UV Clear Quartz Tubes

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Packaging & Delivery of UV Clear Quartz Tubes

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Wooden Box

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Specifications of UV Clear Quartz Tubes

1.UV quartz tube
2.fewer impurities
3.low expansion coefficient
4.high temperature resistance


The charactor of UV Clear Quartz Tubes


1.  high purity,transparent fused quartz glass,silica more than 99.9%

2. good stability,corrosion resistance

3.  mainly used in electric light source industry, semiconductor,optical and chemical industries



Techincla data of UV Clear Quartz Tubes 

Chemical composition (ppm)


























Spectral transmission at 1.0mm thickness




















Physical Properties

(g/cc)Density20 °C kg.m-3


Degree of Hardness Mohs Scale


Softening point(degree)


Annealing point


Defoamation Point



Application of UV Clear Quartz Tubes

 electric light source, semiconductor,optical, photovoltaic,chemical industries


UV Clear Quartz Tubes

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Q:What is the role of quartz glass tube?
Don't burn red glass into the water without cracking, just burn split. In general, add fresh boiling water will not crack in the glass, the glass is very good, but it still belongs to the category of ordinary glass. The cost of making quartz glass is very high. They are only available where special properties are required.
Q:What can be cut off by a quartz tube?
If it is not very thick, with the new triangular file, with a hard edge pressure pull in point, will draw a crack. Wrapped here with cotton cloth, hands clenched, two fingers close the top of the scratch back, simply landing, with a break, bang, completed.
Q:Heater heating mode: oil type halogen tube heating, quartz tube heating, electric heating wire, far infrared heating, electric membrane type ceramic heating, what is the difference?
Introduction to advantages and disadvantages of various models of electric heaters and powerThe electric heater is common electric film, ceramic heating and cooling type electric heating wire, aluminum sheet, halogen tube heating, oil heater, quartz tube heating, far infrared heating, we see they have what difference, including heating effect, power consumption, service life etc..Electric heating heaterNyma. Also called the electric heater filled with new oil, when the power is turned on, the electric heating tube heat conduction oil around the heated, then scattered along the heat pipe or the heat out. When the temperature reached 85 degrees, the temperature control element is automatically cut off the power. The electric heater conducting oil without replacement, long service life, the price is generally around 400 to 500 yuan between. For in the living room, bedroom, corridor and the elderly and families with children, has the advantages of safety, sanitation, clean and odorless. The disadvantage is slow cooling and power consumption. Oil radiator heat sink has 7 pieces, 9 pieces 10 tablets, 12 tablets, etc., through the number of heat sink to adjust the size of the power, using the power of about 1200 watts.
Q:What are the hazards of the quartz tube electric heater?
It's helpful to put a few basins of flowers that can absorb harmful gases at home. I hope the above answer will help you
Q:What is the difference between an aluminum tube and a quartz tube? What are their advantages and disadvantages? If there is a heating material that is used as an electric heater, which is the best?
Ceramic PTC is a product that has appeared in recent years. It is of course a product of technological progress and belongs to a heat storage electric heater,
Q:Is the quartz tube electric heater good or the warm air machine good?
Comparison of warm air heater and electric heater: 1. heater usually adopts PTC ceramic heating element, only heating and non luminous. 2. electric heater generally use electric heating element, both heating and shining. Some of the electrical energy is wasted on light. Recommend the use of PTC ceramic heating elements of the warm air machine. Adopt PTC ceramic heating element heater, power 1500~2200 Watt, moderate price. Have hair, fever, high fever and three control, horizontal swing, tilt vertically, and anti fall safety functions, convenient use, good heating effect.
Q:How many degrees can a quartz tube vacuum package be?
The softening point of high temperature quartz glass is 1730 degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees Celsius can be used in a long time, the highest temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius for a short time
Q:What is the difference between the performance of the quartz ozone tube and the ceramic ozone tube?
Quartz discharge tubes are usedThe quartz discharge tube is open type, the ozone equipment is equipped with a large air volume blower, and the ozone diffusion is fast, and the quick sterilization effect is achieved. The quartz discharge tube is more suitable for large space use, and the ozone generator has large gas consumption and relatively good bactericidal effect
Q:Mini small sun is the heating of electric heating or quartz tube heating better?
Before, quartz tube is more suitable. It's bright, but not very bright. It's good for safe use. Non luminous carbon fiber tubes, I think, may be misleading in actual use and cause failure.
Q:What does inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer mean?
The working gas (Ar) is composed of quartz pipe into the middle, started work at a high pressure discharge device to start gas ionized and ionized gas through the high-frequency induction coil around the quartz tube at the top of the coil, the enormous heat and the alternating magnetic field, electrons, ions and ionized gas in the ground state of the Ne atom repeated violent collisions, high-speed movement of all kinds of particles, resulting in gas ionization completely to form a similar coil shaped plasma torch area, where the temperature is as high as 6000 to 10000 degrees celsius.
We are mainly engaged in developing and producing high-quality quartz glass products and CFQ tubes applied for light-sources, disinfection, chemical tubes, communication and heating equipment, and they are supporting materials for LSI. Our major products include 200-460mm large OD high purity quartz tubes with OH<20ppm, other quartz tubes with OD range from 2 to 200mm, ozone free quartz tubes, UV-stop quartz tubes, twin quartz tubes, (fishing lamps) bulb shells, quartz boats, quartz for vertical furnace, quartz pedestals, quartz tanks, clear quartz crucibles.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets 80.00% Domestic Market
12.00% Eastern Asia
3.00% Eastern Europe
2.00% South America
2.00% North America
1.00% Southeast Asia
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Nearest Port Lianyungang,Qingdao,Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average