Time Switches 100-240VAC

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Q:How does the metro door switch control the time interval?
See where you say where the subway, Beijing side is to see the monitoring, scalability larger. Shanghai seems to be a fixed time off, and closed can not open. Other places do not know
Q:Car switch What is the role of this AC switch when used
This is the air conditioning switch, hot days when used, cold weather when the use of warm air switch [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve.
Q:With two time relay how to achieve 10 seconds repeated switch
Of course, you have to use two single-time relay combination can also be used, according to each relay you call to 10 seconds, you can make the first relay time 10s, 10s to the internal relay pull connected to the first two Relay power supply, the second relay began timing, the first two 10s time to pull after the signal to the first relay to reset, so the first relay reset, the internal disconnect, the second relay is also broken Electric, this time the first relay to re-count. Always cycle, to take the amount of switch can be in the first relay action contact to obtain
Q:Time relay and proximity switch control circuit
2, controlled by the time relay, delayed a few seconds after the restart. That is, the (speed) motor restarts and the chain device re-operates. 3, "restart" instruction issued by the time relay.
Q:Intermittent switch is the kind of automatic power for a certain time
The CC4060 is a CMOS integrated circuit with an oscillator and a 14-bit binary count / divider. The output terminals Q4 to Q14 constitute a division coefficient of 16 to 18384, and the electronic timer for various applications can be easily designed using the output characteristics. The following figure shows the automatic cycle timer circuit. The principle is simple, high reliability, the resistance of the oscillation circuit / capacitor slightly adjusted, or change the Q4 ~ Q14 output control wiring, you can get the required cycle waiting time and working time. Circuit principle is as follows: Resistor R1, R2 and C1 constitute the oscillation circuit, cycle T = 2.2R2C1. R7, D1, J1 and Q1 constitute the drive circuit to control the relay contacts on / off. C3, C5, R3, Z1, BR1, etc. constitute a capacitor step-down circuit, providing 12V DC power supply. After the power is turned on, the binary counter of the CC4060 starts counting, and the falling edge of the previous stage triggers the post-stage to divide the count. D2, D3, D5 and R9 are connected to the AND circuit to obtain a high level of cyclic reset, resetting the counter. Re-enter the next timing cycle. The timer has a waiting time of T1 = T × 214/2 seconds, and the operation is turned on for T2 = T × 210/2 seconds. The cycle time is T1 + T2. Appropriate selection of C1, R2 parameters can be the corresponding oscillation frequency. The timer's waiting time and action turn-on time can be changed accordingly. At the same time, changing the output (Q14) and its control (Q10) can also change the waiting time and the operation on time, as well as its duty cycle, depending on the needs. According to the icon parameters, you can create an automatic cycle timer to control the indoor fan. Waiting time is three hours, action time is 20 minutes.
Q:Can I customize the time to switch the machine?
Shutdown.exe parameters, each with a specific purpose, the implementation of each will have a different effect, such as "-s" means that the closure of the local computer, "- a" that cancel the shutdown operation, the following list of more parameters , We can use in Shutdown.exe on demand. -f: Forcibly closes the application -m \ computer name: controls the remote computer -i: Displays the graphical user interface, but must be the first option for Shutdown -l: Log out of current user -r: Shutdown and reboot -t time: set the shutdown countdown -c "message content": enter the message content in the shutdown dialog box (can not exceed 127 characters) In addition, you can also find third-party software on the Internet to control
Q:In general, how long the computer switch machine interval ah? Best for computers
Hello is usually at least 1 minute .. because the shutdown needs a buffer process that is all the hardware all stop working ... but the hardware will stop working there will be waste heat ... by reason to wait until the heat to disperse can be re- Open .. General computer cooling no problem at least 1 minute ... no recommended shutdown immediately boot on the hardware loss great hope to help you
Q:Home lights to open the switch after a long time to be able to light what reason ah
Fluorescent pin and lamp holder bad contact, change the direction of the lamp or power outage adjustment socket socket. And then not the words of the ballast is the problem, there may be interrupted when the internal line. I suggest you change the electronic ballast is better.
Q:The difference between voltage time switch and current time type switch
Mainly in the switch tube control in different ways, the voltage type of the switch is a field effect transistor (voltage control), the current type of bipolar high-power three-pole (current control).
Q:Adjust the light control switch sensitivity and delay switch time
I did not actually look apart, the specific can not say, just say something about: Light control part of a corresponding resistance (usually connected with the photosensitive resistor), you change its resistance can adjust the sensitivity of the "brightness"

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