Electromagnetic Relay 10A 250VAC 6V-380V

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Q:Home lights to open the switch after a long time to be able to light what reason ah
Fluorescent pin and lamp holder bad contact, change the direction of the lamp or power outage adjustment socket socket. And then not the words of the ballast is the problem, there may be interrupted when the internal line. I suggest you change the electronic ballast is better.
Q:How does the metro door switch control the time interval?
Subway doors include platform shield safety doors and subway train doors. The station signal control room and the train cab can control the subway door switch.    Under normal circumstances, the screen door and the train door are set by the station signal control room pre-set the system automatically control, for example, the train station, the signal control room received the train stop signal, issued switch door instruction set, first of all Open the train door, and then the screen door, visitors can get off. Open the door interval is pre-set, such as 20 seconds, then 15 seconds to begin early warning ready to close, and then 20 seconds, first close the shutter door, and then train the door.     If there is an accident, such as the door to be off when someone hit the subway door, or someone was caught between the shield door and the subway door, this time, the induction system will issue an alarm, the station control room and the cab driver can manually Control the subway door to reopen. This is a manual intervention in the subway door switch, and is generally very little use.
Q:Can the photoelectric switch control the time relay?
Metering the principle of electronic scales do not understand, difficult to language.
Q:Millet phone how to set the switch machine time?
1. On the standby page, click the lower left menu key 2. Choose 【Settings】 3. Slide the screen up and select [About phone] 4. Select [Auto Power On / Off] 5. [Auto power on / off] tick, set the required power off time 6. After the above operation, the phone will automatically switch the machine according to the set time
Q:Corner in the touch delay switch Why switch the switch after the light is very short time
Is the internal design of the switch, the main consideration is to save electricity.
Q:How to set the iPhone switch machine time
Big Brother you this problem 1 can not be set if there is no escape 2 escape the words installed a TIME plug-in 3 suggested not to escape
Q:How can a wireless router set up a time switch for wireless networks.
The current wireless router does not have the function of switching the wireless network at regular intervals, but can set the time dialing and connect to the Internet at regular intervals. This is the function of the home user who specializes in ADSL virtual dialing (PPPoE)
Q:With two time relay how to achieve 10 seconds repeated switch
A time relay control on, another time relay control off. But each time the relay to be equipped with a small relay Caixing.
Q:UC3842 control of the switching power supply, the switch on and off time is how to adjust
Is automatically adjusted by feedback inside, the outside can not be set. See the 3842 manual, Chinese information online a lot.
Q:High - voltage switch closing time and the same time closing time
This question is really more professional, the circuit breaker on the nameplate on the closing time, generally refers to the closing instructions to the last phase of the main arc chamber contact just a period of time. As the three-phase closing moment there is a time difference, so there is an important indicator, is the synchronization of the switch. As for how you want to keep the lead angle to meet the requirements, this also need to further check the information.

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