Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

1.Bluetooth 3.0+EDR
2.Call Function/SD card/FM/Line In/ Rechargeable
3.Outdoor Speaker/ For Retailing/ For Promotion

(1) Mini Bluetooth Support SD Card, with FM/Line In function

(2) Play music in 20 Meters distance

(3) Suitable for Promotion, Gift, Store for retail.

(4) Pocket size to carry anywhere


BODY SIZE: H60mm*D59mm
Color box size: 7*7*7.5cm
Carton size:36*24*15cm
Quantity / carton:20sets

1. USB Charge Cable
2. 3.5mm audio cable
3. User Manual

Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
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Q:speakers to dvd player.then to tv?
The speakers have to be connected to an amplifier. You can't just hook up speakers to a DVD player, since the signal is not loud enough to drive unamplified speakers. The other option is to buy powered speakers, like you might use for a computer.
Q:install tweeter or 2-way speaker?
Speakers its better than tweet if you have to choose between one another plus depending on the size you might get tweeter in the speaker if you get 2 way and if its 3 way you get 2 tweets one for high and one for mid all in the speaker o and the low
Q:Can you use any bookshelf speaker as a center channel speaker?
Actually yes you can. Center channel speakers were designed to be low profile and have a large listening angle. If you want to use a bookshelf speaker, you should not turn it on its side(assuming its a standard single woofer-tweeter design) as that would cause breakup nodes along the horizontal listening axis(which is a more important axis because typically not everyone is sitting perfectly in line with the speaker. A bookshelf speaker placed in its normal vertical position will typically not have the large off-axis response that a center channel speaker would. However, it will have a more even frequency response with less areas of cancellation between the multiple woofers. Basically, go ahead and do it, but make sure you leave the bookshelf speaker upright and try to sit as close to inline with the speaker as possible as this will give you the best sound possible.
Q:my in built speaker of monitor HP vs 15 is not working?
It probably isn't the built in speakers. It's more likely the wire to the computer or the input jack. Try a new wire. If that doesn't help see if you can unscrew the jack itself and check the wires that should be attached. If all else fails try external speakers. Good luck!
Q:What can i do to fix my speakers?!?
Step 1: Check to make sure the balancefade settings are neutral or biased to that speaker. Step 2: Do a continuity check on the speaker wire between the head unit and the speaker ends. (disconnect both ends) I suspect you have a short in the wire somewhere. If you dont have a multimeter, first check by hooking up a different speaker. If the other speaker still doesnt work then replace the speaker wire from the head unit (dont worry about running behind the dash ect yet, just hook up the speaker to see if it works).
Q:When hooking up speakers to an amp.?
You can bridge the amp to get its max power.That is hooking the speakers on one channel.look on the amp and it should say where to hook up the bridge
Q:ac speaker's in dc truck?
all speakers are ac devices.
Q:Speakers and subwoofers?
It depends a bitare you wanting to use the old speakers with the new subs? Since your old speakers are USB does your computer have a normal sound card output on it? If it does then yes you can connect it and it should work fine, if not then you will need to get a soundcard for the pc. Now your old speakers will not directly connect to the logitech speakers if that is what you are asking, so your USB speakers will be one connection and the subs another connection.
Q:I have big speakers and I need help?
Big is an excessively generic description. Find out the RMS power rating, or, even better, the recommended range of RMS amplifier power for the specific model of speakers you have, then choose an amplifier or receiver with specifications in that range. Beware of cheap speakers that have grossly inflated power ratings: I have a Pyle Pro PADH1079 PA speaker that is supposedly capable of handling 250 W RMS, with a 500 W maximum. In reality, that much power would burn it up in seconds. A more realistic rating would be a tenth of what the manufacturer claims, thus 25 W and 50 W. I have extensively tested this speaker with a good quality 60W amplifier, and found that the speaker begins to produce noticeably distorted sound before the amplifier reaches its clipping point.
Q:Help with fixing speakers?
Buy new speakers. or in the bottom right corner of your computer click the picture of a speaker and ajust it you could have just blew your speaker

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