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Q:US air-conditioning for a long time useless, and today how to switch off the use, and other health are useful
Thank you for your attention and support for air conditioning! May be remote control failure, it is recommended to unplug the power to wait for a few minutes and then restart, if the problem can not be resolved, it is recommended that you call the US after-sales service 4008899315 consultation or repair! If you still have questions, welcome to the US companies know the question; in this wish you work smoothly, happy life!
Q:Kc316 t microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the timing switch
* If you do not need 6, 12 switch timer (clock) key, return to the actual time. * If you set the error or cancel the setting Press the (Cancel) key, then press again to restore the original setting. * When no setting is displayed (- -). 4, check: press (set) to check all set the time is correct. 5, modify: Please press the (cancel) button at the setting, and then reset the timer switch time and week. 6, the end of the check: press the (clock) key to end the check and set, display the clock. 7, manual control: press (manual) button, you can achieve random open or off or automatic operation. I spent half an hour to play the instructions according to the Oh! The
Q:Street lights off the light time with light control time switch which is good
Light control advantage is based on the strength of the light on the road to determine the light is not bright, sometimes even during the day because of rainy days, the road light is low,
Q:In general, how long the computer switch machine interval ah? Best for computers
The computer should not be frequent switch, switch machine every interval of at least 3 minutes. No special circumstances try not to frequently shut down or restart.
Q:A delay switch or time relay 100 capable of resetting the time
I want to have five minutes each time someone comes in. How do i do? Is there a normal time relay with this function? Or mechanical delay switch? Requirements: Do not be too expensive components, such as advanced time relay. To Landlord hope that every time someone into the room when there are five minutes of delay time, this is not difficult, mechanical delay switch is easy to do, my self-made delay switch is a mechanical five minutes timer , Every time someone opens the door into the stairs, there is a minute delay time. Do not know whether this is in line with the requirements of the landlord. Key This device is low cost
Q:KG316T microcomputer timer switch how to set the ring time?
Press the timer button, there is 1 open / 1on, and then press the hour, minutes to set your opening time, then press the timer key, there is a off / 1off, by hours, minutes are off time; followed by input; , Press the cancel / reply key 3 5 times to unlock it.
Q:Switch socket a long time how dirty dirty
Moves five: In general, wet or near the water area of ​​the socket need to install moisture cover, such as: near the sink, washbasin socket, kitchen, bathroom wet area socket. This can not only prevent water vapor and oil pollution switch socket surface, but also an important measure to protect the safety of electricity.
Q:Aluminum windows have a long time difficult to switch how to do
Is flat or open the sliding window can be a little bit of oil on the hinge there is support if the push and pull you can point the soap to the track do not point the oil on the bearing is not easy to damage the track
Q:Want a switch, the switch time can be adjusted, the time setting is milliseconds.
You want the main circuit or control loop. The main circuit such a switch I have not seen, the main loop generally through the controller to control the main contactor for off. Control loop on a lot, but also depends on what you want is used in the area. The general time relay can be, but other equipment can also be, such as plc, etc., can be achieved.
Q:How to prohibit the computer record switch machine time
Path: c: / windows / SchedLgU ("~ .txt" file) The file from the "Task Sheduler" service control, into the service management, the service off, after the file will no longer record whether you switch machine, Off this service you can delete the file, or delete, but also can not change.

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