Floatless relay 8VAC 110-240V

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Q:Central air conditioning switch panel how to set the time
There is a time setting switch below the panel to set the time. One for manual, marked with antifreeze 5 degrees Celsius → 10 degrees Celsius → 15 degrees Celsius → 20 degrees Celsius → 25 degrees Celsius → 30 degrees Celsius Just like air conditioning you like to adjust a temperature, the room temperature at this temperature. The second is 7 days and more time programming thermostat, in accordance with the law of your week's life, the preparation of good procedures, start, shutdown, heating, temperature and other operations, for example, the morning you work, Six at home, five forty-four wall-hung boilers began to run their own, when you enter the house, is 20 degrees Celsius room temperature. When you fall asleep, room temperature automatically jumps to 16 degrees Celsius, all this change is your pre-set. The thermostat is placed in the living room of many people, and the office air conditioner switch, it is wired connection. In the decoration to leave a wall from the bottom of the wall to the living room of the dark line tube, leaving two multi-strand glue line.
Q:35KV switch cabinet sub-closing standard time is how much
Small range can be controlled at: closing time 35-70ms opening time 20-60ms.
Q:Water heater for a short time do not have to switch off 15?
Landlord, heat storage type electric water heater, is not necessary to turn off. So that people can always have hot water available, if for the purpose of saving, temporarily not, you can turn off. But the result of doing so: 1, the impact of timely use of hot water; 2, when the shortened life of the switch.
Q:Air conditioning short time switch it all right
Compressor just started working, you stopped, the impact is certainly there, but occasionally should not be a problem.
Q:When the high voltage isolating switch needs a grounding switch
The grounding switch is arranged on the side of the disconnector on both sides of the circuit breaker, and only serves as the grounding on both sides when the circuit breaker is overhauled. And the rapid grounding switch is arranged in the outlet circuit outlet switch on the side of the line, it has two roles: 1 opening and closing parallel overhead lines due to electrostatic induction generated by the capacitor current and electromagnetic induction to produce inductor current; 2 When the cabinet inside the insulator phenomenon of creepage or shell internal arc, the rapid grounding switch main circuit fast grounding, the use of circuit breaker to remove the fault current.
Q:Microcomputer control switch kg316t how to set the time
Second, the use of methods (using the timer function, please hand switch in the open state) 2.1 Adjust the clock (the factory has a good clock) If you need to re-adjust the press the "clock" key while holding the "school week" button, "school" key, "school" key. 2.2 Set the first time to open: Click the "timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 1) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first time to open. 2.3 Set the first time to turn off: Click the "Timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 2) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first turn off time. 2.4 continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD screen appears "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" reference steps 2 and 3, set the time after the opening and closing, if Only once a day and off once, you must press the "Cancel / Resume" button, "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" the storage time to eliminate, so that the LCD display "----" pattern. 2.5 timing is set, should press the "clock" button, so that the LCD screen shows the current Beijing time.
Q:Will the computer switch machine power consumption is equivalent to how long standby time?
The amount, you want to ask two cases of power consumption, right? General standby power consumption are below 5W, the normal are 2-3W. The normal use of power consumption depends on your computer configuration. The Configuration high power is high. The The general integration of the computer between 150W to 200W, alone in the 150W to 300W between the good configuration is not good, 400,500 or higher are it.
Q:How to use the microcontroller switch to control the length of the circuit section time
The simplest solution: single-chip + relay + transistor drive, or not enough current to drive the relay
Q:High - voltage switch closing time and the same time closing time
This question is really more professional, the circuit breaker on the nameplate on the closing time, generally refers to the closing instructions to the last phase of the main arc chamber contact just a period of time. As the three-phase closing moment there is a time difference, so there is an important indicator, is the synchronization of the switch. As for how you want to keep the lead angle to meet the requirements, this also need to further check the information.
Q:Billboards led lights microcomputer timing switch how to adjust the time
Such as setting the load for a time 18:00, a time for the 05:00 setting method is as follows,

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