Vertical Injection Molding Machine Plastic Injection Machinery TA-1200LS

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$34,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
Supply Capability:
6000 unit/month

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Product Description:

TA-Double color series

We has extensive manufacturiing experience and advance control technology on double-color injection molding machine,many double-color machine types,such as fixed,slide,rotary and etc.,were developed to satisfy costomers'veriant product/process request


Main Features of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200LS

- Vertical four-column clamping
- Vertical injection
- Clamping force 12-2000Tons
- Injection Qty 300g-3000g
- Convenient for embedding parts


Parameters of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200LS


Machine Type




Screw Diameter




Injection PreDSure




Theoretical Injection Volume




Max.Shot Weight(PS)




Injection speed



Number Of Temperature Con




Clamping Force



Distance Between Tie Bar



Top Platen Size



Bottom Platen Size



Min.Mold Height



Opening Stroke



Max.Opening Distance



Ejector Force



Ejector Stroke




Max.Hydraulic Preesure



Oil Tank Capacity



Pump Motor Power



Barrel Heating Power



Total Wattage




Machine Weight



Machine Dimensions


LS: 2.7x2.7x3.7


Pictures of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200LS

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Q:How to control injection speed of injection molding machine
The size of the output flow of the PQ valve can be adjusted by the magnitude of the current
Q:What is a vertical injection molding machine?
Injection molding machine (referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is a thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment.Injection molding is achieved by injection molding machines and moulds. Although many types of injection molding machine, but no matter what kind of injection molding machine, its basic function has two: (1) heating the plastic to reach the melting state; (2) exert high pressure on the molten plastic to make the shot full of mold cavity.Injection molding machine is usually composed of injection system, mould system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system and so on.Vertical injection molding machines for vertical injection, mostly under 3 tons
Q:Quotation of injection molding products 5
The cost of plastic parts is related to many factors, but mainly with the following points:1. Cost of raw material --- this cost is relatively good calculation, ask a raw material supplier how much 1 kg, the weight of the product multiplied by 3% of the loss multiplied by the raw material price, you can get the cost of raw materials;2.. This machine cost about plastic factory, what is the cost of processing per hour of different injection molding machine? Suppose the 1 ton injection molding machine costs 60 yuan / hour per hour, then the processing cost is 1 yuan per minute. At this time, we should calculate the cost of the 100 ton machineWhat is the injection period of plastic parts and how many opening holes are in the mold? Suppose you want to evaluate the injection period of the plastic partsFor 30 seconds, then 1 minutes can shoot 60 seconds divided by 30 equals two, said 1 minutes can shoot the second mock exam products, in addition to a two point that mold, then plastic machine processing costs 1 yuan by 1 minutes and then divided by the modulus of mouldThe number of holes to get the final machine processing costs, that is, 1 yuan divided by 2 modules, and then divided by 2 points, and finally wait until 0.25 yuan /3., two additional costsThe two processing costs include painting / screen printing / plating etc. These can be referred to their respective processing plants4. packing chargesAccording to the size and volume of the plastic parts, we can draw the packing carton / packing bag and so on;5. transportation costAccording to the location of delivery and how much container freight can be loaded, divided by the total number of trucks to be shipped per PCCost;6. other expenses;Since the above costs do not include the costs of indirect personnel and their associated personnel, there is also a need to add some costs to each plant;
Q:Trouble shooting of injection molding machine
Non thimbleA, the actual location of the mold is not up to the actual setting;B, computer set no thimble or thimble times zero;C, the set of process parameters are incorrect;Detection status of D and thimble electronic ruler;Mechanical damage of E and ejector pin mechanism;F, the valve out of the direction of the valve is charged and spool work is normal.No needleA, computer process parameters;Detection status of B and electronic ruler;C, the working state of the directional valve.Abnormal movements of the meltA, the temperature of the melt tube is not set;B, the process parameters are unreasonable;Detection status of C and electronic ruler;D, the working state of the directional valve;E, melt into the cylinder with hard objects, stuck screw;Behind F, the barrel does not lead to water transport water, feeding inlet temperature is too high;G, glue back pressure is too large, check back pressure valve;H, adhesive motor or transmission shaft failure;I, hopper no material;The ejection motion is abnormalDetection status of a and electronic ruler;B, the working state of the directional valve;C, speed, pressure, position and time setting of process parameters;D, melt tube or nozzle temperature is not set;E, foreign body stuck in the melt tube;F, nozzle blocked;The G, the firing point and the stop switch do not work.Semi automatic and fully automatic working state is out of orderThe first observation is the problem in which a working condition, and then checked for specific actions, full automatic working condition but also to check the electric eye or time setting.
Q:90T's injection molding machine.
Type 1: quantitative pump type, 8.5 sure save power, clamping force is the same, because the system pressure is roughly 140-160KG, the speed will be slower, the power is small, determines the displacement of the oil pump smaller.
Q:Injection molding machine pressure, speed, back pressure unit is what and their relations with other international units
Pressure injection molding machine, we often talk about the pressure, strictly speaking, the pressure is equivalent to the middle school, which bear the force per unit area, the international regulations, under 1N in the area of 1 square meters (Newton) on the pressure of 1Pa (Pascal), as long as know the multiple relation, it is easy to obtain the pressure (strong the conversion unit):1m=100cm=1000mm1kg = 10N1M (megabit, million) Pa=1MPa=1000k (1000) Pa=1000000PaSo 1MPa=10kg/cm^2=1N/mm^2We often use international non legal units of measurement: 1bar=10^5Pa=1kg/cm^2=0.1MPa (bar) and 1Torr=133Pa (Torr)The pressure gauge of the injection molding machine, the most used is MPa, bar, kgf/cm^2 unit, need to be reminded that, behind the two units is not our statutory units of measurement, but the world especially Europe and the United States is often used, because many components of the injection molding machine for imported components, including the pressure gauge, so we will often see illegal dial pressure gauge measurement units.In the injection molding machine, the injection molding machine pressure and back pressure unit is MPa, speed (actually refers to injection rate), the unit is g/s, or cm^3/s
Q:Injection machine code
Jiaming computer: 1688.Good view of the computer: 0000, the password is not used to adjust the model, press the "memory" button on the panel.Changxin computer: 753159168899. Otherwise: any four digit + (hour + bit +1) + (+ + bit +1) + any four digit numberNISSEI: 2227777; Sumitomo machine code: 0434201474, 7777. Friends and computers: 16885858.Best computer code: 16883297. Huada computer: 9595, level one password: 0697, four level code: 2010,Toyo universal code: 9422345, Jinfeng computer: 70648415. LS password 159753 or 083191;QC WER-MRN-52813458 is a Xintianji interval number can't be wrong, Taiwan guanpin password: 2233, universal password is: WIN-MRN-52813458Computer: 002004006 Century Fox, bampr computer: the first is: 0769, the two level is 2417755
Q:Injection molding machine barrel, and the height of about how to adjust?
The screw you're shooting is just adjusting the height and the left and right. If the deviation is large, the fixed seat, the piston rod, the pressure plate and the screw should be loosened.
Q:What does injection pressure mean?
Five, the adjustment of back pressureThe adjustment of the injection back pressure shall be determined according to the raw material performance, drying conditions, product structure and quality, and the back pressure should be adjusted at 3-15kg/cm 3. When the surface of the product has little Qihua, mixed color, shrink and product size and weight changes, may be appropriate to increase the back pressure. When the nozzle leakage glue, salivation, Melt Overheating product decomposition, discoloration and feeding back too slow may be considered appropriate to reduce the back pressure.Back pressure is one of the important parameters to control melt quality and product quality in injection molding process. Proper back pressure plays an important role in improving product quality, and can not be ignored!
Q:Winter cold, injection molding machine oil temperature is too low,
Brother, brother, I've just solved the problem. It's too easy... There is a temperature sensing line in the tank. Pull it out. Use a small bottle (put some warm water, not too hot, or higher temperature)... That's it.

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