Time Switches 100-240VAC

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Q:How to set the iPhone switch machine time
Big Brother you this problem 1 can not be set if there is no escape 2 escape the words installed a TIME plug-in 3 suggested not to escape
Q:Microcomputer control switch ZYT10 how to adjust the time
1, time adjustment Before using this product, please check whether the clock display is consistent with the current time and calibration. Press the "school", "school", "school week" button, the clock will be transferred to the current accurate time, date (day of the week) 2, set regularly If you set the error or cancel the setting, press the "Cancel / Resume" button to display "- -: - -" (That there is no timed program, not "0 0: 0 0"), then press once to restore the original settings. Work mode: the same day, different daily, one hundred thirty, twenty-four six, six, one two three, four five six, One two three four five one hundred thirty four five six. Set the time to open, it must be related to the time corresponding to it. 3, check: press the "timer" button to check whether the set time is correct; 4, modify: find the timing set error, first press the "timer" to the timing time, press the "Cancel / Resume" button to clear, then press the "school", "school", "school week" to reset ; 5, the end of the check: press the "clock" button to end the timing settings, back to the clock running state. 6, manual control: press the "manual / automatic" button, you can achieve the load on the manual switch control.
Q:Gongbei port switch time
Gongbei port clearance time: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. Zhuhai Entry and Exit Frontier Inspection Station Business Consulting Tel: 8166033,8166034 Contribution email: zhbj@vip.163.com Address: Zhuhai Gongbei Overseas Chinese Road on the 2nd Gongbei Port: 0756-8167000 Zip code: 519020
Q:Why the parachute must wait for some time before opening the switch?
Not necessarily, is needed as needed. Pattern skydiving to finish modeling to open the switch. If the fighter pilots evacuate parachute must be quick to open the switch, of course this is automatic.
Q:How does this switch adjust the time?
: Time-controlled switch set the timing: first check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you need to re-calibration, according to install the clock "key at the same time, according to the school day", "school
Q:Adjust the light control switch sensitivity and delay switch time
Delay part of a corresponding one resistor and a capacitor, you change one of them can adjust the "delay" length.
Q:Water heater for a short time do not have to switch off 15?
Landlord, heat storage type electric water heater, is not necessary to turn off. So that people can always have hot water available, if for the purpose of saving, temporarily not, you can turn off. But the result of doing so: 1, the impact of timely use of hot water; 2, when the shortened life of the switch.
Q:Computer switching power supply with a period of time after the automatic trip
Your computer with how much time, or how much time did not clean up the dust, and may be a short circuit into a place, mainly the power and the motherboard dust clean up I used to encounter a machine for a long time useless, boot it is no problem, but plug in the test card power to smoke, and unplug the power can be used normally, still depressed
Q:This time the lights do not shine, that is a switch problem, because sometimes to open a few times will be bright!
Is the connection between the two control? Two switches have three points? If the wiring is impossible, the six points are not available.
Q:Millet 4 automatic switch machine how to set up time
First open the millet 4 【Settings】, select 【Power saving mode】, then click [timer switch machine], here, you can set the phone on the regular start and timing shutdown.

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