No battery time swith AC220V

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Q:Time control switch, zero line output does not load normal?
From the point of view you describe, the main load is not found on the zero line, using the main line from the power line to take the line directly to the time controller on the outlet, this connection is possible, most of the time controller zero Lines are connected together, but there are not connected together, it is best to get the zero line to the time controller on the line. Then the time switch connected to the air switch is always from time to time trip, you are in the two time controller zero line outlet are not wired, there is no load, how will trip it, you check the line is not too Fine did not catch up with fever.
Q:What is the name of the device used to set the switching time in the time relay?
Not too understand what you mean, is to say that the time to adjust the button or what stuff
Q:How to adjust the time for the bells
Specifically can refer to the instructions to set, very simple. Try it out a few more times.
Q:Kc316 t microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the timing switch
* If you do not need 6, 12 switch timer (clock) key, return to the actual time. * If you set the error or cancel the setting Press the (Cancel) key, then press again to restore the original setting. * When no setting is displayed (- -). 4, check: press (set) to check all set the time is correct. 5, modify: Please press the (cancel) button at the setting, and then reset the timer switch time and week. 6, the end of the check: press the (clock) key to end the check and set, display the clock. 7, manual control: press (manual) button, you can achieve random open or off or automatic operation. I spent half an hour to play the instructions according to the Oh! The
Q:Time switch and time relay
See you with the time relay price of each twenty or thirty yuan or so
Q:I would like to record the switch door time, is there any such a recorder?
In the door to install a proximity switch, so the door will open a switch signal output.
Q:What is the difference between the inherent opening time and the full disconnection time of the high voltage circuit breaker?
Opening time (breaking time): The time interval from the moment when the opening moment of the mechanical switch is instantaneously to the end of the arc time. Bounce time switch The time between the movable contact and the static contact from the first separation (or closing) to the last stable separation (or closing).
Q:Timing socket timer socket can really switch through time?
Such as inplug hard candy wifi smart socket can also be used to control the phone, thousands of miles away can control everything at home, not yet to the end of the house, You can open the water heater, is not more advanced than the timing function!
Q:How does the computer view the last time on the switch machine? Please talk about the steps.
"C: WINDOWS schedlgu.txt" in "Run" in the "Start" menu. In the open schedlgu.txt file, "Task Scheduler Service" has been started and the "Task Scheduler Service" has been exited In the time, respectively, corresponding to the boot and shutdown time, is not it convenient? Every day for the record is not difficult. D: If you want every time the switch machine can be clearly recorded, it can be "script + batch" approach. But you have to hands-on, we use the "script + batch" approach to achieve. Simply add two batch-time batch commands on the power-on, shutdown script, and let them start or close the recording time with the system into the C: aaa.txt file. First create two new text documents, respectively, used to record the boot and shutdown information, enter the following command, and then save as ". Bat" file on it. Where the boot batch (start.bat) is as follows: @echo off >> c: aaa.txt echo *** boot record *** >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c: aaa.txt echo% date%% time: ~ 0, -3 %% Username% >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c: aaa.txt echo ************** >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c : Aaa.txt echo. And shutdown batch (shutdown.bat) command as long as the start.bat in the "*** boot record ***" to "*** shutdown record ***" can, the rest unchanged. After the above two batch commands are done, enter gpedit.msc in "Run" in the "Start" menu, open Group Policy, and then click "Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Script (Startup and Shutdown)", double click "Start", in the Properties dialog box, click "Add" button, and in the "Script Name" column fill in the "start.bat" absolute path, click "OK" button. Similarly set the shutdown script. This can be a switch machine to do an experiment, open the C: aaa.txt file, is not recorded you just shut down and boot tim
Q:Switch socket when installed more reasonable?
In the cement wall on the basis of the starting line and discharge sockets, and then lime in the cement wall covered with wires and water pipes and other facilities Finally, when the switch base to pay attention to the accounting plus lime surface and wood or tile wall decoration materials Of the thickness, so as not to decorate the surface after the switch base raised in the wall. Affect visual effects!

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