TCT annular cutter with Universal shank DNTC-6 D.O.C. 100mm

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D.O.C. 100mm


◎ Universal shank for various magentic drills

◎ Select special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction damage of tips and improved performance of ships removal

◎ Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press

Annular Drill

1. Weldon shank, with more stable clamping for stable cutting and finish of holes.

2. Additional one hole on the shank of cutters ≤Φ40mm, fit arbors with 19.05 bore as well as quick-change system.

3. Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press, like Alfra, Hougen, Jancy, Euroboor, BDS, Ruko.

4. Made of high-performance high speed steel., e.g. M2, M2AL, M35, M42 etc. And can be used on various materials, like steel plate, Copper, aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic. 

5. The specifications from the Φ12mm to Φ65mm, depth of  cut from25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.


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Q:Small bit drilling, drilling machine speed is fast or slow?
This size is easy to guarantee. A drill bit is to make two cutting edges for the small angle grinding symmetry, if you want to drill the round, can put some small angle grinding, namely some sharp, this bit in drilling, centering is better, the hole wall is relatively light.
Q:1.5 of the stainless steel plate to drill 1.2 holes, the drill has broken a lot of roots, what kind of material with a bit better? How much speed, how much feed?
1.2MM drill bit processing stainless steel cutting dosage is recommended as follows:Cutting speed / (m/min) 15 feed f/ (mm/r) 0.05 drill bit helix angle / (degree) 25-35 drill point / (degree) 118-135 high cobalt high speed steel
Q:Types of impact drills
There are two types of drill hole two groove round handle (usually produced abroad and anti hammer production abroad is used), four hole square shank (general domestic production of electric hammer used) and five bit six bit long pit, angle etc.. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:What's the difference between a deep hole drill and an ordinary bit?
What's the difference between a deep hole drill and an ordinary bit? Concretely speaking:Deep hole drilling is also called carbide gun drill, and most of the materials used are titanium, cobalt and steel. The deep hole drill is welded together by three parts of a drill stem, a drill rod and a drill bit. There is a through hole in the middle. It is suitable for drilling cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, alloy steel and so on. The gun drill will complete the drilling, boring and reaming at once, and at one time, the high precision (IT6-8 grade), fine straightness (0.16-0.33mm/1000mm) and low roughness (Ra3.2-Ra0.1) holes can be machined. Its drilling speed of 30-100 meters / min..
Q:What are the brands of homemade twist drills?
You drill stainless steel, you can try the square King's kind of fully polished red box. Iron, ordinary steel plate with yellow box. Relatively speaking, the price will be good. If you're rich, buy an old job or go to work. In addition, foreign brands in addition to M42 material is indeed not domestic, the other are domestic manufacturers processing. It has many big clients in foreign trade. Of course, you can also choose some small manufacturers of products, good luck can also buy the same quality products. Twist drill is so, set angle is greater than the material. Because I used the system to bake yellow, the square king used to drill stainless steel drilled 30 holes, so recommend it. His whole grind should work better, and the price is much more expensive than that of huang.
Q:How do I take out an electric drill bit
This kind of electric drill in your picture makes the end of the drill (zigzag) and the electric drill connect to the direction of the electric drill, then you can take it out
Q:Grinding the drill bit, how can grinding, and the method of quick crash is what ah?
By the back edge grinding behind. This is the slow grinding of the entire flank from the edge of the bit. It is easy to dissipate heat and grind. Based on the stability of the consolidation of one or two of the formula, the drill can be gently contact for a relatively small amount of grinding wheel, grinding, grinding to observe the uniformity of the spark, to adjust the size of the pressure, and bit cooling. When the cooling start again after grinding, to continue to set the formula to the one or two position, it is often in the beginning is not easy to grasp, often can't help to correct change their positions.
Q:What drill is used for machining holes with a diameter of 3mm?
For the steel parts which require fine matching, it is recommended to drill holes with a twist hole smaller than 3mm and then drill with a 3mm bit to ensure the accuracy of the hole. As for plastic, cardboard or copper material, the aperture will be retracted. The drill bits which are slightly larger than the diameter of 0.10mm are generally used. If the machining requirements are strict, it is better to drill rough first. For example: first drill with 2.5mm bit, and then use 3mm bit reaming, so that you can guarantee the accuracy of aperture.
Q:How big expansion screw does the 6mm bit have?
6mm drills are generally equipped with 5mm expansion screws (the smallest specification).The relationship between the drill bit and the expansion screw is the drill diameter = the expansion screw diameter +2mm. For example, the expansion screw of 6mm shall be opened with 8mm drill bit.
Q:I want to buy an electric drill with requirement is about 3MM bit penetration with ordinary bowl to eat what to buy an electric drill to much power and strength
Upstairs said good, the key in the drill bit. But the speed of the electric drill must be high, the line speed is fifty or sixty meters per second. The drill shall be ground into the negative rear angle, and no water can be added. No water can be added halfway. You can't stop over.

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