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Q:Time control switch for a shortest time to add time relay to reduce the time to a few seconds how to increase
Plus a ST3P power delay time relay, the time relay coil and relay two groups of public point connection, often close to you want to control the equipment such as bell, the control switch output power supply relay coil, so you can
Q:What is the difference between the total switching time and the excessive time in the transformer on-load tap-changer test data?
The total number of a few, that also called what the same period! There are ah! I tell you ha! The nature of the on-load tap-changer and the circuit breaker is almost a switch itself, but there is an over-resistance or an over-device in the same period, the same period refers to the synchronization between the three phases, three different numbers Normal, the key is whether the deviation in line with national norms or industry standards.
Q:Refrigerator outside the regulator how to adjust the shutdown time in summer
Refrigerator using external temperature control is generally adjusted to start 20 minutes, stop 40 minutes for the best, but also according to the actual situation of refrigeration may be, if the cooling is not ideal, it is recommended to increase the start of the appropriate time to not exceed the time As a reference value. During the summer temperature adjustment because the refrigerator in use, its working hours and power consumption by the ambient temperature greatly affected. When the ambient temperature is high in summer, the temperature should be adjusted between 1-2.
Q:IPad often switch machine for a long time, will not be a hardware problem
No, believe apple, it's like a small strong, crack the brushes brush machine installed plug-ins, this will not be bad, switch machine afraid of what.
Q:There is no monitoring software, you can monitor the computer's switching time and operating records
The computer shuts down the monitor does not work: Computer shutdown, it means that the closure of the "monitoring system", so the monitor to stop working; If it is video capture card can not work; Monitoring computer must be 24 hours to boot, it is generally recommended to use a hard disk video recorder.
Q:What is the streetlight control switch?
12, latitude and longitude once set immediately display the local sunrise and sunset time display, according to the need to manually modify the switch light time: the maximum correction range of ± 120 minutes; 13, built-in two lightning protection circuit, enhance equipment reliability, anti-interference ability 14, pipeline production operations to ensure product quality consistency, "three anti" processing circuit board, to adapt to harsh environmental reliability higher; 15, the data automatically save, save time> 10 years 16, the output loop: 1-2 Road, each time 4 hours of any programming settings 17, built-in switching power supply module, for 85 ~ 265VAC wide voltage range. The following are the same as the " 18, built-in rechargeable battery, the use of more convenient. No external power supply, no operation within 10 seconds of automatic standby.
Q:This time the lights do not shine, that is a switch problem, because sometimes to open a few times will be bright!
Is the connection between the two control? Two switches have three points? If the wiring is impossible, the six points are not available.
Q:How to give the computer a fixed time switch machine
Open the Run dialog box shortcut key is WIN + R Enter at 20:50 shutdown-s It is at 20:50 off - s is off, -r is restart Start - run - enter shutdown.exe -s -t 3600 carriage return can be Note 3600 means 3600 seconds = one hour you can also change it to 7200 1800 and the like Set a certain time automatically shut down If you need the computer to automatically shut down at 20:20, then only in the "Start" menu, select "Run", then enter at 20:20 Shutdown-s, click "OK" can be. So when the computer system time to 20:20, the computer will automatically appear "system shutdown" dialog box, 30 seconds later will automatically shut down, this 30 seconds is to allow users to save the current operation before the shutdown, so as not to cause Unnecessary loss. Note: The -s parameter refers to the local computer. Set two countdown auto shutdown If you need the computer to automatically shut down after 10 minutes, then only in the "Start" menu, select "Run", and then enter Shutdown-s-t 600, click "OK" button. So that the computer began to countdown, 10 minutes after the computer will automatically shut down. Note: The -t parameter is the countdown auto-shutdown command, the 600 parameter is 10 minutes or 600 seconds. Set three to cancel automatic shutdown If you have set the automatic shutdown, but changed your mind, do not have to automatically shut down, then only in the "Start" menu, select "Run", and then enter Shutdown-a, click "OK" button. This closes the automatic shutdown that has been set. Note: The -a parameter is a command to cancel the automatic shutdown.
Q:Freezer inside the dew switch, can open for a long time?
If the weather is dry, there is no condensation, you can turn off.
Q:Home air conditioning operation for some time leakage protection switch total trip
Maintenance staff said wrong, the ground is not broken after the trip, indicating normal air conditioning grounding, leakage protection work is normal, and can rule out over-current trip, so your home air conditioning is still the problem of leakage to the ground. Although in your supplementary that guy seems to have some truth, but who can guarantee that the leakage switch is never a problem, if the air conditioning switch when the switch does not jump, the consequences you think about it, say he is equal to let your home air conditioning Sick work, you can feel comfortable? Enjoy the progress of science and technology to bring our comfort, is to ensure that our own security as the premise, so I think you should not compromise, air conditioning is a certain problem, the ground is also must be connected, because life is above everything!

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