Time relay DC AH-3P

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Q:Configuration king how to set the time switch! For example, to 3:00 automatically open!
Write the program in the command language If the local time to the number of points a variable is 1 or 0
Q:Central air conditioning winter switch schedule
Comfortable air conditioning standard is the summer temperature at 24-28oC, relative humidity of 40-65%, the wind speed is not greater than O.3m / time 8 hours is appropriate winter: temperature 18-22oC, relative humidity 40-60%, wind speed is not greater than 0.2m / s. Time 10 hours is appropriate.
Q:IPad often switch machine for a long time, will not be a hardware problem
I started from the iPad2, play to the iPad Air, never out of the hardware failure. And the people around the iPad have not heard of the problem. It should be said that the quality of Apple iPad said no say.
Q:Mechanical relay switch at least once a little time?
Here to distinguish between categories, the use of occasions, power size, the external circuit, under normal circumstances the relay action time in 20MS or so. There are special in the Us level, there are a few seconds there are delay, depending on the specific model.
Q:Press the TV switch to a long time to start the TV, how is it?
May be the TV switch button is broken, repair the flower can not spend much money.
Q:Zhuhai to Macau a total of several points? What is the switch time of each gate?
3 bow north (most convenient but most people) Wan Chai (by boat / ticket 20) are generally 7:30 switch. The The Wanchai has fewer people because of the charges.
Q:Time controller how to use the button switch with the realization
Between the controller control point and the hand control point and inoculation control two sets of control plus conversion off, hand control
Q:Frequent air conditioning switch and a long time to keep the temperature which charges?
Air conditioning frequent switch relative to the long time to keep the temperature more electricity. Frequent switching air conditioning, little impact on the power consumption, but the impact of air conditioning compressor. Because the air conditioner starts, the starting current is several times the current running in the normal operation, but the starting time is short, so the power consumption is not obvious. As the starting current is large, so the compressor is not good. Under normal circumstances, if the shutdown half an hour after the start again, do not turn off the air conditioning; if the start again after the start interval is longer, turn off the air conditioning.
Q:There is no monitoring software, you can monitor the computer's switching time and operating records
Now most of the domestic companies are using the company [network dog] monitoring software, it can easily achieve QQ, MSN chat content monitoring, Internet monitoring, send and receive e-mail content monitoring, screen monitoring, desktop monitoring, but also filter URL blacklist, prohibit the game entertainment software to run, manage the use of mobile hard disk U disk drive, break through a variety of arp firewall control network any one of the machine speed and traffic. The The Monitoring is so simple that the management network is so easy. Can be said that the current domestic most professional, the most simple operation of the network management software! The If you want to know more, you can go to Baidu search under the network, is a red software, hoping to help you! Please adopt! Thank you   The answer was adopted by users
Q:Lenovo one machine computer c345-210 type power switch suddenly to be a long time to boot how the matter
Is the use of a sudden, or normal shutdown, and then boot found? By convention, the possibility of damage to the hardware is not, you can try to power out the situation after the CMOS look at the situation, maybe everything is normal.

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