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      WL series vertical sewage pump  is a new-generati on product successfully developed by this Co. by  way of introducing the advanced know-how from both at  home and abroad, upon t-
he requirements and conditions of use of  the users and reasonable designing and features high  efficiency , energy saving,  flat  power curve, non-block-up, wrapping-resist ing, good  perform-
ance  etc.
      This series pump uses single(dual) great  flow-path  impeller or the impeller with dual or three baldes and, with the unique impeller`s structure, has a very good  flow-passing performance, and equipped with reasonable spiral housing, is  made to be high effective  and able to transport the  liquids containing  solids, food plastic bags  etc. long fibres or other  suspensions,  with the maximum diameter of the  solid grains  80~250mm and  the fibre length 300~1500mm.
      WL series pump  has a good hydraulic performance and a flat power curve and, by  testing, each of its performance index reaches the related standard. The  product is greatly favoured
and evaluated by  the users since its being  put into the market for its unique efficiency and  reliable performance and quality.


        This product is mainly used to transport  citys  living  sewage,  factory, mine  etc. enterprises sewage, slurry,  night  soil, ash  and  dregs, paper  pulp  etc. also  for  cycle  water  pump, water  supply  and  drain  pumps, exploration, mine  fitted auxiliary  machine, methane-generating  pit  in  countryside, farming   irrigation  etc. purposes.

       1.  The   unique  impeller  design  and   the  great flow-path block-up  vesisting  hydraulic  parts   greatly  enhance  the  ability for  sewage  to  pass  and  effectively  have  fibre  matters  and solid  grains  passing  through.
      2. It  belongs  to   the  integrated  electromechanical  product with  both  pump  and  motor  in  one  shaft  to  directly  drive,resulting  in  compact  structure   and  stable  performance.
      3. Of  a  strong  suitability,  suitable  for   transporting  citys living  sewage, factory, mine  etc.  enterprises` sewage.
      4. Easy  operation, low  cost  for  maintenance; can   be  ov-erally  placed  outdoors  to   work  without  need  of   machine room, saving  great   deal  of  construction  fees.
      5. Mechanical  seal  is  made  of   hard  wearable  corrosion-proof  tungsten  carbide  and   features  durability  and  wearbility  and  can  safely  and  continually  run   over  800h.
      6. The  motor   is  reasonably  fitted  with, high  overall   efficiency, good  hydraulic  performance  and  low  noise  at  running.

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Q:looking for kickstart, a small water pump developed for east africa?
previously ApproTEC. KVM-Thika, a local manufacturing firm in Kenya. Micro-Irrigation Technologies. Rural Kenyans can no longer rely purely on subsistence farming. ... However, this pump can only pull water from a well ... wanted to pump water up to their fields on the sides of hills. So in October 1998 KickStart introduced the ...
Q:can i hook 2 water pumps together?
You can always use demand pumps to do the job. This way they just sit idle and wait on the call for water before they go to work.
Q:96 vw golf gti water pump?
The 85 was CISE, and did not have a lift pump in the tank from what I remember. All I remember is the singe pressure pump outside the tank, down low, off to the front right of the tank. That is also where the filter and accumulator are. Change the filter and check the pressure. I believe around 40 psi. If ok, then leave the pump alone. And make sure the tank is venting right, and the pressure return regulator is good. You can not even be sure the pump is the problem. By the way, the GTI with the DOHC is a sought after engine of value. But do the timing belt regularly.
Q:what r the signs water pump is going out on 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0l zetec dohc? thanx in advance.?
ummm please make sure you have proper coolant and not just water in your rad
Q:Why does a car water pump fail?
if the radiator is clogged up, the water pump cant circulate the water.
Q:Play-more tag along camper water pump problem plz help?
Check to see if the water pump has a filter on it. Could look like window screen or similar. Junk in that will fill up with pressure and cut the water off. If the pump stops running after a few seconds of flowing, its probably a filter. Once they get to a certain pressure, water valve opened or closed, they shut off to keep from burning up. If the water tank was left with some water in it, moss may have grown. Should flush it with some clorox and water. Check with a local dealer to see how much.
Q:Location of fresh water pump on early 90's Jayco 2500 bumper pull trailer.?
having had many travel trailers the water pump is usually in a cabinet or under a bed or couch with a lot of plastic water lines near where you screw the water hose into the side of the trailer. and they are usually a preset psi from the factory so that is usually nothing to have to worry about and most have an on off switch located in the traier by the kitchen sink.And if the hot water heater is no good look into a tankless water heater it will save you money in the long run but initially you have to have a vent installed up through the roof away from a roof air vent. Another suggestion everytime you move a travel trailer they get the crap pounded out of them and someone needs to go up on the roof with a ladder and/or a plank that goes across the width so there is no weight standing on a roof to make dents or pop seams. Use some plastic stuff like plasticote available at wal mart after you move the trailer and set it up go up and make sure to double coat any of the seams that need it. I crank the heat up inside the trailer and do a double coat the heat rising will put a skin on the plasticote in a few hours instead of 12 or more. and the double coat gets any cracks missed the first time around. After that check it once a year if the trailer stays there.
Q:2004 Grand Am, water pump and thermostat?
ok well the water pump is a pretty easy fix if you pop the hood and look to the left side of the engine you will see your serpintine belt the water pump is the pully on top closest to the front of the car and that is prob like an hour to an hour and a half repair. now your thermostat is on the opposite side of the engine buried under your throttle body and is labor intensive possibly up to 3 hrs so if i was you, and i had a relitivly new grand am and the bearings were gone in the water pump i would leave the thermostat alone and fix the pump, why fix whats not broke especially if its gonna cost alot. chances are you dont need a thermostat. at NAPA it will cost like 25-35 dollars for the water pump. dont bother with the thermostat.
Q:How many kinds of pumps are there? What are the advantages of soft start?
Start the pump direct start, soft start and step-down start, starting four, direct start motor is generally suitable for small power, we usually use, at 15kw below the pump price; Step-down start is the star delta conversion is started, start is two times speed to reach the rated speed of the general. Using the above 18.5kw, the pump price moderate; soft start is gradually increased to the rated speed of the pump, the impact is very small, the price is relatively high, generally 3 times the step-down start; is the most advanced frequency conversion start, not only have advantages of soft start, also can be set to work at any speed, there are significant effect on energy saving.
Q:Timing belt and water pump change?
not a good idea

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