Closed End Quartz Tubes

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1000Pcs m.t.
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10000PIECES PER MONTH m.t./month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of Closed End Quartz Tubes
Packaging Detail: wooden box with enough foam
Delivery Detail: 15days


Specifications of Closed End Quartz Tubes
customized size
high working temperature
competitive price and super quality
perfect service
pass the Iso-9001


‍Material of Closed End Quartz Tubes

Quartz glass


‍Purity of Closed End Quartz Tubes

More than 99.99%


‍Our strength of Closed End Quartz Tubes

1,Professional quartz tubes and further processing product factory

2,Opening 6 sets of quartz tube furnce

3,Having advanced machine centra and technical glass lathe

4,Skilled international sales and service team


‍Advantages of Closed End Quartz Tubes

1.high quality,competitive price and elegant appearance

2.high temperature resistence and corrosion resisting

3.accurate dimension according to customs’ request

3. long time to use


‍Service of Closed End Quartz Tubes

1,the goods will be sent agian if they have the broken in transit

 2,perfect repairment system and technical guidance

  during the usage \


‍Additional servic of Closed End Quartz Tubes

1,Give enough suggestion about your design

2,Help making the drawing

3,For large quantity, we can accept the payment by O/A


‍Application of Closed End Quartz Tubes

 Widely used in the filed of semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric light source, photo-communication, medical equipment, scientific instruments and so on.

we really appreciate your visiting and assisting. For further more informations ,pls kindly contact with me.



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Q:What is the role of quartz glass tube?
And the appearance of quartz glass does not feel high-grade! So, it's difficult to see on the market. The glass glass on the map given by the landlord is not quartz glass. The reason: (1) made of quartz glass glass glass is not worth it, no need to use quartz glass, simply do not come out to play excellent performance of quartz glass; (2) it looks like the glass crystal, not quartz glass material. This cup is an ordinary glass cup, if poured on the boiling water, not fried bad, plus the texture is more beautiful, at best can only be "special properties of ordinary glass."".
Q:Is the heating tube in the oven better quartz or stainless steel?
The quartz tube heating, usually by radiation heating objects, uniform heating, not in contact with the object to be heated, but it is difficult for local heating; and the stainless steel tube is through heat conduction heating, fast heating, is not easy to be uniform, but the local heating.
Q:Which is more efficient, electromagnetic high frequency cooker and light wave oven?
In essence: light wave is the auxiliary function of microwave oven, only for barbecue. Without microwaves, the light wave oven is only equivalent to the ordinary oven. The light wave furnace in the market is a combination of light wave and microwave. In use, it can be operated by microwave, and can be operated by light wave alone. It can also be combined with light wave and microwave. That is to say, the light wave oven is compatible with the function of the microwave oven.
Q:Quartz tube type two-color liquid level gauge, how to measure good or bad?
At the same time, the liquid level meter observation direction the user can rotate freely, with large viewing angle, as the advantages of wide, safe and reliable. The anti frost two-color liquid level meter is suitable for liquid level monitoring of medium with great viscosity in petrochemical industry. The liquid level meter has a heating and insulation device, and the liquid level boundary is sensitive, clear and accurate.
Q:How to identify the trombone quartz stone
Drawing is one of the glass forming process, quartz stone was heated and melted into a certain viscosity of the liquid, through the special forming rod and forming device, the molten glass tube after cooling in liquid form.
Q:What's the difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube?
Quartz heating tube: halogen tube (halogen quartz heating tube) / carbon tube (carbon quartz heating tube). The quartz heating tube in the outer surface of the quartz tube: transparent quartz tube (transparent), opal quartz tube (white opaque), ruby quartz tube (translucent red wine).Life: halogen tube is normal for more than 3000 hours, life expectancy, there are more than 5000 hours. Carbon tube is normal for more than 8000 hours, life expectancy, there are more than 10000 hours. Radiation: halogen tube baking time, dry skin
Q:How do I distinguish the sterilizing cabinet from light wave disinfection and quartz tube disinfection?
Because of the rapid heating rate, the light tube can be instantaneously illuminated, while the quartz tube has a slow heating rate. The light of the quartz tube is dim, and it is slower than the light speed for a few minutes.
Q:Will the heater explode?
The general electric heater adopts the quartz tube to heat up. It is to wear the resistance wire in the quartz glass tube, two end are not sealed, therefore the quartz glass tube can not damage (unless man-made interrupts).
Q:Does the water heater use the quartz tube heating to have the side effect to the human body?
If it is radiation heating other things, in some applications, the infrared radiation of quartz tube has advantages
Q:What does inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer mean?
The high frequency current generated by the high frequency oscillator is connected to the tubular coil with water cooling in the copper at the upper end of the plasma generating tube via the coupling system. Three coaxial argon flows through the channel in the plasma generating tube made of quartz. The cooling gas (Ar) stabilizes the plasma torch and the cooling quartz tube wall through the external and intermediate channels surrounding the plasma, preventing the tube wall from melting and heating.
We are mainly engaged in developing and producing high-quality quartz glass products and CFQ tubes applied for light-sources, disinfection, chemical tubes, communication and heating equipment, and they are supporting materials for LSI. Our major products include 200-460mm large OD high purity quartz tubes with OH<20ppm, other quartz tubes with OD range from 2 to 200mm, ozone free quartz tubes, UV-stop quartz tubes, twin quartz tubes, (fishing lamps) bulb shells, quartz boats, quartz for vertical furnace, quartz pedestals, quartz tanks, clear quartz crucibles.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets 80.00% Domestic Market
12.00% Eastern Asia
3.00% Eastern Europe
2.00% South America
2.00% North America
1.00% Southeast Asia
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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Lianyungang,Qingdao,Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average