Time relay DC AH-3P

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Q:Relay, time relay, air switch, leakage switch, air with leakage, circuit breakers ,,, how to understand and distinguish between ah?
Time relay and ordinary relay is the difference between the time relay with power or power off when the contact delay closed (or disconnect) function.
Q:The computer set the automatic shutdown time how to cancel these times
Shutdown.exe parameters, each with a specific purpose, the implementation of each will have a different effect, such as "-s" means that the closure of the local computer, "- a" that cancel the shutdown operation, the following list of more parameters , We can use in Shutdown.exe on demand.
Q:UC3842 control of the switching power supply, the switch on and off time is how to adjust
2, and then remove the current from the MOS tube drain current information through the other port to return to 3843., to ensure that the load under different load conditions, and can be constant power output.
Q:Central air conditioning winter switch schedule
Comfortable air conditioning standard is the summer temperature at 24-28oC, relative humidity of 40-65%, the wind speed is not greater than O.3m / time 8 hours is appropriate winter: temperature 18-22oC, relative humidity 40-60%, wind speed is not greater than 0.2m / s. Time 10 hours is appropriate.
Q:Is there a software that can record the time on the computer?
Here I introduce four kinds of methods, without any tools, all manual completion, most people I do not tell him Oh! A: One day record easy to see if you just want to check, from yesterday shut down to today there is no use between my computer, then use the "check log" method on it. Enter "eventvwr.msc" in the "Start" menu, or press the "Start Menu" - "Programs" - "Administrative Tools" - "Event Viewer" to open the Event Viewer, in the left window Select the "system", from the right side of the system event to find the event ID of 6005,6006 event (event ID number of 6005 event that the event log service has started, that is, boot, the same event ID: 6006 said shutdown), they correspond Of the time are the boot time and shutdown time. B: If you feel that it is too much trouble to find off events from so many events, you can use "filter" to make the content simple. Select the "Filter" option in the "View" menu of the Event Viewer, select the "Filters" tab in the Properties dialog box, and check the "Information", "Warning", "Error" Event Source "drop-down list, select" eventlog ", click" OK "button, the system event content is much less, we can easily find the latest switch machine time.
Q:How long will the air conditioner switch every interval?
Switch interval to see the individual needs, but do not recommend repeated switch, set the appropriate temperature, the room reaches the set temperature will automatically down
Q:Site how to switch the headlamps how to adjust the time
If it is time control switch control, Such as setting the load for an open time 18:00, The time is 05:00
Q:Led monochrome to go to the word display, the timer switch time are set to set up automatically
This switch has multiple sets of time settings, reset all settings, and then re-set a group just fine.
Q:W7 how to check the computer's history switch machine time
Right - management - event viewer - system, the daily switch machine time can be found
Q:IPad often switch machine for a long time, will not be a hardware problem
You do not have to worry about this as other people say that will not be any problems but I want to say is ipad do not have to switch every day do not have to worry about a long time to start and consume too much my ipad2 with a year and a half Seems to have not been off a few times now ipad4 not too good to use with no worry

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