No battery time swith AC220V TB-38

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Q:US air-conditioning for a long time useless, and today how to switch off the use, and other health are useful
Thank you for your attention and support for air conditioning! May be remote control failure, it is recommended to unplug the power to wait for a few minutes and then restart, if the problem can not be resolved, it is recommended that you call the US after-sales service 4008899315 consultation or repair! If you still have questions, welcome to the US companies know the question; in this wish you work smoothly, happy life!
Q:2 trip switches plus 2 time relay control three-phase motor forward and reverse
Two microcomputer when the control of three-phase motor is positive and negative
Q:Red rice note3 how to set the switch machine time
In the Security Center> Power> Timing Switch> Timed Start and Timed Shutdown On> Set the power on and off time.
Q:Mobile phone every time switch, the time has changed, how will not save, you save the time?
If you only have a battery, then you can only choose to direct charge, if you use direct charge, when the boot, or can not automatically update the time, then the motherboard is a small battery may be damaged, it is recommended to update If you solve the problem, please take the answer, thank you
Q:The motor intermittently operates the control circuit (with a time relay and a trip switch)
With the opening of the trip switch to connect the time relay to the relay, control the time relay connected, according to your time to turn on the motor control switch (with the delay point)
Q:Time controller how to use the button switch with the realization
Between the controller control point and the hand control point and inoculation control two sets of control plus conversion off, hand control
Q:Kg316t microcomputer time switch how to change the previous switch time
3, set the first time of the opening time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shown above, a "1 open" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few points A few minutes to open. 4, set the first time of the closing time: then click the "timer" button, the LCD screen shows the above figure, a "1 off" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few Point off a bit.
Q:Refrigerator outside the regulator how to adjust the shutdown time in summer
Refrigerator using external temperature control is generally adjusted to start 20 minutes, stop 40 minutes for the best, but also according to the actual situation of refrigeration may be, if the cooling is not ideal, it is recommended to increase the start of the appropriate time to not exceed the time As a reference value. During the summer temperature adjustment because the refrigerator in use, its working hours and power consumption by the ambient temperature greatly affected. When the ambient temperature is high in summer, the temperature should be adjusted between 1-2.
Q:Germany West control switch kg316t how to set the switch time
wo open two off three open three off has been To ten open ten off the time to clear the time (because less than). And then set a good week, set the current time control switch, the time switch to automatically switch.
Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
set the first time period of the opening and closing (20 groups of a group) A, press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "open" words (the first group of open time) B, adjust the timer to open the minute, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 C, adjust the timer to open the hour, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 8 D, adjust the time to open the week, press the "week" button, until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. E, then press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "off" words (the first group of off time) F, adjust the timing off minutes, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 G, adjust the timer off hours, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 11 H, adjust the timing of the week off, press the "week" button until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

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