YJLW02, EHV Power Cable, 48/66 kV~127/220 kV, Cu/XLPE/Corrugated AL/PVC (GB/T 11017/IEC 60840)

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Item specifice:

Referred Standard: GB/T 11017/IEC 60840 Rated Voltage: 48/66 kV~127/220 kV Size: 185-2000 mm2
Number of Cores: 1 Class of Conductor: 2

Product Description:

YJLW02, EHV Power Cable, 48/66 kV~127/220 kV, Cu/XLPE/Corrugated AL/PVC (GB/T 11017/IEC 60840)

This product by GB11017 "rated voltage of 110 kV copper, Aluminum core XLPE power cable" and IEC60840 "rated voltage 30 kV to 150kV power cable insulation crowded pack test" standard.

Application scope

The product is suitable for use in power transmission and distribution lines with rated power

frequency voltage 48/66kV,64/110kV,76/132kV

Using characteristics

Rated power-frequency voltage U0/U: 48/66kV,64/110kV,76/132kV.

Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90ºC.

Max. short-circuit temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250ºC(5s maximum duration).

The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0ºC.

The bending radius should not less than 25 times of the cable diameter.


For laying indoors, in tunnel, cable French, well or direct in ground, able to bear external mechanical forces and certain pulling force.

YJLW02, EHV Power Cable, 48/66 kV~127/220 kV, Cu/XLPE/Corrugated AL/PVC (GB/T 11017/IEC 60840)

YJLW02, EHV Power Cable, 48/66 kV~127/220 kV, Cu/XLPE/Corrugated AL/PVC (GB/T 11017/IEC 60840)

YJLW02, EHV Power Cable, 48/66 kV~127/220 kV, Cu/XLPE/Corrugated AL/PVC (GB/T 11017/IEC 60840)

SectionInsulation ThicknessMetallic Sheath ThicknessSheath ThicknessOverall DiameterCable WeightElectrical Resistance
48/66 kV
64/110 kV
127/220 kV


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Q:Would a maxtor 320GB external hard drive work without a power cable if I connect it to the USB port?
you could make it work if you are planning to make a usb cable for power and another one for the receiving and sending of data. but if you are meaning to just plug in the usb cable from the hard drive to a port then no you can't a usb is ussually 5V and i don't think that's enough to power up a hard drive. just buy a power cable they aren't that expensive. if you have enough money to buy the external hard drive you wouldn't mind spending 5-10 dollars for a power connector.
Q:ATX Power Supply/Cables?
Unless you have a good reason for putting it there and plenty of air flow the bottom of the case is not a good place to put a power supply. They generate a lot of heat and this will rise up into the case.
Q:Subwoofer/Amplifier Power Cable Help!?!?
The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
Q:Xbox 360 Power Cable 110v-220v (pls help)?
right, the power outage would be too high
Q:What is the largest external harddrive I can get without the need for it's own power cable?
Found this 1 TB one in the Western Digital Passport series. Link below:
Q:Best solution to prevent damage to laptop by tripping on the power cable?
I would suggest using the velcro tye's you can get at any electronic store. Try tying off at the leg of your table. You can also use gaffing tape to tape it down to your floor. Gaffers tape usually doesn't leave a residue and is easily removed. Again, you can get it at Home Depot int he electronics section. Oh yeah, and be careful. :o)
Q:PC and cables?
If you're buying a pre-built PC, it will come with all the necessary cables. If you're buying parts to assemble your own PC, you'll get most of the cables. The power supply will come with a power cord, as well as the power cables for use inside the PC. The monitor will come with its own power cord, and at least 1 video cable. If you want to use HDMI and it didn't come with a HDMI cable, just go buy one (assuming the monitor supports HDMI...) The motherboard may come with some SATA cables for connecting your hard drive, DVD drive to the motherboard. The motherboard will also come with a baggie full of screws, connectors, and doodads for attaching the motherboard to the case. In general, you should have just about everything you need to completely build a PC from a pile of parts.
Q:How can you tell which lines on telephone poles are power lines, cable lines, and phone lines?
I am not going to tell you that, because the only reasons I could think of why someone would ask this is for illegal activities, such as stealing the copper out of telephone wires. You are on your own on that.
Q:If the Remote Power Cable is switched off, would the subwoofer/amp still cause a power cutoff in my car?
Ok, so this is what your going to do to test this. First unscrew your remote switch and place a wire from the positive terminal from your amp to the remote switch on your amp and then the amp should power on. now if you have the same problem it is most likely that it is not that the remote switch is having problems but probably your sub is not matched with your amp and has greater ohms than your amp is capable of therefore sending it into protect mode which would make sense since you say it is when you turn up the volume. I wish the best of luck : ) P.S check your wattage if your amp draws more than 600+ maybe even 500 your battery may not be able to power it so maybe if all else fails see if you can get your hands on a capacitor.
Q:With the patch panel how to deal with the line corresponding to the crystal line of the line order is what
Although there is a relatively thick cable inside the cable to prevent a very thin cable was broken, but the insulation is not iron, after all, is generally a VB tube is also a corrugated pipe PVC pipe is also too iron

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