Time relay DC AH-3P

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Q:Microcomputer control switch ZYT10 how to adjust the time
3. Press the "time" button, then the bottom left of the display appears "1 off" words (that the first off time), then press the "school week", "school", "school" Enter the desired closing date (note: the date must be related to the date of opening) and time; 4. Continue to press the "timer" button, the lower left of the display will display "2 open, 2 off, 3 open , If you do not need to set 10 sets of switches every day, you must press the "Cancel /" button to set the switch, (Not 00:00)
Q:In the C disk WINDOWS which file is recorded switch machine time
In Windows XP, we can through the "event viewer" event log service to see the computer on and off time. Because the event log service starts and shuts down with the computer and leaves a record in the event log. Entry Mode: Start - Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer - System
Q:Decoration, when to install the socket switch and lamps?
The decoration process is: 1 pre-design - 2 main body demolition - 3 water and electricity transformation - 4 woodworking - 5 tile - 6 brush wall paint - 7 kitchen ceiling - 8 cabinet installation - 9 wooden door installation - 10 floor Installation - 11 paving wallpaper - 12 radiator installation - 13 switch socket installation - 14 lamp installation - 15 hardware sanitary ware installation - 16 curtain rod installation - 17 pioneer cleaning - 18 furniture approach - 19 Home appliances installation - 20 home accessories Switch socket installation Switch socket installation should be on the home of the natural switch between the number of socket, location and other issues have a detailed understanding or record, especially for stickers, and sometimes wallpaper workers irresponsible, wallpaper hula all of a sudden shop, he also Do not use a wallpaper knife at the location of your switch socket. So, still need to be aware of yourself.
Q:The role of time relay The Can it be understood as a timer switch?
Can be so understanding, that is, after a period of time off or open, the time can be set
Q:Central air conditioning winter switch schedule
Comfortable air conditioning standard is the summer temperature at 24-28oC, relative humidity of 40-65%, the wind speed is not greater than O.3m / time 8 hours is appropriate winter: temperature 18-22oC, relative humidity 40-60%, wind speed is not greater than 0.2m / s. Time 10 hours is appropriate.
Q:Water heater for a short time do not have to switch off 15?
Water storage type electric water heater without the tube, the gas is exhausted on the off.
Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
set the first time period of the opening and closing (20 groups of a group) A, press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "open" words (the first group of open time) B, adjust the timer to open the minute, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 C, adjust the timer to open the hour, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 8 D, adjust the time to open the week, press the "week" button, until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. E, then press the "set" button, the LCD display time period "1", "off" words (the first group of off time) F, adjust the timing off minutes, press the "minute" key, set the minute to 00 G, adjust the timer off hours, press the "hour" key, set the hour to 11 H, adjust the timing of the week off, press the "week" button until the LCD screen shows the week mode: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Q:Timing socket timer socket can really switch through time?
Such as inplug hard candy wifi smart socket can also be used to control the phone, thousands of miles away can control everything at home, not yet to the end of the house, You can open the water heater, is not more advanced than the timing function!
Q:How to control the computer switch machine time?
You search on Baidu "computer switch machine timing software", to get it!
Q:What is the difference between the inherent opening time and the full disconnection time of the high voltage circuit breaker?
Opening time (breaking time): The time interval from the moment when the opening moment of the mechanical switch is instantaneously to the end of the arc time. Bounce time switch The time between the movable contact and the static contact from the first separation (or closing) to the last stable separation (or closing).

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