PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine

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PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine


PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine 

PE Blown Film Extrusion Machine/Plastic Blow Film Machine/PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine



1.SJ-B series film blowing machine use HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE as materials, after being heated, extruded,drawn and winding, then to be plastic film.It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff,clothing,rubbish bag and vest ones. Its extruder and cylinder are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrizied and processed in a precision way.Hence it is sound in hardness,durable in corrosion resistance, the specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing,which helps increase the production capacity.


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pe blown film extrusion machine/plastic blow film machine/pe plastic film blowing machine price


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