Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine

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1. Three-to-Seven-layer co-extruding die head adopts the internationally advanced superposed die heads, of which each layer can heat and receive thermal insulation medium independently and can insulate the heat effectively, which is grog for blowing and making plastic film with difference temperature. The die head is of advanced construction and even arrangement of spree-runner that can ensure the steady Fluid and even thickness of film.
2. The traction system adopts ± 360° Swing and uniform rotation in level direction to meet the requirements for high precision and high-speed printing. The cooling system in IBC is an internationally advanced technology today. The system adopts four ultrasonic wave probes to count the tested information, and at the same time, to guarantee the size of the film bubble steadily while replacing the hot air in the film bubble through the control and regulation of in -out air output. It can increase the production output as well as its transparency and added value.
3. Computer control system.

Three-to-Seven-layer co-extruding upper traction rotation blown film machine unit is developed and researched according to the market demands at the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology. It is applied to packing with medium-high film. The film is of well barrier property, retaining freshness, moisture-proof, frost Prevention, oxygen proof and oil-proof. So it can be widely applied to the light-weight packing, such as fresh fruits, meat, pickles, fresh milk, drink, medicine, etc.
Diameter of screwφ 45mmφ 50mmφ 55mm
Diameter of screw L/DL/D30:1L/D30:1L/D30:1
Screw rev15-150r/min15-150r/min15-150r/min
Cooling-mode of bubble filmDouble Air Vent Air Ring
Applicable materials
Power of main motor11kw×315kw×318.5kw×3
Max. Extrusion Output110kg /h125kg /h150kg /h
Matrix specificationφ 200mmφ 250mmφ 300mm
Single-face Thickness of film0.02 -0.20mm0.02 -0.20mm0.02 -0.20mm
Max. Reduced diameter of film1000mm1200mm1500mm
electric capacity78kw90kw105kw
Machine of weightabout 18000kgabout 18000kgabout 20000kg
Overall diameter(L×W×H)8800×4600× 8000mm9000×4800× 8500mm9700×5000× 9000mm

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