, indicating that the power supply is in good contactF). Adjust the time button, usually between 5-7 hours, the length of time to adjust the acidity and acidity of yogurt, the longer the yogurt, the thicker the acid, the more concentratedG). Press the start button, LCD screen display sun icon, said the yogurt machine works normally; when the liquid crystal display screen snowflakes icon, time becomes 0:00, indicates that the setting time is up, please check the yogurt quality, such as consistency, sour deficiency, re set the time, continue to meet the requirements of production; such as, refrigerate or short time room temperature preservation
Q:How long is it best to make yogurt with a yogurt machine?
The third step: setting the fermentation time, generally using pure yogurt as a fermentation source, the fermentation time in 6 to 8 hours, if the yogurt fermentation agent as a fermentation source around 8 - 12 hours, but it will be affected by the ambient temperature, if the temperature is too low, it needs time the longer, but the use of pure yogurt as a fermentation source should not exceed 10 hours, with the yogurt fermentation agent as a fermentation source is best not more than 14 hours.
Q:Yogurt machine too high temperature how to do?
You say eat up slag residue, it is estimated that your bacteria wood mixing evenly, there are rooms stuffy words, 8 hours on the line, do not need 9 hours. The longer the fermentation time, the more sour the yogurt.The temperature is a little hot, you use this method to try, not yet, then it should be broken machine.
Q:Which yogurt machine is good for you?
Ensure the quality of yogurt made by consumers. 2., exquisite design, fashion, smooth lines. The 3. parameter design meets the requirements of probiotic yoghurt starter and ordinary yoghurt starter. 4., the contents of the device directly contact yogurt, the use of food in line with national food safety requirements, food safety materials.
Q:Would like to ask to use yogurt machine yogurt, water do not?
A method of home made sour milk is introduced, which is simple and convenient for home made sour milk. Practices are: (1) buy 1 bottles of yogurt as bacteria, 1 bottles of yogurt can be inoculated 5 bottles of milk.
Q:Do you need yogurt machine for your own yoghurt?
There are family practices (1), buy 1 bottles of yogurt as bacteria, 1 bottles of yogurt can be inoculated 5 bottles of milk.(2) use the empty bottle to be boiled and sterilized and used after cold.
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt is not solidified, and very sour
It has little to do with the machine. You may have too long!!! Look belowDedication - the key to homemade yogurt - no one talks about the key - yogurt fermentation must be guaranteed constant temperature!!Using the bear yogurt machine to make yogurt, many times failed, and finally succeeded, the total Festival together, each time the failure of the fatal problem in temperature. Describe here:[raw] milk + yogurt starter or milk + original yogurt, raw materials requirements are not so strict, general milk or milk powder in accordance with various standards formula can be, the possibility of raw material is very small.. Such as 1000ml milk +1g (1 sachet) yogurt starter, or 1000ml milk +50ml yogurt, in fact, you can do 500ml, 300ml yogurt, too much, a lot of hard to finish
Q:Yogurt made with yogurt machine, put the refrigerator two days later, there is water out, what is it?
This should be related to two aspects: first, the fermentation time. For a long time, had to solidify the middle will step down a little bit of yogurt, may also have run out of water. Two is in the yeast powder mixing this link, must be fully stir, bubble, like to full fusion, fermentation will be more fully. In addition, after finishing, put in the refrigerator for 24 hours, the taste will be more delicate.
Q:Yogurt machine plugged in power, the indicator does not light what is the matter?
With the human bacteria: Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus (B) (A); yogurt flavor,The taste is determined by the amount of lactic acid bacteria and the vitality of lactic acid bacteria. It is a refreshing yoghurt. The cream is naturally milky or yellowish,The surface is bright jade, and has the natural fermentation flavor of Wen Ya. The tissue is particularly delicate, free of bubbles and porcelain in profile,

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