Three Layer Coextrusion Plastic Film Blowing Bag Making Machine

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1. We use hardened gearbox with high grade bearings excellent extrusion quality.
2. This one use IBC Inner cooling system it make machine cool and improve output. And we use two winding system
3. Automatic winding system: Surface friction type with double winding. Automatic winding, roll-changing and unloading. Rewinding Speed 5-45m/min
4. Traction system: We use up Traction Rotary, it can make film smooth.
5. We use the best Electrical equipment: Temperature control meter (OMROM) Circuit breaker (Schneider) Contactor (Schneider) Switch (Schneider)

Max.   Width  of  Blowing  Film1500mm
Film  Thickness  (mm)0.03-0.2mm
Max.   Output(kg/h)350
Raw  MaterialLLDPE, LDPE, HDPE
Auto  loader330*3
Screw  Diameter(mm)60/65/55
Screw  L/D  Ratio30: 1
The  material  of  screw38CrMoAL
The  material  of  cylinder38CrMoAL
Cylinder  heating  zone4  zone
Hardened  gear  box200/180/180
The  power  of  main  motor(kw) 37/30/30
Frequency  changerYASKAWA
The  Part  of  Die  head
Diameter  of  Die  Head380mm  Three  Layer  with  inner-cooled  device

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Q:Dr. oil mill, bag filter, instructions for use
Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, heated by 40 degrees to 75 degrees of oil through the automatic oil float valve, this valve is automatic control into the vacuum tank of oil import balance, after heating the oil whirl through the spray wing separating oil into a mist, oil and water in the rapid evaporation of water vapor into the vacuum pump and continuous inhalation of condenser.
Q:Oil filter HNP021-380-50-K-Z what does that mean?
The 021 is usually produced in the factory number or date inside the company; the 380 is that the oil filter of the power is 380V, that is to say the oil filter of the power supply is 380V; 50 generally refers to the size of the flow of 50 liters per minute per hour or 50KG; K generally refers to the oil filter, according to the meaning, should refer to the anti fuel, which means that the oil filter is to filter the anti fuel (of course, may also have a fast and efficient filter means), Z generally refers to the vacuum oil filter, filter water.
Q:The function of filter paper for plate oil filter
Used to filter more than 5mm impurities and small amounts of water
Q:Does the vertical centrifugal oil filter have any residue in the filtered oil?
What oil do you filter? The high speed centrifugal oil filter can filter out the slag
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
If the oil is very dirty, recommended for cleaning, if not timely replacement of the cleaning of the filter sludge filter blocked, causing pressure to filter limit rupture, and no way to clean, only for the new.
Q:What is the optimum oil temperature of vacuum oil filter?
4. when the oil into the vacuum tank, the oil level reaches the middle position of the oil level gauge, oil valve opening 20 or 22 (Note: out of the oil valve two 20, 22, two level filtration, close the valve filter on the 22; when using the fine filter, close the valve two 20), the filter start pump 25, an oil outlet to oil.Remind the user to pay special attention to: you must start the oil pump after opening the drain valve, otherwise it will break the filter.
Q:Disadvantages of centrifugal oil filter
Dump the sludge in the oil to the inner wall of the oil filter. For mature pressed oil,
Q:How about the rental fee for vacuum oil filter?
This is not easy to say, general oil filters are to buy a better, after all, waste oil is often a loss, as long as the production will inevitably produce waste oil
Q:What is the working principle of the oil filter?
Working principle of oil filterThere is a rotor with double jet nozzle in its interior, only produced by oil pressure to provide the driving force. After the device is opened, the oil in the tank is sent to the rotor through the pump. When the oil is filled with the rotor, the nozzle is ejected along the lower part of the turntable
Q:Main parameters of ZYA-50 vacuum oil filter
Use:Widely used in various types of power equipment insulation oil purification treatment. Especially for high grade new oil, imported oil and ultra high pressure transformer oil. The utility model can be used for live operation in substations above 110KV, and is especially suitable for the areas with higher elevation. The utility model can be used as drying equipment for drying steam equipment of a power plant, and can completely replace vacuum oiling machine to carry out vacuum oiling to electric equipment. It can also be used as an efficient purification equipment for other low viscosity lubricating oils.

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