No battery time swith AC220V TB-38

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Q:Frequent air conditioning switch and a long time to keep the temperature which charges?
Air conditioning power depends mainly on the "operating rate", that is, the most power consumption when starting, so do not frequently switch machine. Air-conditioned room must be a good airtight, long time to maintain constant temperature can save electricity. The windows should be closed to keep the air from being lost. Set room temperature, do not and outdoor temperature difference is too large, such as outdoor 30 ℃, indoor set 25 ℃ on it. If you feel not cool, you can set the temperature down a few degrees, so air-conditioned high-frequency operation time is short, can save power. Need to point out that some people in order to save power, often when the air conditioning is closed, in fact, the most frequent air conditioning switch power consumption, and the compressor is easy to wear and tear. Air conditioning filter should always be cleaned, otherwise the mesh block will also affect the cooling effect of adjusting the temperature set to open the air conditioning before the first 5 to 10 minutes to increase the temperature setting, to maintain the air can be more power.
Q:2 trip switches plus 2 time relay control three-phase motor forward and reverse
Two microcomputer when the control of three-phase motor is positive and negative
Q:Is there a light switch? Can be set to time automatically turn off the lights
Yes. Now that this timer has been used more, the security is no problem. Typing is not easy, please "adopt" about chanting.
Q:What is the duration of the 10KV switchgear arc?
Switchgear Rated parameters: - Rated short circuit breaking current 31.5kA - Rated short duration 4s - Rated short time withstand current 31.5kA - Rated peak withstand current 80kA Vacuum circuit breaker: VD4 - Rated voltage 12kV - Rated current line, segment switch and outlet switch: VD4-3150 / 1250-31.5 / 40 (1) 1min power frequency withstand voltage 42kV (2) lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV - Rated short circuit breaking current 31.5kA - Rated short duration 4s - Rated short time withstand current 31.5kA - Rated peak withstand current 80kA.
Q:How can a wireless router set up a time switch for wireless networks.
Mini wireless router looks like no this function! The Maybe you said the mini-wireless router is the kind of portable AP, remember only the function of the bridge.
Q:Kg316t microcomputer time switch how to change the previous switch time
3, set the first time of the opening time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shown above, a "1 open" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few points A few minutes to open. 4, set the first time of the closing time: then click the "timer" button, the LCD screen shows the above figure, a "1 off" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few Point off a bit.
Q:Transistor opening, closing, storage, rising, falling time on the switch circuit so what impact?
Transistor in the switch circuit in the open and closed, due to the existence of barrier voltage, will produce a certain time delay. Storage, rise, fall mainly produce some cross-distortion, so that the circuit load of electricity becomes unstable ... ...
Q:If there are three lights can use a microcomputer when the control switch to the different time
You want to have a control three way. You can analyze it into three ways. Install a switch on each way. So that you go to the artificial cut off the exact time to let a microcomputer control switch to control
Q:Dalian Maritime University swimming pool specific switching time and charges? Do more money. Single money
Not a card to pay 20 yuan for the job, the school's 8 yuan. Opening time is 5 pm to 8 pm, the holiday period will be opened longer, 3 pm will open. Ordinary time students have classes, so not open to the outside world.
Q:The leakage switch will trip at regular intervals
1, not short-circuit problem (because of short circuit in any case, do not rule out the short-circuit point, the time interval can not work long after closing, continue to smoke, and instantly from short circuit into open circuit).        2, not load can not afford (because the leakage switch, leakage switch only for leakage when the action, no overload action function).        3, the biggest possible reason is because the kitchen is relatively humid, in the lamp connector, socket connector, control switch joints, leakage switch joints and other moisture, moisture is too large, resulting in leakage current, more than leakage switch action current (generally 30 mA ) And action, sunny weather may be better, rainy weather may intensify.

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