Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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1. A wide application as family, villa, and small hotel. It can supply heat energy to cold places and 500m² villa by the way of ground heating, blower, heat sink etc.

2. No matter in Dongbei or Hainan, it can provide 24 tons of hot water  heating from 10℃ to 50℃, which could be used for 100 rooms.

3. One-time feeding could be used for over 8 hours. The installation way is similar to air energy, which is quite convenient.

4. The emission temperature is much lower than that of similar product, high efficiency makes more energy-saving.

5. The test of Environmental Protection Agency shows that the dust emission is 17.5mg/m³ without dust catcher, similar to the emission standard of natural gas. It is more environmental


6. Advanced combustion technology without grate realize the high-efficiency burning without black smoke. More kinds of fuels can be used.

7. One-button control system to start fire and set temperature, operation, hyper-high temperature protection, water-load protection and time automatically.

8. An easy maintenance door is equipped to 2015 version. Any parts can be assembled and get repaired easily.

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Q:What is the boiler MCR
MCR is the English "Maxium Continuous rating" abbreviation, meaning "boiler maximum continuous evaporation."
Q:According to the type of fuel used in the boiler
The latest fuel for alcohol-based fuel boilers, he will greatly reduce the coal-fired boiler on the atmospheric environment pollution
Q:1 tonne boiler can be the number of square meters of heating?
ton of boiler rated heating capacity of 0.7MW (700KW), with this figure to remove the area for the building
Q:Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, the working principle of the hoist
Natural circulation of hot water boiler, into the water from the top of the top of the tube, the water into the distribution pipe will be directed into the downfall into the front and side under the box, through the water pipe wall heating up.
Q:Summary of safety knowledge
is one of the special equipment, in the organs, business enterprises and all walks of life widely used, is dangerous and special equipment.
Q:Boiler energy saving how to achieve environmental protection
For the chain grate boiler, energy saving and environmental protection must be around the reduction of mechanical incomplete combustion loss and exhaust heat loss of two ways: First, from the combustion equipment and combustion chamber structure design to strengthen the coal ignition, burning, burning
Q:The necessity of cleaning the boiler
Boiler after a long period of operation, inevitably there is scale, corrosion problems, the emergence of these problems, due to the scale of the production, making the heat transfer deterioration, so that the boiler efficiency.
Q:Gas boiler thermal efficiency problem
Evaporation of 140 tons of hot water required for 50 degrees: (2690.8-209.85) × 140000 = 347333000 (KJ) = 347333 (MJ)
Q:What are the main differences between water pipe boilers and fire pipe boilers?
Of the heating surface layout is convenient, good heat transfer performance, the structure can be used for large capacity and high parameters of the working conditions, but the water quality and operating level requirements are higher.
Q:Please enlighten me, large-scale heating boiler size and heating area how to use it?
After calculating the area, select the boiler to meet the heating area, the boiler heating pipe network and the user's heating pipe network connected through the circulating pump to the boiler output of hot water to the user's home pipe network heat, the low temperature water

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