Electromagnetic Relay 36mmx30mmx52mm

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Q:Switching power supply positive circuit, please help explain,
If you have the answer, the first time to inform you, you can leave a mailbox. If the problem is more urgent, you can log in to the forum and then search for your title to see someone else's answer is also OK.
Q:Red rice note3 how to set the switch machine time
In the Security Center> Power> Timing Switch> Timed Start and Timed Shutdown On> Set the power on and off time.
Q:Configuration king how to set the time switch! For example, to 3:00 automatically open!
Install your collector drive The new variable variable address is the collector communication address
Q:Photoelectric switch control time relay control AC contactor delay closed
Photoelectric switch relay is through the box or the container within the material flow, fall, making the photoelectric switch infrared or bright or dark optical reaction, the resulting photoelectric signal amplification circuit, so that the photoelectric switch relay closed. Because the flow of material and the speed of the fall soon, the photoelectric switch relay closed off frequently, can not be used by the transmission mechanism, so to install the time relay to extend the signal time so that the transmission mechanism has enough time to run, use. The way they control is such that the normally open contacts of the photoelectric switch relay are connected to the time relay coil to control the time relay. Time relay delay disconnect contact to connect the transmission mechanism of the AC contactor coil, control AC contactor.
Q:UC3842 control of the switching power supply, the switch on and off time is how to adjust
2, and then remove the current from the MOS tube drain current information through the other port to return to 3843., to ensure that the load under different load conditions, and can be constant power output.
Q:Car switch What is the role of this AC switch when used
Ac switch is to control the work of the refrigeration compressor, usually in the need for refrigeration, open the switch, adjust the temperature, air volume will be on demand cooling
Q:Kg316t time control switch how to adjust the time
5, and so on, if you want to set the second and third time period, continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD will display "2 open", "2 off", "3 open" And so on, set the opening point and turn off the time point can be. 6, press the "timer" button, then press the "week" button, you can set the day of the day to set the time to open and close.
Q:How can the length of the closing time of a switch be controlled in the PLC to control the output voltage?
The first question, here to use the PLC's analog expansion module, in the PLC by a switch the length of the closing time to control the output voltage level, you can use the timer in the program, the switch closed time to time, Time to reach a certain range, the program set the output voltage for the analog value, the longer the output of the analog voltage value is greater, as to choose the kind of PLC that there is no fixed index, because the major Mainstream manufacturers are equipped with analog modules of the expansion module, such as Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc., personally recommend the use of Siemens, Germany's product quality is excellent. The second question, where the input signal input is divided into two kinds, one digital, the second is the analog, which depends on what your input signal is specific, by the PLC internal program control output voltage by a The specific value is linearly transformed to another value, where it is first necessary to create a specific value for it and then change the refresh of your input signal to another value, where the program is achievable and, of course, A timing problem, but the timing unit by you, to be a linear time is naturally as short as possible, each scan cycle can refresh the output can solve this problem. The third problem, can not, the general PLC output is not used to drive the load, because the current is too large will damage the output point, which is a protective measure, it is not allowed to directly drive the load The above answer may be some missing or wrong, the shortcomings also hope that the sea Han, hoping to help you
Q:Led monochrome to go to the word display, the timer switch time are set to set up automatically
This switch has multiple sets of time settings, reset all settings, and then re-set a group just fine.
Q:A close-to-switch time relay controls the physical wiring of the lamp
1, you need to provide your time relay schematic diagram, 2, close to the schematic diagram of the switch. Most cases can not be directly controlled by the proximity switch, need to add a relay to control.

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