Vertical Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pump

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Introduction of Vertical Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pump


Introduction of Vertical Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pump

 WQ (QW) series submersible non-clogging sewage pump based on the introduction of the Fe

deral Republic of Germany ABS pump, advanced technology, with the joint efforts of our research

staff, and asked for a wide range of domestic pump expert advice, and after several improved an

-d developed, advanced level by testing various performance indicators are the to similar foreign products in china.

Traffic: 7 ~ 24OOm3/h, 7 ~ 60m, head: according to the medium, different installation design and manufacture different performance parameters of WL, YW, GW series products.


Features of  Vertical Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pump

1) Single/double impeller and two sets of special materials of carbide;mechanical seal.
2) Merits: no plug, durable, convenience repair, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise.
    No need to build pumping stations, water can sneak into the work, reducing the project cost.

3). Resistant to acid, alkali, wear and high temperature.
4). High mechanical strength, steady performance, good tightness.
5). Convenient operation and durable.
6). Be able to transport water that under the position it was installed. No need for filling liquid after the first time it was used.


Application of Vertical Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pump

1. Suitable for environment protection, construction, fire fighting, chemical pharmacy, printing, dyeing, brewage, power plant, electroplate, paper making, washing for mining and cooling for equipment.
2. Application as sprayer equipped with beam nozzle that turning water into little drop irrigation for farm, garden, etc.
3. It is suitable for clear water, sea water, acid or alkali chemical medium and slurry (viscosity≤100 centipoise, consistency of solid can not exceed 30% of total medium).



Q: Are your pumps protected against dry running?

A: No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

Q: How can I get trained on CNBM products?

A: Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

Q: Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

A: CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

Q: Do you have self-priming pumps?

A: Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

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Q:How to use the electric air pump?
Electric air pump:An electric pump powered by electricity; produces air pressure by constantly compressing the air through electricity. Mainly used in pneumatic rubber, car inflatable, etc..Working principleThe working principle of the air pump is that the engine drives the air pump crankshaft through two triangle belts, thereby driving the piston to pump up air, and the produced gas is introduced into the air storage tank through the air guide pipe. On the other hand, the air reservoir is introduced into the pressure regulating valve of the air pump through a guiding pipe to control the air pressure in the air storage tank. When the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure, from the gas cylinder gas pressure valve can not enter the open top pressure regulating valve; when the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve setting pressure, inlet gas pressure regulating valve from the gas cylinder top mixing pressure valve valve into the airway pressure valve and communicated with the transfer pump, and the normally open airway control pump inlet, so that the air pump load operation, to reduce the loss of power, to protect the pump. When the pressure in the air storage tank is lower than the pressure regulated by the pressure regulating valve because of the loss, the valve in the regulating valve is brought back by a return spring, and the control air path of the air pump is disconnected, and the air pump starts to inflate again.Usage method:1. connect the pump to the 220V power supply.2. connect the inflatable fittings to the inflatable opening and turn on the switch to start charging ("-" means openStart charging, "O" means closing, stopping charging.3., pay attention to the inflatable valve should not be blocked, otherwise, the pump may be damaged by overheating.4., be careful not to use the air to inflate, please close to see our baby show in the suction port and inflatable mouth position.
Q:How can the piston ring of the air pump not burn engine oil?
Hello: the piston ring can not be matched first, that is, the gap of the ring can not be placed in the same place. I hope my answer can help you.
Q:How to use the oxygen pump to fish is correct?
Oxygen pumps do not open for 24 hours all day long! Usually in the morning, afternoon, each charge 2 hours or so, the evening charge for a while, if the weather is overcast, then open a longer time. If you do not have a filter, you should always change the water for the fish, preferably 3 or 4 days at a time, with 1/3 of the total water, but it must be dried! The temperature of the water should be similar to that of the fish tank! Every time you don't feed too much, clean up the excreta in the fish tank! Fish farming is very learned. Wish you success in fish farming!
Q:How to make a simple oxygen pump?
Oxygen in the water can be increased through the flow of water, not necessarily to the water filling oxygen. Just as the living creatures in the river do not lack oxygen, a reason, because the river is flowing.Understand this principle, oxygen pump is not so complicated. To get a small motor or engine, and power, then the gear in a motor with a plastic or metal sheet made of water,, fan blades and so can, anyway, let the water flow up fast. Just fine. But it's better to buy one than waste so much. Small power pump is only 56 yuan, a little more than ten yuan. At least in terms of electricity, than homemade safety..
Q:220V what is the amount of the air pump?
Take a look at the power. For example, one thousand Watt, that is, an hour of electricity. Five hundred watt is two hours a kilowatt hour. That should be very small
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
That's ok! It is feasible and ideal to use the smallest waterfall type plug-in filter.Waterfall type plug-in filter has several features:1: do not occupy space.2: cleaning, replacement of filter materials, convenient and quick.3: Although the water flow is softer, the water area can be wide and even.Therefore, the use of minimum power cascade type plug-in filter is the best choice, one machine multi-purpose, that is to solve the problem of water filtration, but also eliminates the embarrassment of hypoxia.You don't have to think about the oxygen content of such a small aquarium. As long as there aren't many fish in the range, a waterfall plug-in filter is enough. The flow of water can play a certain role in increasing oxygen. So, in this respect, your choice is the best! There are some details that may need to be reminded:1: do not feed the fish diet, average daily feeding time, the amount of time is 1----2 minutes after prevail.2: do not blindly use aquatic products, such as: related to other agents, all kinds of nitrifying bacteria, fish medicine... And other stuff...3: please do not change the water, the average 15----30 for 50% days on the line, and then slowly add new water on the line, pay attention to the day before, do not change the water fish, changing the water before all relevant power broken especially the heating rod; we must advance at least 10 minutes break, should pay attention to the new temperature the old water water.
Q:Air compressor, air pump room need to pay attention to what safety problems?
Small problems, there are written room management regulations, operating procedures, maintenance and other documents.Equipment management regulations, emergency plans, engineering documents.
Q:Air pump paint has not stopped, after the pressure reached 0.8, a spray paint will be reduced to 0.6
A gun spray, recommendations for the selection of air compressor of 0.36/8 or above, at least two guns more than 0.9/8 air compressor, spray pressure is generally need more than 0.6MP 0.8MP, so your air compressor pressure range is normal, the only cause you are now the situation: air compressor exhaust amount of your choice is too small the air compressor, or one of the cylinder head has a problem, the solution to replace a larger air compressor air compressor, if you think your big enough, then check whether there is damage to the air compressor, hope to be able to solve your problem
Q:My fish are always upstream. Should I buy an oxygen pump or a filter?
They say they are wrong, black Marie and red arrows are on the fish tail, your tank water pump. Do you have some fish in it, it looks better, now who still keep on fish. No ornamental value. Is not good, dirty mug.
Q:Why is the pipe hot when the car pumps the pump?
Hello, because the air pump is too small, not enough gas, it's better to change the pump.

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