Viscose Carpet and Rug Wilton Machine Made for Bedroom 2M X 2.8M

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$24.50 - 27.50 / m²
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
500 m²
Supply Capability:
1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

  1. Structure of  Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Description 


  2. Viscose carpet and rug are made of 100% viscose yarn , it's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home , hotel and office room . Welcome customed design , size and shape .


  3.  Main Features of the Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

    Feature: Soft, comfortable, decorative. 


  4. Viscose Wilton  Carpet and Rug Images

  5. Viscose Carpet and Rug

  6. Viscose Carpet and Rug

  7. Viscose Carpet and Rug

  8. Viscose Carpet and Rug

  9. Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Specification


    Material: 100% viscose yarn, Wilton machine made with available 8colors.
    Pile height: 6mm, etc

    Density: 400 x 1000 , 500 x 1000

    Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

    Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 
    Maximum width is 400cm, sizes much meet 4m machine width, otherwise it will cause waste.

  10. FAQ of Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

1) Which size could you make for viscose carpet and rug ?

    Our Maximum width is 400cm, length has no limitation. Our popular size is 1.4m x 2m , 1.6m x 2.3m , 2m x 2.8m , 2m x 2.9m .Welcome other customed size also.


2) Which color could you make for viscose carpet and rug  ?

    We have 8 available colors for choice (blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown).


3) What is the difference of Wilton Carpet and Axminster carpet

     Wilton carpet, like Axminster carpet, is woven. However the difference between the two methods is the way in which the carpet is woven. Whereas the Axminster yarn is woven into each weft and then cut to the required pile height and then reinserted when that colour is needed again –the Wilton carpet yarn is a continuous strand woven all the way through.

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Q:Carpet Staining with Sunny Delight?
Give this a shot!! Dish washing or fine fabric detergent, white terry towels, white vinegar, warm water, measuring cup, spoon, vacuum. Work on removing the stain as soon as you notice it. The longer the stain is left on the carpet the greater the chances are of the stain setting. In every case remove all excess wet or dry material before attempting to clean. Blot wet materials using a white terry towel (check helpful hints for a detailed description of blotting). Vacuum excess dry materials or gently scrape up materials with a spoon. Mix 1/2 tsp. of dish washing soap or fine fabric detergent into 1 (8 oz.)cup of warm water. Apply a small amount, blot or tamp and repeat until the stain is removed. Be patient. Complete removal may reqiure repeating the same step several times. Tamp down on the carpet, do not scrub as this may distort the texture of the pile. Cover the stain with the towel and press down repeatedly to absorb the stain material and detergent. Once the stain is completely removed, rinse the area with cold water; blot with a dry white terry towel until all moisture is removed. Repeat this process several times to remove cleaning solution residue. (Residue can attract soils). If the spot or stain turns brownish when dry, mix 1 part white vinegar and two parts water. Apply a small amount and blot. Repeat only once. Precautions: Never use a stronger concentration than is recommended. Never laundry detergent or automatic dish washing detergents because they may destroy or dye some fibers. Hope this helps...
Q:Hand Made Carpets (Area Rugs) from Turkey?
Silk is not common in turkey but cotton and wool. Even our grannies were knitting carpets at home ( mine still knitting sometimes ). But most of em are factory-made carpets. Though i still know some places for buying some cheap and hand made carpets. I will first give the names of the cities and areas. Well known one is Isparta - Denizli region. Isparta is already famous with hand made carpets and also Denizli has villages like Buldan still keeping on business with hand made clothing and carpet. its including inner parts of Mugla and Denizli-Burdur-Isparta. Kapalicarsi is the last place for buying carpet or any other souvenir item. Im sure you also visited Far East. In india wooden souvenirs are not more than 5 bucks though you have to pay more than 50 in turkey. Its the same in Kapalicarsi. They buy carpets for funny prices and sell out maybe 10 times more expensive. Also , yes, Cappadocia region is famous for carpets but same rule, VISIT VİLLAGES WITH A TURKISH FRIEND ( Not with tour guides nor yourself), coz its our bad , not all behave to tourists ( over pricing ) well. Third region is around Maras - Antep - Iskenderun - Hatay ( south ). You can find many local workshop there for good and cheap. And last one is as we all know Bursa and might be the primary place for silk carpets. Though they are producing less than ever. But still might find out some workshops and villagers. As a summerize, first find a good and reliable friend from those regions, do not buy from touristic stores in case you dont like to be scammed. I cant say much about patterns but i know they even knit names and portraits on carpets. Its the technical part i dont want to mislead you...
Q:Do I need carpet in my living room?
I don't have a single carpet or rug in my entire house. They are too hard to keep clean with pets and kids, and they collect dust and debris. It shouldn't hurt the resale value of your home, as long as you use high quality materials that would appeal to the masses. It is YOUR home now though, and my feeling has always been to do what you want in your own home. If you need to change it later, go ahead and throw down some carpet or have a carpet allowance when you sell.
Q:How did persian rug weaving begin ?
Back in the villages of Persia
Q:Best way to get stains out of rug?
Hydrogen Peroxide will remove blood without damaging the rug. Just pour it on the stain, and blot to remove the blood. Repeat this as many times as it takes. You can also get a product called OUT! to remove the blood stain. It is found in the pet aisle. It will remove the blood stain, feces, urine and vomit (human and animal alike) as well as the odors from protein based stains and soils. It is an enzymatic cleaner that will not harm your rug. Good Luck! ;)
Q:Getting out paper stuck to the carpet ?
First, you need to determine if the carpet fibers have melted to the paper. If the carpet is synthetic and since you applied heat, it's a possibility. If it has not melted, use a wax solvent, available at the grocery in the cleaning products aisle to remove the wax and the paper. If the carpet has melted, the only way you'll be able to remove it is to cut it off. You can try, with very small scissors to go under the paper and trim the fibers to remove the paper. Remove as little fiber as possible, obviously. If that technique isn't feasible, you may have to replace a portion of the carpet. If you don't have any extra carpet, perhaps you can remove a piece from inside a closet. Using a carpet knife, cut a square out of the carpet removing the damage, use the cut piece as a template to cut a new piece to place into the hole. There is carpet binding tape available at most craft stores to bind the seams together. When placing the new piece, be sure the weave goes in the same direction.
Q:I have a 7x10 area rug i washed and hung dry?
Sounds like the puppy pee has crystallized and still in the rug. Re-wash the rug with a product called OUT! from the pet department. It is an enzymatic cleaner that removes the odor and stains from anything protein such urine, feces, vomit and blood. I have used this product for years not only for pet accidents, but from my kids too. To make it easier, I used a carpet cleaner to extract the liquid, but you can also air dry again. Good Luck! ;)
Q:is the carpet easy to have bugs on it, and how to deal with it?
Should spread some mothball powder evenly on the carpet, and put it under the carpet where is easy to have bugs. the storage of the carpet, while the corner and around , two or three years after the carpet paved. the parts of the carpet that is easy to have bugs. Because these parts are not often stepped on and clean out the dust: 1. 4. This is because the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture, making the worm survive, but do not solarize it, all parts of the carpet may have worms. to save the pest problems, you need to maintain the cleanness of the carpet, and sprinkle a layer of mothball powder to avoid the worms. there is dust and air on the washed carpet, so you should move it to outside and hang out in the sun. 2. The carpet having used for one year is easy to have worms, especially the carpet on the terrazzo ground. you'd better wax the wooden floor. 3, carpet paved on wooden floor . Because there is a gap between the warp and weft threads. we list some parts of the carpet that is easy to have bugs. Preferably above the ground for half a meter to one meter height. the parts above 3 to 1 meters is easy to have insects. if it continues to be used , the middle part of the general carpet need to be cleaned up with chemical drugs because it is not easy to have worms. 4. The effective methods to avoid the carpet having bugs. 2, and then wrap and bundle it tightly in the ventilation place. when you reuse it, you should brush and dry it before you pave it on the ground. 3, there is still air flowing into the carpet after paved on the ground, and because of the characteristics of textile, there will be bugs under certain conditions, so the ground should be cleaned out.
Q:my cat has been pooping on our bathroom rug only poop and only when the rugs out why?
Possibly the rug has an odor on it that the cat is attracted to. try useing a different rug
Q:How to dry carpet in the car?
If I were you, I would just put new carpets in it. Mold and Bacteria has grown already, and not to mention the resale value of the car is significantly tarnished. Plus, this gives you an excuse to spend some love/attention/money on ur car :)

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