Waterproof WPC Construction Plastic Sheet wpc Foam Board

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Engineered Flooring
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
anti-slip surface,low maintance cost
surface grooves:
narrow grooves,wider grooves
surface treatment:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packaging: wrapped with PE plastic film and on wooden pallet Size(mm).
Delivery Detail:7-12days after order confirmed


1.Natural & Beautiful wood look  2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost   3.No trip hazards,recyclable

China waterproof Anti moth ANTI-UV  dedicated composite wood boards

Product pictures:

China waterproof composite wpc decking

Product information:


Wood Plastic Composite


30% HDPE+60% Waste Wood Fibers+10% Auxiliaries

Colors Available



PE plastic Base

DIY Snap Interlock Puzzle Tile

Easy for Installation


Patio, Balcony,Terrance,Walkway,Boardway Decking,Pool Decking,Sauna Room & other Public Areas



product features:

1.Natural & Beautiful wood look       2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost          

 3.No trip hazards,recyclable           4.Long lifespan & UV stable,No wrapping,No rotting

5.Great drainage                              6.Eco-friendly,anti-slip surface

*Easy cleaning and maintenance :No need of a specific treatment .just a usual water washing is necessary

*Safety:Splinters free and slip resistant  Free of any toxic product

*Colours may slightly change,photos are not not contractual  

*Resistant to scratches as oak resistance

*Very low colour variations

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Q:how to take the vinyl floor out.?
Chances are under your vinyl floor will be 1/4 inch luan plywood under that will be your subfloor. You will have to remove and replace the luan and the vinyl. The other solution for your floor will be to skim coat the existing vinyl and install your new vinyl on top. Only up to 2 layers before you will need to remove the 2 layers and the luan again. These installation methods are approved by the vinyl floor manufacturers. Ask for an installation guideline sheet. If they don't have one or can't get it for you. Run. Good luck with your project.
Q:Formaldehyde standards for flooring
Generally strengthen the composite floor formaldehyde standards E1 and E0. E1 is less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter, E0 is less than or equal to 0.5 mg per liter. National standards E1 on the human body harmless, but usually have more ventilation.
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F - Floor as in Ocean floor which you mentioned. If it was a snake it would of bit ya F- Flora which grows from the Floor
Q:How to remove the floor tile rust
The rust on the floor to see what the floor, the wooden can be washed with detergent, floor tiles, then there is no way to clean up, because they have infiltrated the inside.
Q:Cleaning a laminate (Pergo) floor?
I have used the floor cleaners designed for Pergo floor, and find that they stink and do eventually leave a build up. The best thing that I have found is made my Pledge. It is a wood cleaner, make sure it says cleaner and not polish. Mist onto the floor and use a microfiber mop and clean the floor going with the grain. The cleaner leaves the room smelling good, and you can use the cleaner on other things in your home as well
Q:What is the ceiling effect of the ceiling
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Q:Falling through the floor dream?
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Q:What tools are needed to install the wood floor?
Wooden floor installation requires the following tools: Power tools: hammer, pistol drill, marble sawing machine, curve saws, steam pump, steam gun, electric planer, mill, belt sander. Hand tools: hand saws, knife saws, fountains, steel tape, angle ruler, pencil, pull rope, hammer, ax, rubber hammer, punch, scraper, screwdriver, pliers, flat chisel, planing, Special tools: move the hook, tighten the hook. Wood flooring installation process should pay attention to: 1, wood flooring can not buy that shop, should be opened in the new home after a period of time and then shop, so that the wooden floor to adapt to the new environment. 2, do not think that the wood floor can not contain water, in fact, left the water, the wood floor becomes very hard, at the foot of the feeling is not the same, so to keep the wood floor water content of about 14%, of course, this is a professional tool inspection of. 3, wood grille and the ground between the grass-roots should retain a certain gap (primary school textbooks to teach us, to know how to stay a seam), to ensure that the entire ground dragon air patency, do not use cement mortar plug to fix the wooden grille, The wooden lattice shall be firmly fixed to the ground with a nail. 4, shop wood flooring should be cleaned before the wooden grille, sprinkle with moisture-proof powder and pest control powder. This is to prevent insects from eroding the wood flooring material and destroying the structure of the wood floor. 5, nail wood floor nails must use twist nails, first in the mouth of the mouth oblique drilling (holes should be perpendicular to the length of the floor), and then into the wooden grille, or the use of the process is likely to cause loose wood flooring. 6, after the laying of wood flooring to use cardboard, old sheets or old mats and other cover protection. The purpose of this is to protect the original installation of the wood floor structure, firm its structure.

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