The Integrated Hot Blast Stove

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Product Description:


The integrated hot-blast stove    Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 116KW,   232KW,  349KW,  465KW,  581KW,  698KW,   1046KW

                         (please refer to service consultant for specific parameter)

Technical description:

1、could be used for such process requirement as paint, drying and heating.

2、hot blast temperature could be 280℃.

3、the material is heat-resistant because of long-time high temperature dry combustion.

4、the design construction of boiler should be exquisite, or the life-time will be greatly improved.

5、reduce the demand for pure wood fuel, which will reduce fuel cost correspondently.  

6、design with our invention patent, which could burn all kinds of pellet fuel.

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Q:Does this boiler need replacing?
we are steam boiler manufacturer since 1983 we installed 300 boiler in india
Q:The boiler for the heat in my house keeps shutting down after a couple of minutes, why is that?
There are several safety devices in the wiring circuit which include a flow switch, a flame sensor, a high temperature device and several others. One or more of the devices are opening and shutting down the boiler as a protective measure. You need to have a qualified service technician come in and determine which device is reacting and why it is doing so. The technician should be able to identify the problem within 30 to 45 minutes, perhaps less. The technician will know where to locate any replacement parts needed for your particular boiler. The parts may even be in stock on his service vehicle. He should be able to tell you exactly how much any parts and labor will cost before any actual repairs are made.
Q:My boiler is leacking?
If you really need to get some more time out of the boiler, inject liquid boiler seal. Follow the directions on the bottle.The stuff works but remember it is only a Band-Aid and could start leaking again ( usually at the most inopportune time !). Boilers last more than 5-7 years unless it has a defect in the casting or assembly.
Q:My Boilers Not Working!?
Need more details in order to help you out. What type of boiler, gas or oil fired? If oil check the tank. Check the fuse box for a tripped breaker.
Q:what is the efficiency of boilers with super-heaters?
The boiler efficiency is roughly the same with and without superheat. The efficiency of a utility boiler will be over 90%. You obtain the efficiency savings in the turbine cycle where you convert the thermal energy of the steam into mechanical energy to turn a generator. In most modern coal fired boiler, there are two superheat circuits, one called superheat and one called reheat. The heat rate of one boiler I know of with the reheat circuit is over 13,000 BTU/KWHr, while the heat rate of a two superheat boiler is around 10,000 BTU/KWHr. (Divide the heat rate by 3412 to get the efficiency.) But it depends on design. Most nuclear units do not have any superheat, they operate on a saturated steam steam cycle. Their heat rates are not that far off from a coal unit, look at the figures in the link below:
Q:How long does a gas boiler last?
Boilers are designed for 25 to 30 years. Then, you can conduct RLA i.e. residual life assessment study by a reputed party to assess the remaining life of different components. As, your boiler is 40 years old you should conduct the test. If some parts are found to have reached their fatigue limits then you have to do the renovation and use it for a longer period.
Q:how to melt white chocolate chips without double boiler?
Toll House White Chocolate Chips
Q:Very low (zero) pressure on my MAIN combi boilers - what to do?
The should be a tap on one of the pipes below the boiler.Try turning it a little bit, if it makes a sound of running water you should see the pressure dial moving up. Take it to 1 and a half. just search for those little taps and listen for the Hiss. All the best
Q:Is it worth upgrading my boiler, if so then how much should it cost?
A lot will depend on the quality of the installation.If the system is 20 years old then it might need a power flush which will hike the price up.The make of boiler will also affect the price as they can vary from £400 to £1000 depending on the size and the manufacturer.Some installers will skimp on fitting the required valves and controls to keep the price down. Ask them for a breakdown of what exactly they will be doing for their money with regards to flushing,make and model of boiler,flue system,additional controls-ie roomstat,programmer and thermostat valves and let us know and we can tell you if its fair. Is it a combi boiler or a more traditional system boiler?
Q:i need some ideas to develop the boiler ?
its already been done. we even have a double boiler now

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