Tubular Heat Exchanger ( SUS316L) / Hydraulic and Lube Oil Cooling

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Packaging Detail:Packaging and painting for customers' requirements
Delivery Detail:25 days


1.Heat exchanger 
2.Can be customerized 
3.Work Pressure:0.2~3.1MPa 
4.Fin space:1.2~3.5mm 
5.Tube Diameter:7, 9.52,12.75.15


Oil cooler is mainly used in vehicles, engineering machinery, ship engine oil or fuel oil cooling, etc.Products hot side is lubricant or fuel oil, cold side can be cooling water or air.Vehicles in the process of driving, the lubricating oil in the lubrication system on oil pump power, through the oil cooler heat side channel, the quantity of heat to the cold side of the engine oil cooler, and the cooling water or air cooling by oil is cold side channel to take away heat and heat exchange between cold and hot fluid, ensure the working temperature of lubricating oil in the most appropriate.Including engine oil, automatic transmission oil, power steering oil cooling, etc.Product main materials include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, casting metal materials, such as after welding or assembling, the hot side and cold side channel together as an integrated heat exchanger.According to the cooling medium can be divided into water, oil and air cooling oil 2 kinds of products, product structure including fin type, disc type, body type, tube plate, pipe heat exchanger, seal type, shell type, the structure of the assembly components and other types;Core product structure mainly include: oil cooler, oil cooler, oil cooler assembly core + shell core, oil cooler + + type filter, etc.Product has a compact structure, high pressure and high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant performance is good, high heat transfer efficiency, good reliability, due to the diversity of its structure, so to apply to the needs of different working environment, especially air cooling, can be installed in a remote, on the whole layout is very flexible.Oil cooler and its assembly is indispensable to modern cars and engine lubrication system components for heat exchanger.It is to keep the normal operation of automobile and engine one of the important components.With the rapid development of automobile industry, emission regulations and strict, products are also constantly upgrading, pressure and high temperature resistant requirements are higher, and further to the lightweight, compact, modular development.Stainless steel oil tanks are mainly fin type, disc type, and three structure types, mainly for commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ships, locomotives, wind power generation, such as generator engine and transmission oil on the cold.


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