PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine

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PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine


PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine 

PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine



1.SJ-B series film blowing machine use HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE as materials, after being heated, extruded,drawn and winding, then to be plastic film.It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff,clothing,rubbish bag and vest ones. Its extruder and cylinder are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrizied and processed in a precision way.Hence it is sound in hardness,durable in corrosion resistance, the specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing,which helps increase the production capacity.


2.Main Technical Parameter

pe blown film extrusion machine/plastic blow film machine/pe plastic film blowing machine price


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Q:Why is the gas filter not clean?
Air pressure filter has been too accurate, not used
Q:What kind of oil filter is mainly used in the industry? What are the main uses?
The oil filter mainly belongs to the filter equipment, so it is a kind of oil purification device.The oil is affected by pressure, temperature, agitation, flow, and splash during use and produces organic acids when mixed with moisture in the airInsulating oil and other oil as well as water, magazines and other enter occur various physical or chemical reaction damage oil finally indirectly damage the equipment, causing great threat to the life of the equipment and the safe operation.
Q:What kind of scheme is better for the oil filter except the impurity?
2, mechanical separation, the oil-water separator represented as oil-water separator or centrifuge oil filtering equipment, its principle is to rely on water and impurity density difference at high speed under water and impurities out of the device, the utility model has the advantages of large amounts of water filter, the drawback is less moisture the oil when the device does not have much effect, and large amount of maintenance. This kind of equipment is out of date.3, coalescence separation type, with efficient oil filter as the representative, the principle is the use of coalescence and separation filter suction water, using fine filter to remove impurities, the oil filtering equipment to remove impurities of good performance, a lot of water in the oil removal effect is good, the disadvantage is a large amount of supplies. Replace the filter down to tens of thousands, and the removal effect of moisture in oil can reach the verge of failure. The effect of oil filtration is greatly affected by the temperature of the oil.
Q:The characteristics of plate and frame pressure oil filters? How often is the filter changed?
Plate and frame pressure type oil filter, also known as pressure oil filter, pressure plate and frame oil filter, plate and frame oil filter, is composed of filter bed, oil pump, motor and rough filter and other components
Q:Can oil filter oil filter oil still be used?
It depends on the performance of the oil filter. If it can be standardized to filter dehydration, it can be used in an industrial environment.
Q:Filter turbine oil filter, filter Q oil?
In the non stress, very casual circumstances, you can filter, but if the two kinds of oil to be strictly distinguished, it is recommended that you do not mix, but also in the technical requirements are not the same
Q:Can centrifugal oil filters filter sesame oil? What's the filtration effect?
Can filter, the effect is good, centrifugal oil filter is specialized in cooking oil
Q:What should be noticed when using an oil filter?
If you encounter equipment failure, you must first power off, and other machines completely stopped, in the inspection; if you do not understand the structure of the machine and electrical components, it is best not to disassemble, you should call the manufacturer to its home repair.
Q:What is the working principle of the oil filter?
Which creates a driving force for the high-speed rotation of the rotor. Its speed can reach more than 4000-6000r.p.m, the power generated by the gravity of more than 2000 times, the principle of centrifugal force directly drive impurities from the oil in the separation.
Q:The same function, one is installed in a part of a system, and the oil filter can move, do not need other devices can be completed independently
From the above analysis, we can know that the dehydration efficiency of vacuum oil filter is at the moderate position in the three mainstream dehydration oil filters. The dewatering efficiency is the fastest ordinary coalescence oil filter, oil filter coalescence but high cost, the price is expensive, and cannot handle trace water and emulsion, behind the emergence and coalescence of the vacuum oil filter is the coalescence and vacuum technology, the coalescence vacuum has the ability of rapid dehydration and demulsification. Filtration, trace water, but the price is much higher than the vacuum oil filter, so many users will choose the vacuum oil filter, while the vacuum oil filter dewatering efficiency than the coalescence of oil filter, but the vacuum oil filter has the dehydration ability of all, but the actual dewatering efficiency is not slow, the price of the coalescence of oil filter much cheaper than the coalescence of oil filter or vacuum, the price is high. As for the centrifugal oil filter, which uses centrifugal dehydration, washing machine principle and shedding water, although the beginning of filtering a large amount of water quickly, but the centrifugal oil filter can not be broken and emulsification, dehydration ability is very limited, now a lot of industrial oil and water requirements are relatively high, centrifugal oil filter cannot to achieve the filtering requirements.
The company has a large number of both ability and political integrity technology, production, sales and management personnel. Also has a number of well-trained and experienced staff. Company has strong technical strength, production ability, mainly the production of high-speed equipment bag two layer, three layer coextrusion film blowing machine production lines in various fields.

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