HSS-E annular cutter with universal shank DNHC-5

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D.O.C.  75mm
Universal shank for various magentic drills
Made of super tough high speed steel with mulit-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower feiction to reach better performance of endurance and removal of chips
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press.


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Q:The drill marked difference with hammer marks?
When the adjusting knob is pointing to the side of the tool is a hammer, impact drill function. The impact function used in wall drilling, drilling alone for wood, metal, and other drilling books
Q:How many diamond grinding wheels should be used for an alloy bit?
If the hard alloy is generally 100 mesh coarse grinding, and then finishing 180, we have foreign customers dedicated to the electroplating grinding wheel are generally parallel to that, the two particle size. Plain drills and cutters use CBN wheels.
Q:What drills do we use to drill jade?
Process for drilling holes on the jade carving is the use of drilling needle method, with a needle, rotated on the jade carving, jade sand "," to grind a shallow pit on the surface, then the pit, until the jade material wear. The drilling period "jade sand" has been in the pit with rotating rubbing hole wall, so the upper hole than the lower part to bear "jade sand" friction, so that by this method to hit the hole, the hole is small in shape.
Q:M6 screws should drill big holes
Metric screw M6 applies m5de, which is also related to the thickness of your material. Two, if you turn the standard, you should give slightly larger, not too much, you can put ten screws
Q:Drills, drills, heating drills, will they be annealed?
When drilling cast iron, do not use or use 5% ~ 8% emulsion or kerosene. When drilling steel parts, use 3% ~ 7% emulsion. When deep hole machining or cutting speed is higher, feed amount should be large enough to supply enough cutting fluid to reduce the influence of thermal deformation on workpiece and improve the quality of machining.
Q:Why is the drill angle 118 degrees?
Standard angle has 118, 120, 130, 135, 140, processing material is different, drill top angle is not the same.
Q:I'm going to drill 10.5 of the thread. How many holes do I have to drill before tapping? How big is the tap?
In the national standard, the first series of thread sizes are M10 and M12, so the 10.5 corresponds to the M12 thread. Check the screw pitch, diameter, bottom table, check the corresponding M12 bottom 10.25mm.
Q:What drill does 42CrMo use to drill better?
Drilled outlet, rotary car hole boring other shapes
Q:What brand of drill iron?
A drill for drilling ironThe drill material is usually made of high speed tool steel or carbide, and high speed steel is often used in the factory. When drilling, it will be added coolant according to the different materials and rotating speed.
Q:How do we drill a tile with a thickness of 5mm glazed, without a glass bit, only the impact bit? What's up? The brick is attached to the wall!
Glass drill points: 1. tilt first, tiles, glass (other materials) surface grinding a shallow trace. 2., the drill bit slightly after, continue to wear out the deeper crescent mark. 3. put the drill straight and continue at the original speed until the major is finished. (pay attention to water when drilling.)

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