Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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1. A wide application as family, villa, and small hotel. It can supply heat energy to cold places and 500m² villa by the way of ground heating, blower, heat sink etc.

2. No matter in Dongbei or Hainan, it can provide 24 tons of hot water  heating from 10℃ to 50℃, which could be used for 100 rooms.

3. One-time feeding could be used for over 8 hours. The installation way is similar to air energy, which is quite convenient.

4. The emission temperature is much lower than that of similar product, high efficiency makes more energy-saving.

5. The test of Environmental Protection Agency shows that the dust emission is 17.5mg/m³ without dust catcher, similar to the emission standard of natural gas. It is more environmental


6. Advanced combustion technology without grate realize the high-efficiency burning without black smoke. More kinds of fuels can be used.

7. One-button control system to start fire and set temperature, operation, hyper-high temperature protection, water-load protection and time automatically.

8. An easy maintenance door is equipped to 2015 version. Any parts can be assembled and get repaired easily.

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Q:I have a central air unit and boiler. Is it cheaper to replace both or go with the forced air?
If you presently have the duct work to the rooms for central AC then it should be no problem to install a new HVAC system. Then you can eliminate all the pipes, radiators along with the boiler. May get a small fortune for the copper at the scrap yard! How old is the present AC system? Do you know where the Freon leak is located? A good service tech will look for it after recharging the unit using an electronic detector. Sometimes it'll be from a bad fitting or a leaky seal on the compressor. Those aren't horribly expensive to repair/replace. Then you can see about having an electric heating element box added to the existing air handler above the AC coils. Most HVAC companies save reusable units and components for repairs and installations in rental properties. They sell those parts for much less for being used and make their money on the labor. Something to ask about if you're working on a tight budget.
Q:Are aluminum boilers in espresso machines bad for you? similar to those used in gaggia machines.?
The short time the water is in contact with the boiler doesn't allow that much time for aluminum to dissolve, but if any is too much for you, then you should find an alternative. I'm not convinced copper is any better. There is also copper toxicity, and if the copper is alloyed, it often contains other metals that may not be good for you either. Aluminum is prevalent in diets, and as far as I know, no corelation has been made between Alzheimer's occurrence and areas with naturally high aluminum in the soil. That to me would/should be easily demonstrated. I did read that if you use highly purified water, like distilled or reverse osmosis, that these purified waters are more mineral hungry and will tend to dissolve even copper pipes, so pure water may be more likely to dissolve nasties it comes in contact with. Sorry, I'm no real help.
Q:What valve for a Steam Boiler would cost $300?
If your steam boiler didn't come with an automatic fill valve, it would be common sense to have one installed. $300.00 bucks my be a fair price in your area, but ask a couple of other companies for free quotes. I have a question for YOU!!! Why are you asking this question HERE and not face to face with your heating technician!?!?
Q:how to drain a copper boiler that does not have a drain valve to replace the element?
How about drilling a quarter-inch hole in the very bottom and draining it completely from there. Then thread it and insert the proper plug. You could also put in a small saddle valve if the physical configuration will accommodate it.
Q:My boiler is leacking?
If you really need to get some more time out of the boiler, inject liquid boiler seal. Follow the directions on the bottle.The stuff works but remember it is only a Band-Aid and could start leaking again ( usually at the most inopportune time !). Boilers last more than 5-7 years unless it has a defect in the casting or assembly.
Q:My Combi Boiler has started dripping slightly from the bottom, should i be concerned?!?
Boilers can develop problems if they aren't serviced regularly. If your boiler develops a fault its better to contact a reputable heating and cooling company in your area.
Q:What safety systems are required to operate a diesel boiler?
systems safety are all the same whatever your fuel is. diesel boilers are less efficient. we manufacture natural gas boilers and our efficiency reaches 90% up.
Q:Can any body tell me the advantages of thermic oil boiler over steam boiler?
Thermic Oil Boiler has lot of advantages over Steam Boilers. Thermic Fluid Boilers require less maintenance and have longer life. The Thermic Fluid Systems are closed loop systems and are virtually non pressurized. whereas the steam boilers are pressurized system. Also no water treatment plants are required for Thermic Fluid system. temperature upto 300 Deg. C can be achieved in normal Thermic Fluid Heaters as compared to185 Deg. C in Steam Boilers. In case of Steam Boiler, higher capacities of system comes under govt. regulations and qualified boiler operator is required along with govt. fees and yearly inspections. The operational cost of steam boilers is much higher than thermic fluid systems. The Thermic fluid systems are virtually maintenance free as compared to Steam Boilers in terms of corrosion, rusting, choking, scale problems, failure of pressure parts etc.. Regarding stenters, dyeing machines, tumblers etc. Thermic Fluid systems are Best as no direct heating is required in textile machinery. In Case u need more information, contact me or mail me. It will be my pleasure to help u.
Q:What boiler size do I need?
you will need a little more information like what is your climate area (coldest temp outside that it gets) the type, style and how many outside windows,doors,the amount of insulation in the outside walls and roof,the height of you ceilings,is there a heated garage attached or not,and the best of all do you plan on getting your hot-water off this boiler and if you do is it to be a coil which is inside of the boiler or are you going to add a indirect water heater which is piped to the boiler a person could guess and say around 120,000 btu boiler but guessing is not what we do right,if you can't get your heating company to come and do a heat loss calculation on your home you might be able to take all this information that you collected and bring it to a big box store lowes,home depot, or another and they will do it for you or look up heat loss on the web
Q:What documents do you need to use for boiler use?
Quality and Technical Supervision Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Office

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