Floatless relay 8VAC 110-240V

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Q:This time control switch how to set the control time
Time setting of the time control switch: First check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you want to recalibrate, hold down the "clock" key at the same time, hold down the "school week", "school", "school" key, the clock transferred to the current accurate time ; Press the "time" button, the bottom left of the display "1 open" words (that the first time to open). And then press the "school week" to select the six-day work system, five-day work system, three days of work, the same daily, different daily work mode, and then "school", "school" key, time;
Q:Does the timer switch call the time to work?
Different timing switches work in different ways. Some do not necessarily support no electricity work.
Q:Who knows the stock market general switch time?
Above answer are inadequate, I do some fill red: First of all, the stock trading day is generally in the Monday to Friday, but if there are national holidays in the Monday to Friday, then do not open, such as the National Day, 5.1, Ching Ming, etc., but must be the national statutory holidays The Say the opening day: 9:15 am to 9:25 is the time to collect the auction, in this time will be based on the auction results determine the opening price. 9:25 again stop, know 9:30, the official opening, until 11:30, 1 pm again opened, before the collection did not set the time to 3 pm, closing, this time period for the continuous auction time.
Q:Lenovo one machine computer c345-210 type power switch suddenly to be a long time to boot how the matter
Is the use of a sudden, or normal shutdown, and then boot found? By convention, the possibility of damage to the hardware is not, you can try to power out the situation after the CMOS look at the situation, maybe everything is normal.
Q:Ancient gate switch time
Every place is not the same, and the national flag and the same, the country does not reunify the time, but the basic dawn to open the door, sunset, the specific time is the local official.
Q:Configuration king how to set the time switch! For example, to 3:00 automatically open!
Write the program in the command language If the local time to the number of points a variable is 1 or 0
Q:The motor intermittently operates the control circuit (with a time relay and a trip switch)
Control requirements did not make it clear that you mean to use the trip switch to control the delay in place. The logic of the work to understand.
Q:Air conditioning to open a period of time to trip (leakage switch jump, hit and immediately available), how to solve it
4 hours before jumping My family is the case, and finally check out the single-chip switch is broken, you may not be the case of the thread part of the tightening, there may be your home air conditioning that line problems, with a multimeter test, if not To change a leak, (I was just taking a high certificate of electrical workers.
Q:Microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the time
2.8 Press the "Time" button, then press the "Week" button to set the same daily, different daily, Monday to Friday the same, Saturday to Sunday the same set. 2.9 When the microcomputer timer in case of failure, the manual switch can be closed, so that the control circuit in the manual state to power, to ensure that the load normal power supply.
Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
With the goods have detailed instructions For a drinking fountain set Monday to Friday as early as 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock and Monday to Friday 13 pm to 17 points of the two time to open the steps: ★, proof of the current moment, while pressing the "clock" and "hour" to adjust the hour of the clock display, press an increase of one hour, long press can be quickly adjusted, using the same method, you can set the current week, minutes. ★, first press the "mode" button, the working mode from the "off" to "automatic" mode (the display shows the lower part of the automatic words).

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