Three Layer Automatice Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine

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1. Haul-off unit is oscillating reverse by horizontal± 180...Its structure is reasonable, so it economizes lots of energy and it is easy to maintain. By means of the reversing haul-off unit, films can be produced without requiting rotating die head, so the structure of die head is simplified.

Reversing haul-off unit eliminates many problems of ling channel for the rotating die head, difficult sealing for the melt, compound leakage being easy, unsymmetrical heating, difficult maintenance, macro film tolerance and so on Haul-off unit reduces the degree of difficulty for recipe of the multi-layer co-extruded product and production technical processing control, if the blowing film line is with IBC (Internal Bubble cooling system), it can produce film with the quality of more high-grade transparency and better all round performance. The produced film is very flat, reel is high-quality by the use of reversing haul-off units. The film can meet the demand for the high-speed printing.

2. This machine set is to satisfy the customer's requirements of high quality, high out put film blowing equipment. It adopts the extruder with force feeding function, precision type ceramic heater, precision type double vents air ring, horizontal type rotary traction system, IBC inner cooling system, fully automatic surface friction type double cut double winders, computer concentrate control system, advanced technique and equipments.

Compare with kindred equipment, it has the advantages such as more compact structure, higher output, better produce quality, less energy consume, easier operation. It can be widely used into various kind of high transparence packing film manufacture, and create the considerable economic benefit for you
FILM WIDTH600-1000mm800-1300mm1000-1800mm
FILM THICKNESS0.02-0.20mm0.02-0.20mm0.02-03mm
MAX.EXTRUSION OUTPUT120-150kg/hr150-200kg/hr200-300kg/hr
SCREW DIAMETERφ50/55/50φ55/60/55Φ65/65/65
SCREW L/D LENGTH30:130:130:1
CYLINDER COOLING370×3370×3370×4
DRIVING MOTOR18.5/22/18.5Kw22/30/22Kw37/37/37Kw
DIE SIZEΦ200φ300Φ450
AIR BLOWER5.5kw7.5Kw11kw
ROLLER WIDTHφ165×1100mmφ165×1400mmφ165×2000mm
EFFECTIVE WIDTH1000mm1300mm1800mm
TAKE-UP SPEED10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min
TAKE-UP MOTOR1.5kw1.5Kw2.2kw
WINDING MOTOR1.5kw2.2kw3kw
WINDING SPEED10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min
OVERALL DIMENSION(L×W×H)11×7.5×8.5m11×7.5×9m11×7.5×10m

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Q:What parameters should be provided for purchasing turbine oil filters?
First, to see whether you need to filter the water and gas, if necessary, in general to choose the special vacuum oil turbine oil filter, such as the TYAXD series; if these particles can filter impurities, portable LY or LY plate oil filter can, by the way,
Q:Which is more advantageous than a centrifugal oil filter and a vacuum oil filter?
The accuracy of the filter is improved to a certain extent, and the new type of centrifuge has better rotation mode and transmission speed and higher centrifugal rate, so the filtering effect is also improved, and the filtering effect is improved in general.
Q:The difference between plate type oil filter and automatic slag filter
Plate type oil filter investment is relatively small, but the latter supplies high cost, the scene is dirty, oil consumption is higher, labor costs relative to more than one person's expenses.
Q:How does the oil filter usually be repaired and maintained?
Then place it where it is not easy to damp and dry. As for the maintenance of oil filters, specific conditions should be analyzed and treated.
Q:What are the types of centrifugal oil filters and their product characteristics?
For mature oil, the oil filter works better and faster.
Q:Seeking a set of oil filter drawings, the effect of good points, thank you, you can discuss
And the oil filter is non-standard machinery, concrete structure and function of the user can request, so now your demand is uncertain, a problem you can say speak generally, suggested the problem description in more detail.
Q:Can vacuum turbine oil filters be used to filter transformer oils?
But for a turbine oil and transformer oil are not the same, the quantity of the water is not the same, generally require a relatively high water content in transformer oil to meet the general requirements of minimum 30ppm, otherwise easily lead to the breakdown of transformer, transformer directly lead to system failure and damage, and even lead to accidents. The general steam turbine oil (turbine oil) as long as the water content dropped to about 50ppm qualified, so that the two kinds of oil requirements are not the same. Transformer oil filter requirements are high, turbine oil filter requirements are lower, with low requirements to filter high requirements, may not be able to meet the transformer oil standards.
Q:Can centrifugal oil filters filter sesame oil? What's the filtration effect?
Can filter, the effect is good, centrifugal oil filter is specialized in cooking oil
Q:What's wrong with the vacuum oil filter?
Vacuum oil filters are slow to filter oil for the following reasons:Too many impurities, filter clogging; vacuum oil filter function of moisture, can filter impurities, which is the function of filtering impurities by strong magnetic adsorption and filter intercept, strong magnetic adsorption of iron metal and other impurities mainly through the filter to intercept, once the interception of impurities is overmuch, blocking the filter, a show the pressure is too large, on the one hand is to filter oil is very slow, serious when the direct damage to the filter.
Q:What cloth is the filter cloth used to filter oil? Where can I buy it?
On the other hand, the smaller aperture, the more oil filter mesh, the speed will be slow, but the oil filter cleaner.Generally it is necessary to configure the speed of the oil filter and the type of oil filter.

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