Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Polyolefin Film Blowing Machine

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1. Joint squeezing die head, parameter of flow path, excellent design by computer applies to joint squeezing and compound for various materials.

2. Die head and cooling wind ring rotate and rolling up of film are even and smooth.

3. Change of package, applying to blow film with different specifications.

4. Always fitting various functional parts on the spot, such as corona treating machine, device of drawing side in and so on.

5. Suitable raw materials: LDPE, HEPE, LLDPE, EVA, polymer of PP ion body. 6, Suitable film blowing structure: ABA, ABC, ABB, AB.

Raw material MLLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, EVA.
Max. Layflat Width mm1200140016002000
Film Layer3333
Film Thichness mm0.02-0.120.02-0.120.02-0.120.02-0.12
Max. Output kg/h120150180240
Screw Diameter mmΦ 55× 3Φ 60× 3Φ 65× 3Φ 70× 3
Screw L/D Ratio L/D28: 128: 128: 128: 1
Screw Max. Rotation Speed100r/min100r/min100r/min100r/min
Extruder Driving Power kw22× 330× 337× 345× 3
The Way of Screen Changing of ExtruderManual Twin-station Changing Screen Quickly
Die StructureWith or Without IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling System)
Air-ring SrtuctureDual-lip
Reversing Haul-off SystemFilm Turning ModeHorizontal
Reversing Haul-off SystemAngle of Reversing± 180°
Take-off Wind-up Speed45r/min45r/min45r/min45r/min
Total Power kw≈ 85≈ 110≈ 140≈ 220
Overall Dimensions(L× W× H) M10× 6× 910× 6× 9.511× 7× 1013× 7× 12
Weight T≈ 20≈ 25≈ 32≈ 40

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Q:Why does the vacuum oil filter tank foam?
Free gas bubble, general steam turbine lubricating system is generally open or forced circulation type, in a certain degree of exposure in the air, oil churning, mixed with a lot of air, and partly dissolved gas, oil soluble liquid, volume of about 10%. When the vacuum oil filter, vacuum flash tower is vacuum, gas solubility decreased, gas free bubble, but there are some small bubbles exist in the form of oil, with the oil flows in the vacuum oil filter machine, in each link may join the new gas. Finally with the oil movement and arrived in the tank, in the oil phase precipitation, causing bubbles.
Q:Comparison of performances of several oil filters
A traditional oil filter equipment separate. Features: - good for oil filtration and dewatering effects with less moisture; the operation is relatively cumbersome; the filtering effect of impurities is poor; it affected by altitude; the separation of oil in water at high rate effect is poor; the dirty oil (the water and impurities) need to use other oil filtering equipment can be used after filtering impurities.3, centrifugal oil filter is the use of centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation, isolated from a traditional oil filtering equipment accounted for a large proportion of water and suspended particles from the oil
Q:What kind of oil filter is mainly used in the industry? What are the main uses?
Sediment corrosion surface mechanical oil filter is mainly used in petrochemical, mining machinery, ship steel, metallurgy medicine, aviation power, if it is edible oil filter also can be used in food industry, general industry, oil filter is a derivative of the industry, as long as the use of oil, whether it is edible oil or industrial if you want to filter oil, oil filter can be used.
Q:Can vacuum turbine oil filters be used to filter transformer oils?
But for a turbine oil and transformer oil are not the same, the quantity of the water is not the same, generally require a relatively high water content in transformer oil to meet the general requirements of minimum 30ppm, otherwise easily lead to the breakdown of transformer, transformer directly lead to system failure and damage, and even lead to accidents. The general steam turbine oil (turbine oil) as long as the water content dropped to about 50ppm qualified, so that the two kinds of oil requirements are not the same. Transformer oil filter requirements are high, turbine oil filter requirements are lower, with low requirements to filter high requirements, may not be able to meet the transformer oil standards.
Q:What parameters should be provided for purchasing turbine oil filters?
First, to see whether you need to filter the water and gas, if necessary, in general to choose the special vacuum oil turbine oil filter, such as the TYAXD series; if these particles can filter impurities, portable LY or LY plate oil filter can, by the way,
Q:What cloth is the filter cloth used to filter oil? Where can I buy it?
The filter cloth used in the oil press used in the oil press can be either linen or cotton.
Q:How about the rental fee for vacuum oil filter?
Of course, buying cheap things that will last two or three years of life can be a waste. As for you, if you really want to rent, only in the vicinity of the local oil filter companies to buy, ask to see how specific people rent, how much money, this is to talk to each other, bargaining.
Q:What's wrong with the vacuum oil filter?
Vacuum oil filters are slow to filter oil for the following reasons:Too many impurities, filter clogging; vacuum oil filter function of moisture, can filter impurities, which is the function of filtering impurities by strong magnetic adsorption and filter intercept, strong magnetic adsorption of iron metal and other impurities mainly through the filter to intercept, once the interception of impurities is overmuch, blocking the filter, a show the pressure is too large, on the one hand is to filter oil is very slow, serious when the direct damage to the filter.
Q:How can I get rid of the cooking oil and the sediment filtered out by centrifugal oil filters?.
After filtration of edible oil and sediment, you can add a ladle in the oil filter (number), so as not to export the filtered oil dirty and precipitation.
Q:The same function, one is installed in a part of a system, and the oil filter can move, do not need other devices can be completed independently
From the above analysis, we can know that the dehydration efficiency of vacuum oil filter is at the moderate position in the three mainstream dehydration oil filters. The dewatering efficiency is the fastest ordinary coalescence oil filter, oil filter coalescence but high cost, the price is expensive, and cannot handle trace water and emulsion, behind the emergence and coalescence of the vacuum oil filter is the coalescence and vacuum technology, the coalescence vacuum has the ability of rapid dehydration and demulsification. Filtration, trace water, but the price is much higher than the vacuum oil filter, so many users will choose the vacuum oil filter, while the vacuum oil filter dewatering efficiency than the coalescence of oil filter, but the vacuum oil filter has the dehydration ability of all, but the actual dewatering efficiency is not slow, the price of the coalescence of oil filter much cheaper than the coalescence of oil filter or vacuum, the price is high. As for the centrifugal oil filter, which uses centrifugal dehydration, washing machine principle and shedding water, although the beginning of filtering a large amount of water quickly, but the centrifugal oil filter can not be broken and emulsification, dehydration ability is very limited, now a lot of industrial oil and water requirements are relatively high, centrifugal oil filter cannot to achieve the filtering requirements.

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