No battery time swith AC220V TB-38

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Q:The leakage switch will trip at regular intervals
Your total current is less than 15A, you can exclude is not overload and trip, must be occasionally leakage caused by the total leakage switch protection action, you need to first remove the lighting switch circuit is leaking (the method can be removed from the lamp to watch the lighting circuit Whether there is insulation less than 0.5 megohm), the general lighting leakage is less likely, the above exclusion should be caused by computer leakage, the need to repair the computer repair shop for processing.
Q:Central air conditioning winter switch schedule
Comfortable air conditioning standard is the summer temperature at 24-28oC, relative humidity of 40-65%, the wind speed is not greater than O.3m / time 8 hours is appropriate winter: temperature 18-22oC, relative humidity 40-60%, wind speed is not greater than 0.2m / s. Time 10 hours is appropriate.
Q:Inverter air conditioner often switch ok, how long?
1. inverter air conditioner within half an hour switch should not be more than three times. 2. inverter air conditioner started 80 minutes after the start of power. 3. The principle of power saving of inverter air conditioner is as follows: Inverter air conditioner in the start running after 30 minutes - 45 minutes (the length of time you set the temperature level and ambient temperature determined by the time) to the indoor temperature dropped to your set temperature, and then stable operation 30 - 45 minutes or so, began to adjust the compressor speed according to the degree of indoor heat loss to adjust the cooling / heating output, so as to cool. (This 80 minutes or so, the inverter air conditioner is the maximum power to run) 4. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the inverter air conditioner for a long time (such as night), please do not repeat the switch in the middle. 5. If you use the inverter air conditioner for a long time feel cold, you can take to increase the set temperature, so as to achieve more energy-saving purposes, rather than in the middle of repeated switching machine (because in the process of repeated switching machine, cooling / stable operation this time is Maximum power running).
Q:Is there a time to switch on the computer? How to check
Computer (my computer) right click - manage - event viewer - Windows log - system, where you can see the log.
Q:Does the timer switch call the time to work?
It depends on the type of timer switch. Different timing switches work in different ways. Some do not necessarily support no electricity work.
Q:What is the name of the device used to set the switching time in the time relay?
Not too understand what you mean, is to say that the time to adjust the button or what stuff
Q:Time control switch to the specified time did not let the lights lit up
Time control switch to the specified time did not let the lights lit up mainly for the following reasons: 1, when the control switch is set, did not hit the automatic working state. 2, time control switch time is set incorrectly.
Q:With two time relay how to achieve 10 seconds repeated switch
Of course, you have to use two single-time relay combination can also be used, according to each relay you call to 10 seconds, you can make the first relay time 10s, 10s to the internal relay pull connected to the first two Relay power supply, the second relay began timing, the first two 10s time to pull after the signal to the first relay to reset, so the first relay reset, the internal disconnect, the second relay is also broken Electric, this time the first relay to re-count. Always cycle, to take the amount of switch can be in the first relay action contact to obtain
Q:Can the computer always turn on the machine? How long does it take to switch the machine once?
Computer automatic shutdown mainly for the following reasons: 1. Heat is not good. Due to the impact of the weather temperature or CPU fan speed caused by the system overheating, which will lead to the computer's automatic shutdown, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal. 2. Memory causes. When the memory and the motherboard slot loose contact may also cause the computer automatically shut down, it is recommended to check whether the memory and the motherboard plug. 3. Power problem. Power supply is also an important cause of the computer automatically shut down an important factor, but from this configuration point of view, the possibility of this problem is very small. 4. Software factors. Due to viruses or Trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will lead to the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use anti-virus software antivirus after a timely shock hit the patch, the general problem can be solved.
Q:In the C disk WINDOWS which file is recorded switch machine time
It is necessary to introduce two ID numbers here: 6006 and 6005. In event Viewer, the event with ID number 6006 indicates that the event log service has stopped. If you did not find the event ID 6006 in the event viewer on that day, it means that the computer is not shut down properly, probably because of a system Or directly press the computer power button, did not perform a normal shutdown operation caused. When you start the system, the event log event log service will start, this is the ID number of 6005 events.

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