Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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1. A wide application as family, villa, and small hotel. It can supply heat energy to cold places and 500m² villa by the way of ground heating, blower, heat sink etc.

2. No matter in Dongbei or Hainan, it can provide 24 tons of hot water  heating from 10℃ to 50℃, which could be used for 100 rooms.

3. One-time feeding could be used for over 8 hours. The installation way is similar to air energy, which is quite convenient.

4. The emission temperature is much lower than that of similar product, high efficiency makes more energy-saving.

5. The test of Environmental Protection Agency shows that the dust emission is 17.5mg/m³ without dust catcher, similar to the emission standard of natural gas. It is more environmental


6. Advanced combustion technology without grate realize the high-efficiency burning without black smoke. More kinds of fuels can be used.

7. One-button control system to start fire and set temperature, operation, hyper-high temperature protection, water-load protection and time automatically.

8. An easy maintenance door is equipped to 2015 version. Any parts can be assembled and get repaired easily.

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Q:what certification does a company manufacturing boilers need?
Offhand, probably one's American and one's British. BS is usually British Standard
Q:does a condensing boilers stop condensation in your home?
Q:How to choose industrial boilers, pressure, ton and so on
2, boiler steam parameters or hot water parameters.
Q:Why do I have to keep resetting my boiler?
Some of the modern boilers get confused when there is a lot of wind because it makes them think that the gas-output is behaving irregularly. I suppose they are designed to do this as a safety or efficiency mechanism. Restting the system each time this happens is the only way to correct the problem. ..... other than buying a new boiler. (Note my discreet use of the )
Q:Daily maintenance of the boiler
Pressure gauge, water level table (see below), safety valve, sewage device, water supply valve, steam valve, check whether its performance meets the requirements, other valve switch status is good.
Q:Why is my boiler noisy?
I think you will find most combi boilers that share the heating and water heating in one heat exchanger will go from water to heating if only for a moment but without firing to dissapate the latent heat build up from the water firing. The banging you describe sounds more like a plumbing related problem like water hammer, is it possible that whoever did the power flush turned off the cold water stop tap for some reason and it was turned back on with a higher flow rate. Try just turning the stop tap down a bit ata atime to see if it makes any difference.
Q:Combi Boiler Settings?
No if the radiator bleed screw need replacing you do not have to drain the whole system shut both taps on the radiator one at either end remove screw this will let some water out so be ready for this when it stops remove the bleed screw replace open both taps bleed radiator Then go to boiler the small pressure gage should be some where between 1.5 and 2 bar if not open the tap on the loop from the mains pipe until the gauge reaches this mark shut off tap job done hope this helps
Q:Do people even use boilers anymore?
absolutely, though modern boilers don't look much like the old fashioned kind. Instead of giant heavy metal cylinders modern boilers look like a large box mounted on the wall with pipes and wires going out. The church I take care of has three boilers that control various zones of the building. Its much more 'on demand' and efficient than the big old tank that still sits in the same room unused.
Q:Oil boiler issue.. Poor Domestic Heat?
purple diesel IS heating oil, dyed to coach the customs human beings it particularly is untaxed oil for heating. it particularly is wonderful to place taxed oil on your tank yet no longer very smart considering you pay extra for it. yet once you employ purple diesel on your vehicle and you're caught you will get a heavy wonderful for tax evasion.
Q:Need some information on a Home Boiler System?
1. They're easy to maintain: just be sure it has enough water. 2. More expensive than what? Spending $10,000 or $15,000 to replace it with something else will take a very long time to break even. 3. The radiators can't be moved around like furniture. :-) Resist the urge to drain and refill the water in the system. It will look dark and gunky and seem to scream Change me! If you do, there will be a year or two of hissing, gurgles, and growls until the mineral balance between the pipes and the water reaches equilibrium again—at which time it will be murky and gunky. Except the pipes will have lost more material.

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