China Three-Layer Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine

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Features of Multi-layer Co-extrusion Greenhouse Film Blowing Machine
The lines is researched and designed on the basis of introducing and learning and assimilating the advanced key technology of Europe and America. It can be used for precess LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, EVA, HDPE, etc. The line has various advantages such as Proper structure, stable function, nice plasticization, high output, low energy consumption and clear layers. It is the perfect device produce wide greenhouse film and geomembrane which have various function such as high strength, aging-resisting, non-fogdrop, light filtering and heat insulating.

Three-layer Coextrusion Film Blowing Machine (4-10m)

Main technical details:
1. Film Thickness: 0.05-0.2mm
   Film Open Width: 4000-10000mm

2. Material Mi range
1) LDPE: Mi=0.3-2.0
2) LDPE: Mi=0.3-2.0 EVA(5%~14%)
3) Mixed material (LLDPE and LDPE)

3. Single screw extruder:SJ120/30 (3 sets)
1) Capacity: 750kg/h
2) Screw Type: Wave type and mixed smelted head, used for processing of many material.
3) Screw Diameter: Φ 120mm (3 sets)
4) Screw L/D: 30: 1
5) Screw Material: 38CrMoALA\Nitrogen treated
6) Nitrogen treatment depth: 0.4-0.7mm, Surface hardness≥ HV950
7) Barrel Material: 38CrMoALA\Nitrogen treated
8) Processing Technics: Forging, Nitrogen HV≥ 750
9) Nitroged thickness: 0.4-0.7mm
10) Barrel temeperature controll: Constant temperature auto-controll
11) Barrel heating method: Cast aluminum heating
Barrel cooling method: Air-cooling

4. Gearbox: (Special for Plastic Machinery)
1) Gear Type: Standard hard gear
2) Gear Material: 20CrMoTi
3) Gear case lubricating method: Forcing oil lubricating
4) Main motor power: SJ120/30 with 132kw,
Three-phase asynchronism motor,
Frequency conversion
5) Equipped with long-acting screen changer equipment, to prolong screen changer
6) 120 Long-acting screen changer 3sets

5. Diehead
1) Sepecification: 1200× 2.0 (1 set)
2) Type: Three-layer coextrusion inner composite spiral die
3) Installation Method: Railway type diehead dolly
4) Heating Method: Casting aluminum heater
5) Temperature Controll: Auto-controll

6. Air Ring Equipment
1) Out Air Ring: 1 set
2) Air Ring Type: Double wind-nozzles structure
3) Cooling winder power: 22kw
4) Rotate Speed: 2900 rpm
5) Air pressure: 8000Mpa
6) Air capacity: > 3297m3/h

7. Inner Cooling Air Ring
Inner cooling controll system with PLC, It can improve the transparency and quality of film.
1) Controll system: PLC controll system, LCD Screen
2) Inner cooling blower: 2 sets, Frequency conversion timing
3) Intowinder: 15kw
4) Outwinder: 15kw
5) Imported ultrasonic sensor: 2 PCS

8. Haul off equipment
1) Upper haul off height: 21m
2) Die operation plat: 1 set
3) Triangle type frame: Steel frame rolling type 1 set
4) Flash board: Rolling type 1 set
5) Steady foam equipment: Rolling type 1 set
6) Upper haul off equipment: 1PC/set
7) Haul off roller sepecification: 340× 3200mm Speed: 0.5-15m/min
8) Motor power: 5.5kw

9. Tightening equipment and winding equipment: 1 set
1) Haul off roller sepecification: 200× 3200mm
2) Haul off Speed: 0.5-20m/min
3) Winding Method: Surface friction furl
4) Winding Speed: 0.5-20m/min
5) Winding motor type: YLJ132-40/6

10. The standard of checking machines
The machines will be fit for the standard as follows,
1) JB/T8061-96 Single screw plastic extruder
2) JB/78538-1997 Screw and Barrel equipped plastic machinery
3) JB/T8703-98 Plastic film blowing down-equippment
4) GB4340-84 The test method of metal hardness
5) GB11354-89 The standard of steel parts
6) GB11379-89 The standard of plating chrome
7) GB985-88 The type and size of welding
8) ZBG950/0-88 The condition and standard of painting

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Q:What's the problem of air compressor?
There are three aspects to improve the noise of air compressor:1. Install air compressor muffler2. Set up the air compressor silencing Gallery3. Establish sound insulation cover
Q:Dr. oil mill, bag filter, instructions for use
Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, heated by 40 degrees to 75 degrees of oil through the automatic oil float valve, this valve is automatic control into the vacuum tank of oil import balance, after heating the oil whirl through the spray wing separating oil into a mist, oil and water in the rapid evaporation of water vapor into the vacuum pump and continuous inhalation of condenser.
Q:How often do you change the oil filter when the turbine is in oil?
Hello In fact, these things is not a fixed pattern, because it is with a barrel of oil, from all above and below, and you are a group of oil? This is what we do on the machine. Add a pressure controller to the pressure filter and automatically remind you that you should change the filter paper by proper debugging
Q:What kind of oil can the oil filter handle?
Only 1, ordinary oil filter cleaning and removal of micro water, such as frame type oil filter, oil filter machine, portable portable oil filter, can handle the oil is usually low viscosity lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, this kind of equipment can also be used as fuel for oil.
Q:What kind of scheme is better for the oil filter except the impurity?
4, vacuum oil filter, the principle is to use the principle of vacuum removal of water in the oil, the use of fine filter cartridge to remove impurities in the oil. The utility model has the advantages of good water removing effect, good impurity removing effect, stable operation of the system and no need for human care. Before now, the oil filter is basically one of the best. However, the selection of such oil filter equipment, there is a great deal of attention. Because the capacity of vacuum water removal is affected by the area of the vacuum separator in the oil filter. Theoretically, the greater the area of the vacuum separator, the better the effect of water removal, but because of the limited size of the equipment, so the vacuum separator will not continue indefinitely. So the chance of high quality vacuum oil filter in the vacuum separator, vacuum separation device in the Lv of the same area, who use the high technology (equivalent to the increase of vacuum separator area), oil filter whose effect will be better. This is also the choice
Q:What are the oil filters for? What are they used for?
The lubricating system is filtered through the oil filter system to filter the impurities and moisture,
Q:Which is more advantageous than a centrifugal oil filter and a vacuum oil filter?
The accuracy of the filter is improved to a certain extent, and the new type of centrifuge has better rotation mode and transmission speed and higher centrifugal rate, so the filtering effect is also improved, and the filtering effect is improved in general.
Q:What's the name of the glass tubing that filters the oil-water separation?
Liquid level meter, you can clearly see the oil and water stratification.
Q:How does the vacuum oil filter remove moisture and loss?
When the oil purifier is working, the filtered oil will enter the electric heater under the influence of the outside atmosphere and vacuum suction. After heated oil enters the strong magnetic filter, large particles of impurities are filtered out, oil containing small impurities enters the two stage filter and is filtered again, and then the oil enters the coalescence filter.
Q:I change the oil machine! I recently changed my false engine oil!
Hello, you can not, the oil filter is the role of filtration, you change the oil does not change the filter, change the meaning of the oil does not hit.

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