Clear Quartz Tubes

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of Clear Quartz Tubes

Packaging Detail:

Inner: Bubble wrap air cellular cushioning Outer: Carton and wooden case

Delivery Detail:

within 3-7 days

Specifications of Clear Quartz Tubes

1)OD 3-400mm 2)Thickness Wall: 0.7-10mm 3)Length: Max3000mm 4)Exported to USA for 5 years 5)Our Own Factory


Product Features of Clear Quartz Tubes

  • These tubes advantages are high purity, good spectral transmission, well controlled dimension and low OH, etc.

  • They're the best heat resisting material for lamps like: halogen lamps, mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.

  • We can produce the tubes within a very large diameter rang: OD 3-400mm, thickness wall 0.7 – 10.0mm , length maximum 3000mm.

  • We also can apply some further processing like trim cutting, fire polishing, bending, pinching, grinding and others according to customers’ requirements.

  • We also can control our tubes OH content within 20ppm\ 15ppm\10ppm\5ppm\2ppm as your special needs.

Dimensional Tolerance of Clear Quartz Tubes

Range of OD




Out of Round







































Physical Property of Clear Quartz Tubes




Density (g/cc)




Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(cm/cm°C)




Softening Point (°C)




Annealing Point (°C)




Strain Point (°C)




Refractive Index




Specific Heat (j/kgOK)




Compressive Strength  (Pa)




 Youngs Modulus (Pa)










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Q:Does the quartz tube have no open flame?
The quartz tube is heated inside the quartz tube. The heating wire is heated and has an open flame. It radiates heat into the space in the form of radiation. The service life of ceramic PTC heating is many times longer than that of quartz tube heater.
Q:Is the heater good for quartz tube or electric heating wire?
The quartz tube is not Quan heat, which is electrothermal radiation, Lei through the quartz tube, the heat radiation than the set of quartz tube heat. Direct heating wire is now selling up Lei, such as coated with far infrared coating, Quan heat is not bad. The best heating element, PTC ceramic, according to my conditions and preferences in the three choice.
Q:What is quartz tube for?
Electrical insulation performance is good, quartz glass resistance value is equivalent to ten thousand times of ordinary glass, is an excellent electrical insulation material, even in high temperature also has good electrical performance. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, quartz glass has been widely used in many fields, such as electric light source, semiconductor, optical communication, military industry, metallurgy, building material, chemical, mechanical, electric power, environmental protection and so on. Quartz tube types can be divided into the following categories: transparent quartz tube (outer diameter 1.5mm--300mm), filter quartz tube, color quartz tube and so on.
Q:Excuse me, what is the raw material of quartz tube drawing, can say the best raw materials in quartz tube
There is also a synthetic quartz tube, a highly pure quartz synthesized by chemical methods, used exclusively in fibers and other special applications.
Q:What's the quartz tube in the microwave oven for?
The quartz tube at the top of the microwave oven is a heating tube, which is mainly used for roasting. Some microwave ovens are nominally light wave, which means that the two tubes are at work.
Q:What are the differences between carbon tubes and halogen tubes?
Life: halogen tube is normal, more than 3000 hours life, there are more than 5000 hours.Carbon tubes are normal for more than 8000 hours and have more than 10000 hours of life. Radiation: halogen tubes bake for a long time, dry skin.Carbon tubes do not have this kind of image, and the light band is suitable for human skin.Light emitting / heating: halogen tube light is very bright, part of energy is converted into light energy, and part of it is converted into heat energy release.Carbon tube light is not bright, mainly the energy most of the conversion can heat.Therefore, the same power size of carbon tubes, heating is better than halogen tubes.
Q:The working principle of quartz glass heating tube
SH far infrared quartz heating element is a milky white quartz tube infrared radiation source, no coating, no pollution, no harmful radiation, excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, no deformation shapes, long-term use, good thermal stability, can choose the heating temperature. Long term use, radiation performance is not degeneration. The utility model has the advantages of long service life, reasonable structure, minimal thermal inertia and convenient operation. SH far infrared quartz heater is the only best infrared radiation element in china.
Q:Quartz tube resistance to high temperatures, where is the difference?
Fused silica tubes are best able to withstand high temperatures and can last long below 1200 degrees Celsius, but they are soft at 1500 degrees centigrade.
Q:What does inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer mean?
The high frequency current generated by the high frequency oscillator is connected to the tubular coil with water cooling in the copper at the upper end of the plasma generating tube via the coupling system. Three coaxial argon flows through the channel in the plasma generating tube made of quartz. The cooling gas (Ar) stabilizes the plasma torch and the cooling quartz tube wall through the external and intermediate channels surrounding the plasma, preventing the tube wall from melting and heating.
Q:The difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube
Halogen tubes have their main properties:1. The electric performance is stable, the electric heating power is stable, the heating rate is fast, and the electric heating conversion rate is as high as 70%;2, high thermal efficiency, heating non oxidation, service life of up to 3000 hours or more, safe and reliable;3, the work of the light emitted by visible and near infrared light based, more than 84% concentrated in 0.75 m ~ 3.5 mu m region. Fully comply with the basic environmental test procedures for GB/T241993 electrical and electronic products, as well as the general safety requirements for GB4706.1-19921 household and similar electrical appliances.
Our company has advanced production lines, strong technical force, and USES the unique production technology, production of various specifications of the transparent quartz glass products. Company main products are high purity, low hydroxyl quartz tube, quartz glass tube (rod), filter uv quartz tube, etc. Products are mainly used in the production of automotive bladder hernia headlight, metal halide lamp bladder, uhp lighting. Our company production of quartz glass by vacuum removing hydroxyl hydroxyl furnace processing, hydroxyl content can be up to 2 parts per million

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Above US$10 Million
Main Markets The americas, Europe, Australia and Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001

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Nearest Port Lianyun Port
Export Percentage 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average