Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Polyolefin Film Blowing Machine

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1. Joint squeezing die head, parameter of flow path, excellent design by computer applies to joint squeezing and compound for various materials.

2. Die head and cooling wind ring rotate and rolling up of film are even and smooth.

3. Change of package, applying to blow film with different specifications.

4. Always fitting various functional parts on the spot, such as corona treating machine, device of drawing side in and so on.

5. Suitable raw materials: LDPE, HEPE, LLDPE, EVA, polymer of PP ion body. 6, Suitable film blowing structure: ABA, ABC, ABB, AB.

Raw material MLLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, EVA.
Max. Layflat Width mm1200140016002000
Film Layer3333
Film Thichness mm0.02-0.120.02-0.120.02-0.120.02-0.12
Max. Output kg/h120150180240
Screw Diameter mmΦ 55× 3Φ 60× 3Φ 65× 3Φ 70× 3
Screw L/D Ratio L/D28: 128: 128: 128: 1
Screw Max. Rotation Speed100r/min100r/min100r/min100r/min
Extruder Driving Power kw22× 330× 337× 345× 3
The Way of Screen Changing of ExtruderManual Twin-station Changing Screen Quickly
Die StructureWith or Without IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling System)
Air-ring SrtuctureDual-lip
Reversing Haul-off SystemFilm Turning ModeHorizontal
Reversing Haul-off SystemAngle of Reversing± 180°
Take-off Wind-up Speed45r/min45r/min45r/min45r/min
Total Power kw≈ 85≈ 110≈ 140≈ 220
Overall Dimensions(L× W× H) M10× 6× 910× 6× 9.511× 7× 1013× 7× 12
Weight T≈ 20≈ 25≈ 32≈ 40

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