AC230V 16A Time Switches

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Q:How to set the iPhone switch machine time
Big Brother you this problem 1 can not be set if there is no escape 2 escape the words installed a TIME plug-in 3 suggested not to escape
Q:Who knows the stock market general switch time?
China's Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Monday to Friday 9: 30-11: 30 pm 1: 00-3: 00 holiday and weekend do not open other countries like the exchange, the time is about nine to five
Q:Will the street lights how to control its switching time
1, the village lights in order to control its switching time, to the main control room to re-set its time period, and set to automatically on it. 2, street lamps, refers to the road to provide lighting function of the lamps, refers to the traffic lighting in the range of lighting within the lighting. Language of the summer of the "fragment of the memories": "pedestrians have been scarce, street lights and dim." 3, the composition of the street: it consists of lamps, electrical appliances, light sources, light pole, lamp arm, flange, the basis of embedded parts to form a whole. According to the power supply is divided into city lights, solar lights, wind and solar street lights.
Q:Time control switch, zero line output does not load normal?
From the point of view you describe, the main load is not found on the zero line, using the main line from the power line to take the line directly to the time controller on the outlet, this connection is possible, most of the time controller zero Lines are connected together, but there are not connected together, it is best to get the zero line to the time controller on the line. Then the time switch connected to the air switch is always from time to time trip, you are in the two time controller zero line outlet are not wired, there is no load, how will trip it, you check the line is not too Fine did not catch up with fever.
Q:Adjust the light control switch sensitivity and delay switch time
I did not actually look apart, the specific can not say, just say something about: Light control part of a corresponding resistance (usually connected with the photosensitive resistor), you change its resistance can adjust the sensitivity of the "brightness"
Q:How do I remove the computer on / off time?
In the event viewer click on the empty it!
Q:Aluminum windows have a long time difficult to switch how to do
1, if it is a flat window, with the oil point of the sash of the hinge of the axis, back and forth switch several times on the line;
Q:Delay switch and delay relay
Delay switch is generally refers to the air-type delay switch device, it is no coil, is a passive, by the card at the top of the AC contactor on the suction rod linkage work, commonly used models: LA2 series; delay relay Is the power delay, the control time is longer: DH48 series, preset time: 0.01 seconds to 99.99 hours Delayed relays are mainly used for DC or AC operation in a variety of protection and automatic control lines as auxiliary relays to increase the number of contacts and contact capacity. You can adjust the delay time as needed.
Q:Led monochrome to go to the word display, the timer switch time are set to set up automatically
This switch has multiple sets of time settings, reset all settings, and then re-set a group just fine.
Q:What is the duration of the 10KV switchgear arc?
Are generally within 3 seconds, more than three seconds there is danger

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