Time relay DC 12V 24V

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Q:Will the street lights how to control its switching time
Control it is the time control switch you can adjust the opening and closing time and then the extra time all canceled and then transferred to the automatic can
Q:How does the computer view the last time on the switch machine? Please talk about the steps.
Here I introduce four kinds of methods, without any tools, all manual completion, most people I do not tell him Oh! A: One day record easy to see if you just want to check, from yesterday shut down to today there is no use between my computer, then use the "check log" method on it. Enter "eventvwr.msc" in the "Start" menu, or press the "Start Menu" - "Programs" - "Administrative Tools" - "Event Viewer" to open the Event Viewer, in the left window Select the "system", from the right side of the system event to find the event ID of 6005,6006 event (event ID number of 6005 event that the event log service has started, that is, boot, the same event ID: 6006 said shutdown), they correspond Of the time are the boot time and shutdown time. B: If you feel that it is too much trouble to find off events from so many events, you can use "filter" to make the content simple. Select the "Filter" option in the "View" menu of the Event Viewer, select the "Filters" tab in the Properties dialog box, and check the "Information", "Warning", "Error" Event Source "drop-down list, select" eventlog ", click" OK "button, the system event content is much less, we can easily find the latest switch machine time. C: If you still feel too much trouble, then had to use nirvana. Type e?
Q:Configuration king how to set the time switch! For example, to 3:00 automatically open!
Install your collector drive The new variable variable address is the collector communication address
Q:In general, how long the computer switch machine interval ah? Best for computers
Hello is usually at least 1 minute .. because the shutdown needs a buffer process that is all the hardware all stop working ... but the hardware will stop working there will be waste heat ... by reason to wait until the heat to disperse can be re- Open .. General computer cooling no problem at least 1 minute ... no recommended shutdown immediately boot on the hardware loss great hope to help you
Q:The total switching time of the transformer on-load tap-changer is probably how much
The total switching time is obviously the total time to complete the whole process, the same period refers to the three-phase switch breaking and closing the same period.
Q:Switching power supply generally how much time is normal
The initial trial production can be 24 hours of aging, and take 10% of which for a long time aging (at least half a month) to ensure quality. Into the first five batches of 100% load aging 40 minutes, if no problem and then you can use 80% or 100% load aging 25-30 minutes. General power plants are the same operation. Aging conditions: Ambient temperature: 35 degrees Celsius Aging load: 80% of total power
Q:What is the difference between the total switching time and the excessive time in the transformer on-load tap-changer test data?
2, the so-called transition time refers to the transition process in the transition resistance of the input time, from the waveform point of view is the falling section of the waveform (including the middle of the waveform half of the protruding section), and the total switching time also includes the transition time Initial and end of the sliding time.
Q:Zhengtai KG316T when the control switch locked, how to unlock the reset time
Zhengtai Electric KG316T microcomputer control switch unlock method: When the lower left shows а, that lock, press the first row of the left: cancel / restore button, 4, the lower left of the display а disappear, that unlock success. After debugging, wait a moment, and automatically locked.
Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
set the first time period of the opening and closing (20 groups of a group) A, press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "open" words (the first group of open time) B, adjust the timer to open the minute, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 C, adjust the timer to open the hour, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 8 D, adjust the time to open the week, press the "week" button, until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. E, then press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "off" words (the first group of off time) F, adjust the timing off minutes, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 G, adjust the timer off hours, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 11 H, adjust the timing of the week off, press the "week" button until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Q:Switching power supply to Canada NRcan energy efficiency time about how long
To ensure that the charger and battery voltage uniforms, your battery is 25.6v of the job, 65AH is the battery capacity

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