The Integrated Hot Blast Stove

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Product Description:


The integrated hot-blast stove    Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116KW,   232KW,  349KW,  465KW,  581KW,  698KW,   1046KW

                         (please refer to service consultant for specific parameter)

Technical description:

1、could be used for such process requirement as paint, drying and heating.

2、hot blast temperature could be 280℃.

3、the material is heat-resistant because of long-time high temperature dry combustion.

4、the design construction of boiler should be exquisite, or the life-time will be greatly improved.

5、reduce the demand for pure wood fuel, which will reduce fuel cost correspondently.  

6、design with our invention patent, which could burn all kinds of pellet fuel.

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Q:what is the process of boiler?
A boiler produces steam by heating water via a gas or oil fired burner. Steam is used in processes requiring heat or power. Also used for heating the buildings and adjusting humidity of the air pumped into the buildings.
Q:combi boiler?
If the boiler is sufficient for heating but doesn't produce enough hot water, ask your plumber about adding a separate hot water holding tank, which uses a small amount of fuel, usually gas or electric, to hold a large amount of water ready for those long winter showers.
Q:what kind of price range will a new boiler run?
if youre doing a direct replacement where the gas pipes are there youre looning at 4500- 6000. thats the standard in the industry. if you live anywhere in long island i can do it for you
Q:What is the farmula of measuring Horse Power of a steam boiler by its heating surface?
Boiler Horsepower
Q:The structure of the boiler
The overall structure of the boiler includes the boiler drum, auxiliary equipment and safety devices in two parts.
Q:My 2 year old electric boiler is not working, and I think its the cartridge circulator. How can I troubleshoot?
Gizmo is right again! I would try a rap with rubber hammer while the pump is energized. Sometimes this will free the pump. But, you should probably get a new one , just in case. Find out why it failed. Is it sized right, is the feed valve working? Call a trusted plumber and have him look for an hour! Good luck!................
Q:Shop Assembled Boiler VS. Packaged Boiler?
Pretty much the size of it.
Q:Plz Help Me.........How does a boiler function to make the solar hot water system work.?
the boiler is the area where the water gets heated the pump transports that water to the water tank the water tank stores the water for when you want to use it
Q:Problem with my boiler/hot water?
I would get them to send out another engineer (one who knows what they are talking about) and there are tests which can be carried out. the heat exchanger could be getting furred up and so the water heats up but can not pass through so the burner lowers the temperature drops the burner raises and so on. I only know this because I had a similar issue which the boiler man sorted and explained it to me (because I'm nosy) but he tested the sensors and said they were fine then he checked the distribution valve and exchanger and found the exchanger to be the issue, 25 minutes later it was all done and dusted and we had hot water etc again without problems
Q:losing hot water pressure is it my storage tank or boiler(water psi is fine on boiler)?

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