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      WL series vertical sewage pump  is a new-generati on product successfully developed by this Co. by  way of introducing the advanced know-how from both at  home and abroad, upon t-
he requirements and conditions of use of  the users and reasonable designing and features high  efficiency , energy saving,  flat  power curve, non-block-up, wrapping-resist ing, good  perform-
ance  etc.
      This series pump uses single(dual) great  flow-path  impeller or the impeller with dual or three baldes and, with the unique impeller`s structure, has a very good  flow-passing performance, and equipped with reasonable spiral housing, is  made to be high effective  and able to transport the  liquids containing  solids, food plastic bags  etc. long fibres or other  suspensions,  with the maximum diameter of the  solid grains  80~250mm and  the fibre length 300~1500mm.
      WL series pump  has a good hydraulic performance and a flat power curve and, by  testing, each of its performance index reaches the related standard. The  product is greatly favoured
and evaluated by  the users since its being  put into the market for its unique efficiency and  reliable performance and quality.


        This product is mainly used to transport  citys  living  sewage,  factory, mine  etc. enterprises sewage, slurry,  night  soil, ash  and  dregs, paper  pulp  etc. also  for  cycle  water  pump, water  supply  and  drain  pumps, exploration, mine  fitted auxiliary  machine, methane-generating  pit  in  countryside, farming   irrigation  etc. purposes.

       1.  The   unique  impeller  design  and   the  great flow-path block-up  vesisting  hydraulic  parts   greatly  enhance  the  ability for  sewage  to  pass  and  effectively  have  fibre  matters  and solid  grains  passing  through.
      2. It  belongs  to   the  integrated  electromechanical  product with  both  pump  and  motor  in  one  shaft  to  directly  drive,resulting  in  compact  structure   and  stable  performance.
      3. Of  a  strong  suitability,  suitable  for   transporting  citys living  sewage, factory, mine  etc.  enterprises` sewage.
      4. Easy  operation, low  cost  for  maintenance; can   be  ov-erally  placed  outdoors  to   work  without  need  of   machine room, saving  great   deal  of  construction  fees.
      5. Mechanical  seal  is  made  of   hard  wearable  corrosion-proof  tungsten  carbide  and   features  durability  and  wearbility  and  can  safely  and  continually  run   over  800h.
      6. The  motor   is  reasonably  fitted  with, high  overall   efficiency, good  hydraulic  performance  and  low  noise  at  running.

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Q:What does "ETA" mean in the selection of pumps?
NPSH refers to the cavitation, the pump is the technical parameters
Q:Does the IP55 indicate the lift on the water pump nameplate?
IP55 refers to the level of protection
Q:In the design specifications, for example, the water pump requirement is two. What does that mean? Can 3 pumps be opened at once?
Use 2 units and reserve 1 units. You can open 2 at the same time. Can three drive at the same time, depending on your water pipe layout, whether there are three sets of pipes, yes, three units open at the same time.
Q:Pump adapter belongs to the system of fire pool equipment?
Does not belong to the fire pool system! Pump adapter is mainly used for fire engines through the adapter system pressure, outdoor fire hydrant fire with one hand, one hand is to provide water for the fire truck. According to the 10~15L/S calculation of each pump adapter
Q:What is the reason for the overload of the water pump indicator?
In this case, first check the frequency of the pump in the acceleration and deceleration time, to see how many seconds, 7.5KW10 seconds or so, 11KW 10 to 15 seconds, to see whether the peak water supply, low voltage and so on! Hope to be of some help to you!
Q:What is the difference between a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump?
High pressure pump head, large power! High pressure pump, low pressure pump has no strict limit
Q:The efficiency of water pump frequency conversion is very low, why?
Pump power frequency operation, speed is rated. Frequency conversion actually adjusts the speed of the pump (the speed becomes smaller), and the flow of the pump moves parallel and downward. As for efficiency, it depends on the operating conditions of the pump. Does it deviate or run to the minimum efficiency position of the flow curve of the pump?.
Q:Is the motor with a pump a squirrel cage induction motor?
Should be a squirrel cage motor for winding asynchronous motor for high torque applications. For example, its structure and the hoist crane cage motor with different rotor loop it can slip ring external resistor. The motor rotor circuit principle know that certain external resistance can reduce the starting current, but also can improve the rotor circuit power factor and torque. The pump load does not need large torque. So it should be the squirrel cage induction motor.
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
When buying, if you ask for a copper wire or a wire, and don't answer you, it's against the principle of good faith. On the contrary, if you did not ask to buy the water pump with aluminum core, then there is no violation. Because the country does not have any laws and regulations prohibiting the production of aluminum core wire motor, naturally there is no aluminum wire motor as a fake and shoddy products, there is no pre notice obligations.In fact, the aluminum core motor is good, and the price is low, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized motors, with good performance. Only used in submersible pumps, because aluminum is easier to damp than copper wire, due to bacteria and other corrosion, and its life is sometimes less than copper wire. But the water pump, aluminum often needs to rewind coil, because of a small submersible pump motor is not good around general scrap.
Q:(flood control emergency plan) what type of water pump should be used for flood control? How to choose
Select the QW submersible pump, which is potential water, (flow, lift, bore, power)Flow, how many tons of water pump an hour to play, you choose how much?Lift, water pump from the destination is a few meters, how many meters?,Caliber, this pump potential water, without flange connection, only flow, head can reach.Power, look at the flow and lift is how much, and then choose the right motor (this is regular)The voltage is usually 380V.You can move, it is best to fix a seat, weight, this pump is basically a person can not move, and small can take.Brand, regular manufacturers can.Model, (caliber, flow, lift, power, voltage) tell the manufacturer.

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